The Secret to a Good Credit Score – Steve Hofstetter

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This is the trick to getting an 800 score on your credit report.

The Secret to a Good Credit Score – Steve Hofstetter


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how to dispute claims on credit report

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37 Responses

  1. Niliu says:

    Saw this 16 days too late >.< Oh well, probably doesn't work in Canada.

  2. Fred West says:

    I disputed the one negative item on my credit report on Dec 12th. Today, Dec 16th they got back to me letting me know that I still owed the money. So for me it didn't work.

  3. undergrounded1 says:

    I had watched this originally a few months ago and forgot about it until the 13th. Disputed an old Walmart card that I used when I was younger then closed because I was nervous to keep using it, not realizing that would reflect negatively on my credit report. Got my results back Today and was thinking it probably didnt work since the response was so fast but they updated it to an exceptional payment history and my score went up 26 points.

    Probably some of the best credit advice I have ever received as beforehand I didnt even know you could dispute these at all. Thanks Steve!

  4. chef baronA says:

    Sorry Man, this didn't work at all!
    We filed yesterday evening(DEC12) & I had an email this morning that the case is being reviewed already!
    It's under review, so MIGHT be put off until JAN, but not likely.
    Kinda sux

  5. Roman Valenzuela says:

    So who else besides me did this yesterday????

  6. caligoacheron says:

    It's December 12th how many of you fuckers did this today?

  7. BlindPirate says:

    So I wanted to do this today, but all I got in my report was my car (paid off), credit card (regularly paid off), and house (never missed a payment.. I don't see how I can dispute those. With just those, however, I have a credit of 650, and no clue how I can improve that. Am I missing something? Can someone lend a hand?

  8. Abram Pena says:

    It's almost the 12th. Gonna try this out! I will report back as soon as possible.

  9. Sophie Robinson says:

    Reported 20 or so credit master scams. If you still see them, report them again.

  10. Hexabot says:

    You may have actually just helped me a lot…great show lol

  11. Joseph Cooper says:

    Pretty sus and unnatural question from the audience and equally sus prepared response, but this is honestly fucking amazing. 9.6/10

  12. BakedGuszy says:

    Why are there so many spam comments about some credit repair company lol

  13. Betty Hayes says:

    How about doing it on Dec 11 this year (2021)
    That's on a Saturday, so hopefully they left Friday for the holidays. So Jan 11 is one day less.

  14. Wall Breaker says:

    Best part of paying for everything cash is I don't have to worry about credit scores.

  15. DeftAtheist says:

    Is it bad that I'm hoping only a few people watch this until after January?

  16. Masters Hack Group says:


  17. CommanderPinkie says:

    What’s with all the credit score bots???

  18. George Martin says:

    What's with all the spammers? Is it because you said "credit score"?

  19. EMRE FIÇI says:

    I need your package ASAP #CREDITMASTERFIXLLC

  20. YAĞIZ&MEHMET maceralari says:

    Hello I need the letters on removing collection on my credit report consumers debt. I need some help can you help. #CREDITMASTERFIXLLC

  21. Muhammet Tanışman says:

    Does this same letter work for an apartment? Not for an eviction, but for them saying you owe for damages or unpaid monies? #CREDITMASTERFIXLLC

  22. Minecraft Oyunlari Namiq says:


  23. xkaeoui Vola®ant says:

    Nice video girl. I have been able to fix my credit but I would like to speak to you for more counseling, how can i contact you? #CREDITMASTERFIXLLC

  24. Cerberus ? says:

    Also would you recommend paying the settlement amount when the original company offers it, and how to make sure if I pay it, it’s actual removed, right now it’s listed as a Charge Off on my report. Thank you again #CREDITMASTERFIXLLC

  25. Batuhan Bozkurt says:

    Always clear and right to the point. I love your videos cause they're very helpful ❤. What am I supposed to do to remove a report with the original creditor?


    Hi, Sherry I just started following you from referral you are great! Can you send a validation letter for collection and charged off's ? #CREDITMASTERFIXLLC

  27. CEM TAŞ says:

    Hey, would you recommend doing this with a debt collection that's $17,000? #CREDITMASTERFIXLLC

  28. Mert Taş says:

    Is there a package I can purchase from you to do an overall boost on my credit? I want to trade in my car and get brand car with warranty. #CREDITMASTERFIXLLC

  29. ARİF DogaN says:

    Is There a Way To Remove an Eviction From My Public Record? #CREDITMASTERFIXLLC

  30. Mısra Değer says:

    Goodmourning Terry how do I get the form to send for medical Bill's and for collections on Equifax transunion experion #CREDITMASTERFIXLLC

  31. Game4u says:

    Hi, thank you so much for the info. I have a question pertaining to this, if I ended up paying the collection agency I’m I stuck until the debt is paid off? #CREDITMASTERFIXLLC

  32. Gökhan Özer says:

    I have three collections from LVNV funding collecting for credit one and fingerhut. I have not heard from them since putting info on my report. I have one small medical collection for 260.00. Which package should I get. Would like to get these removed so that I can refinance. Thank you. #CREDITMASTERFIXLLC

  33. Albus says:

    What if someone used your name and identity for an apartment and you owe the apartment complex $9,408 but you didn’t sign up for any and they sent it to collections how would i be able to get that off my credit? #CREDITMASTERFIXLLC

  34. Paradise Edit says:

    I recently contact the agency that have my collection and I told them I want pay to delete and they were like they can’t do that. Also they were trying to reduce the money but I didn’t agree to their terms so I left. I want to know which letter to send them so they can delete or remove. The original creditor was national grid. But they sold to that agency.

  35. Steve Hofstetter says:

    If you like this, and want to see my videos before they’re made public, please consider supporting my Patreon.

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