The power of the mobs is tremendous: Bret Weinstein

The American podcaster and author responds to uproar at Netflix over Dave Chappelle’s controversial special #FoxNews #FoxNewsPrimetime #Chappelle

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34 Responses

  1. david sinclair says:

    look the western society is not perfect but in the last 200 years we have come a long long way to making a fairer world … in the west we have equality inshrined in law even if there are still individuals who have some prejudices the country certainly isnt prejudice … but still the government is using rascism to devide the people and take more and more controls from the people as well as more taxes .. this socialist take over will end with all poor normal people losing htier homes and posesions and businesses ,, it will all be owned by the state .. dont doubt what thier agenda is .. they want full control … they are changing the small laws now but they will then be able to change the big laws soon after we must stand for democracy and freedom or it will be gone

  2. G S says:

    Hahahaha. Whatever

  3. sean shapiro says:

    You're delusion is a mental illness face facts you don't call cats dogs and dogs cats

  4. REX R.S.E. says:

    The ALCU Has no morals no more It needs to be shut down

  5. vaelyn p says:

    Ignore the mob. They only have power if you give it to them

  6. Jagori T says:

    I feel bad for the pansy who feels the need to break the sign.
    Let's hope that physical damage to words like "comedy is funny" is how you are known for the rest of your life. That's one pathetic man

  7. Ish HurtadO says:

    Our evolution purpose is the stop acting like animals.

  8. Brenda Bassman says:

    Our children are being trafficked

  9. Steph E says:


  10. Kevin Sundeen says:

    People are common. Most of you aren't special.

  11. Some Surfer says:

    American society is losing free speech

  12. Wake up America says:

    Who's the "REAL OPPRESSOR" hhmmmmm

  13. Anonymous Person says:

    I've never used Netflix, I think I'm too old

  14. TNG64 says:

    Thank you Dave!!!!

  15. Carl Lawler says:

    My life matters …

  16. Bran Redmaw says:

    If Netflix cave I'm cancelling my subscription

  17. James D. Chamberlain III says:

    I watched and enjoyed the special. I recommend it to everyone.

  18. GunsofMassEffect says:

    Force the people to bend to their will of the government, is the beginning of government tyrrany, the Dumbacrats and Liberal Leftards are trying to give our country away to the Chinese, bit by bit.

  19. Reece says:

    Cmon…Most of the people there are camera people, anyway. Scandalous.!

  20. Daniel Retting says:

    F A C L U

  21. Work Sucks Let's Drink says:


  22. Sovereign Dawn says:

    Wait wait wait. We have a BTLM now?? Hmm if being black is supposedly bad in their book and being Tran is another bad thing in their book, does that mean being a Black Tran is the safest thing to be? 2 negatives makes a positive doesn't? So what are they worried about? When the terminators(police) look at those individuals, their programming will tell them to treat them to protect and serve right? Genius. I need to go Black Face, Drag Queen to make sure I am not brutalized by those pesky terminators.

  23. Jack Nagel says:

    So this is an Issue yet no one was up in arms like this when "Cuties" was released? What timeline am I in right now?

  24. Ann marie New says:

    Is democracy a failed experiment?..Americans sure are making it look that way. A world wide joke.

  25. Ann marie New says:

    Mobs are lethal..avoid at all costs..liberals are fascist. Learn from history..the ones that are spear heading this movement will be the very same ones sacrificed for new order. We never learn.

  26. Amtrue742 says:

    Now black trans lives matter?

  27. Alan says:

    Apparently Netflix really is a joke.

  28. TinckedGlass says:

    He shoulda have told staff to go pound sand.

  29. Sharona Harrell says:

    Who cares. This screams SMOKE SCREEN!

  30. brian frandle says:

    Please walk right out of our united states

  31. Bb says:

    I don't think a Weinstein should comment about gender issues.

  32. woodymuller says:

    The ACLU was lost years ago.

  33. The Churn says:

    A house divided will not stand. Evil condemning evil.

  34. Super Hiro says:

    I love that guy. He’s got a weapon, he’s got a weapon. Lmao.

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