The Real Reason TikTok Star Huey Haha Is Dead At 22 | Huey Haha Cause Of Death Revealed

The Real Reason TikTok Star Huey Haha Is Dead At 22 | Huey Haha Cause Of Death Revealed #hueyhaha #hueyhahadead #hueyhahatiktok #tiktok


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32 Responses

  1. Offhand Winner22 says:

    R.I.P huey Haha we all battling depression and we all want to get through it

  2. DoubleYou says:

    Damn… the way this guy is talking concerns me

  3. Pierre Jackson says:

    I'm sure no one seen this coming. As we as fans seen he was always making us laugh and getting us through our day. But the truth is we didn't know what to do to get him through his day. Sometimes we laugh from crying, I know first hand because of how hard life is. Stay strong And be safe my fellow human beings.

  4. Michael J. Strickland says:

    Damn that sad asf. I'm not a true follower of him . But have seen him on alot of his videos. So sorry he felt like nothing could get better for him. #youarenotalone #mentalillness #beafriend

  5. Lalo Duran says:

    lame ass foo for killing himself over a fucken girl

  6. Sadiq Salah says:

    All that shit is indeed for the birds! Wisdom dropped.

  7. Miguel Fuentes says:

    R.i.p huey still makes me laugh seeing videos everytime i have a problem his videos hit different

  8. NFiltr8Red says:

    Been there done that, depression is self inflicted. Relationships are self inflicted, it all boils down to finding true happiness with or without someone. And quite frankly there isn’t a single person out there worth me killing my self for. Some peeps just don’t see the bigger picture.

  9. Scott Ocha says:

    This dude killed himself over a breakup? Wow

  10. yunglilslick says:

    No !!
    – $lick Wrist

  11. JAY co says:

    Tick-Toc , social media the poison of this young generation, I'm bless to say we didn't have social media like today . My advice to you young kids , seek Jesus while HE can be found. Salvation in Christ is a frew gift . Sad satan is taking souls by the thousands

  12. Jeff says:

    Joe Biden is president nothing should surprise anyone anymore and people can say it's depression that's just an excuse

  13. LASEAN WIGGINS BFC basic financial concepts says:

    Facts broski…. mentally before from day one baby….it hurt less facts…my wife 20 years hit me wit the I found someone else….mama I been ready for this day…it hurt not as much

  14. Aaron Chandler says:

    This dude has some trauma. Expecting people to leave your life. Ain’t got no good friends huh?

  15. Danny Phantom says:

    Too many hoooes in the world to care about only one if this is true then I feel bad for bro but never completely love anything it just makes you weak be a apex predator

  16. SincerelyAYoungBlackKing 1990 says:

    Y'all Need To Understand That Your Favorite Comedians Can Sit There Make You Like Take Away Your Hurt Or I Was Depressed Then Came Across Your Videos And It Changed My Life But Alot Of Your Favorite Comedians Suffer In Silence And By The Time You Relize It's To Late Robin Williams For An Example Of A Similar Situation

  17. Metrí Seoul says:

    Don’t get attached to Women

  18. Isaiah Riley says:

    I don't think he killed himself I think the female killed him, you how smart abd crazy females are with their emotions

  19. Unsainted One says:

    Man, its tragic, it truly is, I wouldn't say that it isnt a good look for him though. I wouldn't take this as something that should hurt his image or how anybody sees him as a person. This man truly was struggling and all I can really feel is sorry for all of his loved ones who were close to him who can no longer see him and experience his presence anymore. I'm sorry for every one of his fans who no longer gets content from this guy who brightened up so many days. Theres not much you really can say about this situation except for the fact that he really was going through it, but at least he has so many moments of his life immortalized through all of his videos. His demons may have got him, but he is always going to be the memories we have of him. Whether it be a personal memory with him, or if its how his videos made you feel. Thankfully we always have these videos.


    Rip haha

  21. hmmm hmmm says:

    This video needs to be takin down. Stop putting this shit on his name saying he took his own life. He was killed.

  22. Wrld_of_mariii says:

    Day after my birthday that’s crazy bro rest up man

  23. Chris James says:

    So sad.

  24. StaticBLEhh says:

    Wtf? Is this a joke

  25. Gabriel Pesantes says:

    Make no assumptions but give all compassion. Cos like they say: every dog has his day.

  26. Ricky Ross says:

    Over a bitch Man U had a daughter that needed u

  27. Nimrod Ceballos says:

    Fuck thats fucked up,died to young.R.I.P funny as guy.he gonna make god laugh up there in heaven.

  28. DS DON says:

    All Relationship aren’t temporary,rip Huey,depression sucks but to no be depressed you gotta think and stay positive cause once you down down,shit you just don’t give a fuck

  29. SilverHawkOz Pokémon says:

    I don’t think he would’ve like hearing all this about the girl he was with… there’s always more to situations that meets the eye.

  30. RoscoeKiller says:


  31. Jo Sullivan says:

    The way he liked to make othet people laugh i could tell it was because he was sad.

  32. Cut 2 The Chase TV says:

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