The Suicide Squad: Post-Credit Scene Explained


So, James Gunn has given us a fun, hilarious, emotional, gory and just crazy movie and it is everything we wanted for Taskforce X. With many, many, many character deaths (he did say don’t get attached after all), surprising twists, heartbreaking backstories and hilarious moments, there was quite a lot for us to get our heads round. While it still isn’t clear what the future of the team will be and if there will be another movie in the series, there are some suggestions on how the movie may shape the future of the DCEU to come. In particular, in a moment that takes place after the final titles have ended, involving a character that we thought had died, very much alive….

In this video, we will take a look at what this moment means for the DCEU moving forward, potential spin-offs and upcoming stories, when/if we will see the team ride again and a potential new threat that might be making their way to the world of DC. We will also take a look at some of what the actors have said (such as John Cena) about the future of the series as well as the man himself, James Gunn who also has given an insight over what that final moment means. We will also have a few thoughts about what we want to see happen in the future, especially when it comes to our favorite finned friend – King Shark.

What did you make of this video? Did you like the movie? Favorite moment or character? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to subscribe to the channel today for all this and more.


0:00 Intro
0:33 Mid-Credits
1:44 Post-Credits
3:19 The Future

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Written by: Aiden M
Narrated by: Caleb Pryor @imklubb
Edited by: Caleb Pryor @imklubb

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38 Responses

  1. Burnt crust says:


  2. Scully Osis says:

    Jesus loves yall so much

  3. mulgra says:

    Peacemaker series will consist of crossword puzzles in the hospital.

  4. Guybrush Threepwood says:

    Do people really need these scenes explained?

  5. BrokeCollegeGamer says:

    They could connect both end credit scenes and have peacemaker trying to recover weasel from the island, seeing the destruction of his actions, them teaming up and taking on waller. just a way they could go

  6. Racheal Reed says:

    Polka dot dude actually was dope

  7. necromancer of war says:

    What do you mean 2st scene is more important weesle surviving is most important thing in entire movie lol jk

  8. DDamian Ewan says:

    I think the weasel was smart and “died” so the tracker n all that wouldn’t do anything. It looked accidental but who knows lol.

  9. Daisy-Marie Murphy says:

    Y r people saying there is a post credit scene where flag is alive

  10. Shawny Whitmore says:

    We need a bloodsport series since hes basically the reason they are still alive

  11. WildBoysTV says:

    Polkadot man was my favourite 🙁

  12. TeAwhi Johnson says:

    Hearing John Cena swear is amazing

  13. J Palliser says:

    Who cares! The movie bombed! Nobody cares!

  14. supergirl6131988 says:

    That's fucked up he should have died he killed Flagg

  15. ryanshepoopard says:

    The fact this video started saying James gunn didn't disappoint shows you know nothing about films

  16. E. Bit says:

    I want a Polkadot man mini-series

  17. statesminds says:

    king shark and ratcatcher today would be good duo

  18. Rex Mastersins says:

    Ok. They couldn't let peacemaker die, for chinas sake

  19. Luke McKee says:

    I am forever grateful that king shark is ok

  20. Darrin LeWain says:

    Yeah I want to see a movie all about King Shark and possibly one about the weasel

  21. Matteo Vardanega says:

    The way they killed polka-dot man was the farthest thing from fair

  22. Bob says:

    Movie was terrible. Please God not another one directed by Gunn

  23. Umamidnight says:

    June Moone: "He killed Flag!"
    Enchantress: "Okay?"

  24. DHIKЯIS says:

    Flagg really dead? Doesn't he have some sort of dying prevention mechanism being the lover of The Enchantress?

  25. Sxomie says:

    yay! i would love to see more john cena/peace maker films he was great in this movie also it got lame once he "died"

  26. Alex Gia says:

    The Peace Maker character is so fitting for Chon Xina.
    Must maintain "peace and harmony". At. Any. Cost.

  27. Tav Finkelstein says:

    I dunno bout y’all but im pissed that rat dog thing “died” and also Pete

  28. The Punisher says:

    I seen the movie today and never knew there was a Peacemaker post credit scene.

  29. The Big Epic Man says:

    we need a polkadot man stand alone film or tv show, i think that would be epic

  30. Kanden says:

    Killing Flag was the biggest sad in the movie.

  31. Mr.BigChug says:

    King shark doesn't speak enough to get his own series but I think you could pair him with Rat catcher and that would make a good show.

  32. TheAdamghost says:

    just saw The Suicide Squad today and alot of people are saying John Cena is in it but i couldn't see him are we sure he was in this

  33. Noah Robson says:

    I was very impressed with John Cena in this film. I should've expected it though considering how good he was in WWE.

  34. Michael says:

    The Weasel goes on to live a full-filling life as a chupacabra.

  35. Light The Electrohog says:

    To be honest I prefer the 1st suicide squad

  36. Stan Henderson says:

    King Shark does need a series

  37. Nall White says:

    The word "politics" killed my interest in that show.

  38. Screen Rant says:

    Which Suicide Squad character would you like to see a spin-off of? Let us know why!

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