The Secret to a Perfect 850 Credit Score – For FREE

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In this video we discuss the fastest way to fix your credit score and get an 850! Keep in mind, even though an 850 credit score is ideal – by no means does everyone need one. Someone just having a 760 is good enough to get you the best rates.

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how do i dispute something on my transunion credit report

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14 Responses

  1. Levy James says:

    What cards do you recommend with a soft pull, while having a credit freeze on them?

  2. Levy James says:

    Hi, John I am new to your channel, and I am searching to get that 850 credit score this year. And I am a 100% U.S. Army Disabled veteran, with a 720 and growing credit score. How can I leverage my debt with new credit cards that you offer, and what cards would you recommend, with high limits, if my credit freeze is still on?

  3. Mister B says:

    I give up. I have no repos, no foreclosures, no bankruptcies, no bad remarks on my credit record, my credit history time period is decent. I have 21 accounts that I've had for many years and I have never been late on anything, my mortgage, car loan or my credit cards, never ever late and have always paid more than what was due. My only problem was my credit card utilization was 65% which I know was hurting my score. I came into some money so what did I do? I paid off all of my credit card balances, I know have zero% utilization. How was I rewarded? My score dropped by 10 points.

  4. Chris Thomas says:

    Closing a card affects your overall credit utilization ratio. Everything else is spot on.

  5. Batman Guzman says:

    I was so close to getting a prefect 850, but got a house and it dropped from 849. I was 2 years away…oh well.

  6. Patrick O'Donnell says:

    I'll google the credit age tip you mentioned but, I just looked at my CreditKarma age of credit report, and it's not factoring/showing 2 cards I just closed a few months ago. What am I missing here? I put all of my current cards listed into Excel and the average shows what CK is showing. If I add those two cards that were 5 & 6yrs my avg goes up higher than CK is showing.


  7. F AL says:

    10:10. When a dealership pulls credit 6 times it’s because of greed. They are trying to find a better rate than the pre approval the customer showed to steal points ( interest rates) or they will do it when you leave the dealership without buying in an attempt to ruin your credit. It’s called “ shot gunning”. Ruthless game.

  8. Chase Yokoyama - Finance, but Make It Fun says:

    At first, learning about your credit score and what affects it may seem very scary. Videos like this is literally a game changer because we don't learn this stuff in high school or college. Thanks for providing a nice guide. Although it is a huge part of your life, it doesn't make sense that we don't learn this stuff earlier.

  9. Daniel Braun - Finance & Credit Cards says:

    Such a clutch video here! It’s really not that hard to increase your credit score when you start to understand it. Also I just had something that you mentioned happen to me. I was financing my car that I just had to buy, and even though I plan to pay it off almost immediately here, they did a hard credit pull 3 times for me to compare lenders and their rates. Wasn’t a big deal only brought my score down just like 4-5 points but still not cool and I didn’t really give them permission to pull it that many times. So I liked that tip you had for that!

  10. Mike_718 says:

    Thanks for the info John. Im in the high 790's for a few months and can't seem to budge. I keep my utilization at 1% every month with an exceptional payment history. Anything else I can do?

  11. arey256 says:

    I’m at 808 for the last month or so.

  12. tfe423 says:

    I been hovering around 800 for a long time , I have no desire to go any higher .

  13. cj junkee says:

    Hey John, great vids as always!!! My question, my wife applied for amex plat but accidentally used my ssn, amex said they can't fix it cause it's already been approved and we don't want to cancel it cause we might lose the sub/offer, how or when can i dispute the hard inquiry on my credit report? Thanks John!!!

  14. Danial Ali says:

    I don’t like credit karma because it’s a vantage score

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