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can you dispute hard inquiries on credit report

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30 Responses

  1. Mista Kelley says:

    Good afternoon, thank you for all information you provide. I have a question. I've been getting my credit together. My scores at this time is 730, 732, and 736. I have 4 inquiries which one will fall off in March 2022 and I have a late payment on a personal loan. The late payment is from January 2020. I paid the loan off December 2020. I just called the company to see if they would remove the late payment being that was the only time I was late due to family issues at that time. They stated that being that the account has been paid off and closed that I would have to talk to the credit bureaus. So I don't know if I should dispute this because I believe it's possible that the credit bureaus would just remove the account instead of just the late payment. What it help or harm my credit to do this?

  2. T. Reed says:

    Do you provide this service to your clients?

  3. Sherrod Henderson says:

    So how much do you charge

  4. Sean Minkins says:

    So Straight To The Point. You Are Correct Credit Cards (Revolving Credit) Is The Best Kind Of Credit. No More Than Four Cards.

  5. Moss Miles says:

    Not trying to be mean but you don’t really make shit clear on your videos on how to get shit done

  6. Loletta Rhyne says:

    Hello Sherry, I’ve been working on my credit almost a year now. In a couple months I will be starting the process over again to purchase a house.
    I did add Self account to my credit report. Now I’m thinking I shouldn’t have done that. I have good to fair credit but I was trying to raise it up a little more. I only have three items reporting positive to my credit report. Car note, credit card, and self. I pray that I am heading in the right direction.

    With Self, this month will be my 3rd payment. I want to understand. So I shouldn’t apply for the credit card because it’s secured?

  7. latricia browder says:

    What’s in your platinum package. I want to purchase however I don’t have anything derogatory on my credit .. are the letters included in this package.. maybe you should put what this package includes ..

  8. Raven Gantt says:

    Hey! Just so I’m clear. If I negotiate a charge off to paid as agreed what does that do for my profile Versus doing a pay to delete?

  9. Natasha T. says:

    Could I buy a home if I have paid chargeoffs on my credit report?

  10. Janelle Bentley says:

    Wait I thought you said you have a new baby. Girrrrrrllll you look goodt. Black girl magic. Thank you for this info. Literally sending this info to everybody I know

  11. Facing East says:

    Thank you Sherry!

  12. Infinite Hoops says:

    Thank you so much your always on point and I added it to my Financial wellness Playlist.

  13. little_ thebodyguard says:

    Hey sherry do you have any information on a lawyer.. I gotta sue a collocation company that refuses too delete a account they placed on my report.. I've sent them the verification letters that i purchased from you.. This package has helped me greatly but this collection company is being a pain i need a lawyer thank you so much

  14. Rb Allen says:

    Thanks for all the positive knowledge!!

  15. Still Iraise says:

    R you saying that once the bank approve you a mortgage loan they only give you a certain amount of time to purchase the house?

  16. Still Iraise says:

    12:48 most of the time even when they agreed they won't do it. Should we file a lawsuit against them because they didn't do agree of a payment and never erased it. Cause the charge off and collections were 10 yrs ago

  17. Still Iraise says:

    10:00 what u mean by credit monitoring system. Where do I find it?

  18. muzick13able says:

    I made a mistake and applied for a mortgage loan instead of the pre-approval. I was denied due to information from a 4th reporting agency other than the main 3 credit reporting agency. I've never heard of this before . Can you help or do you have a video to address this issue.

  19. H.R Collins says:

    Hi Sherry are the letters for inquiry deletion going to the credit bureau or are they going to the company with the inquiry?

  20. Lady Rene' Weston says:

    Hey Sherry, wanted to know what strategy should I take to get my credit back on track after late payments. Should you send out letters to the companies with explanations as to why?

  21. Stanley Tate says:

    Transunion did not update my credit utilization. They said the investigation will be completed mid next month a full 30 days plus afterwards. I will have a new statement by then. Will I get my points for the lower utilization(January) plus what will be showing for February?

  22. Still Iraise says:

    Is it possible to pay in full the student loan . Only own 7k but now is on forbearance since 3 yrs

  23. Still Iraise says:

    I have a 715 . I might gonna open 6 credit unions at once

  24. Still Iraise says:

    I couldn't understand. Did you said you purchased a house without a job?.

  25. Still Iraise says:

    But what about if my charge off an my collection was more than 10 yrs ago

  26. Denise Hughes says:

    I have a question…If u pay on your student loan while it's frozen will it help increase your credit score?..

  27. Kelly Austin says:

    Hi Sherry can you help advise me on how I can make money with no job? My credit isn't too bad but due to covid I'm jobless but now facilitating my elderly and ill parents. They are 90 and 87 respectfully. It's not terrible but far from great. Just curious if you had any helpful ideas for me. Thank you for always being a friendly voice. One love

  28. King Tyson says:

    Much needed video

  29. Anonymous says:

    What can I do if I keep getting denied for unsecured lines of credit due to my utilizaton being high?

  30. Lourenzo Martin says:

    Love the information Aunty.

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