The Real Lesson of the Parkland Survivors; What the Gun Lobby Will Do Now – The News With Dan Rather

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20 Responses

  1. SRGross says:

    Dan Rather, fired for what, falsified documents, you have to have a better source

  2. Steve Hartley says:

    Dan.I love your rational journalism keep going!

  3. Steve Hartley says:

    People don't kill people, people kill people? No! People with mental illnesses, people with no regard for human life, psychopaths, sociopaths who buy guns end up killing people. Can you stop people using guns no, but you can sure as hell make it more difficult for them to get hold of!!! If your angry and you have a gun you are more likely to use it!

  4. R Emrick says:

    Thank you for coming back for TYT.

  5. Will Ross says:

    Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Your religious beliefs and your race should not define who you are. You as an individual and your accomplishments should define you. Don't be consumed by identity politics think for yourself!

  6. Patrick Braddock says:

    Did you really just say repeal the 2nd? I hope your just trying to slide that overton window.

  7. Петр Рябинин Peter Ryabinin says:

    Whose blame that you do not have a gun at the right time?

  8. Петр Рябинин Peter Ryabinin says:

    The Gun Lobby is innocent. Just you too careless! You must safe your children, not gun lobby!

  9. Jared Jordan says:

    "I believe that the sole purpose of the NRA is protecting the second amendment." Presented by Smith and Wesson.

  10. MultiSkyman1 says:

    Thank you Dan Rather!!!!

  11. heather mcnulty says:

    Never knew I loved Dan Rather! Awesome coverage. Passionate and applauding of our youth.

  12. Michimama60 says:

    Trolls need to get a life.

  13. Distane 83 says:

    TYT Dan motherf%ckin Rathers? I dunno why this seems crazy to me.

  14. Glen Kelley says:

    Thanks Dan, it's nice to see that you are still alive, and still spouting the same old BS with that marvelous voice.

  15. MrDavfit says:

    very well said

  16. CJ says:

    Dan you look great for your age. What is the secret

  17. bobby says:

    Hey Danny. Exactly what would you do, to insure that no students will ever be killed in school again?

  18. johnnyman says:

    Cruz= perfect patsy for Deep state- Wake up People and read between the lines

  19. bobby says:

    " What Will The Gun Lobby Do Now "? The NRA will do what all other Associations do, they will protect and listen to their membership.

  20. Hope Evans says:

    OMFG an NRA Ad played before this video! WTF!

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