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dispute credit card on credit report

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25 Responses

  1. Sam M says:

    Ive been with Navy federal since I was in HS since 2001. Parents were in the military. I have a car loan with them should I apply for a cc with them?

  2. monica celestine says:


  3. justice okorie says:


  4. Saadiq Free Sr says:

    I received a invite from Navy Federal to apply for a credit card and I was wondering if they do pre-approvals before they send you a invite?

  5. jeff looney says:

    How long after you get approved for a credit card can you do something about getting a larger line and switch cards??

  6. Aaron Littlejohn says:

    Can I apply with navy Federal with a fico 9 score of 680?

  7. Chelcese Love says:

    Thank you for this information ℹ️

  8. Pretty Mess says:

    Good evening. I bought a car and have no I have multiple inquiries. It’s not hurting my score but hurt my cc approval. Since it’s legit can I still request they be removed. It’s been a year now.

  9. Velissa Johnson says:

    Hi Sherry I currently have 6 hard inquiries on my Transunion credit report but I also have a car loan, secured share loan from legacy federal credit union, and just received a capital one card and have an opensky secured card. DO I need to just work with what I have trying to boost my credit score up to 600.

  10. Lenora Jones says:

    I just applied and received a secured credit card with Navy Fed , how do I get a unsecured CC with a higher limit???

  11. KINGDOM LIVING says:

    Great info

  12. Denise Antoinette says:

    HnY Love. How long after Bk can you apply chapter 7

  13. Jeannette Cannon says:

    Do you know which fico NF use for mortgage?

  14. John Kelly says:

    Where do I apply

  15. Stacie Stephenson says:

    Can you answer some some questions in the comments…

  16. Dustin Stratton says:

    How long after joining Navy Federal should you apply

  17. wlldwilliams454 says:

    Greetings Beloved how is the little one? As always thanks for the information.

  18. tan wat says:

    Thank you for this video.

  19. Simon Says says:

    Should i unfreeze the other bouroughs before I do this ?

  20. Let’s chat with Jan says:

    This is all great information. I need help with my credit being cleaned up. Can you help

  21. Simon Says says:

    What if one has a dismissed bankruptcy? I’m the past

  22. IamKekeBetts says:

    Thanks for the info always !

  23. Eris Skelton says:


  24. selina pena says:


  25. selina pena says:


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