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Buildworth Strategies was founded with the knowledge that consumers needed help navigating credit reports and consumer rights in a fair, effective and ethical way. One out of Five Americans has an error on their credit that can cause them to be denied for home loans, job opportunities, car loans and even business loans. This is why BWS has created a three-phase process that will help to dispute all your negative items/accounts reflecting on your credit report. In addition to removing negative information, we will help you establish/re-establish new lines of credit and make sure you are knowledgeable in the formula of credit. There are many factors that determine a great credit score and BWS understands this so we’ve developed a system that can be used by many consumers.

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If you’re not monitoring your credit here is why you should.

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how to dispute negative items on your credit

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  1. Arif Choudhury says:

    First time I came to know BWS on YouTube. The way Justo Villalobos spoke on those video I thought they could help remove some negative item from my credit report. So I called and spoke with “Elias Sleiman”. First thing he said your credit score is great and have never seen anybody with this credit score come to BWS. My credit score was 714 averages when I called him. I told him I have some late payment and need help to remove them. Also, those credit card closed few year bask. Then he made sound like it is very easy to remove. He offered me to remove those payments and some inquiries from my credit report. He told me it will cast $199 to enroll for this program and $99.99 for every month after that. I asked him how it will take to remove everything he said no more than 60 days but could go for 90 days. It’s been 6 months not even a single item they could remove from my record. I already paid $99.99* 6 = 599.94 and $199 for enrollment for this worthless program.
    Also, they asked to enroll on “Privacy Guard”. This company doesn’t keep correct record of my credit score and record. I informed my adviser “Chelsea Navarro”. I told her “Privacy Guard” information doesn’t match with TransUnion, Equifax and Experian and I provided her supporting document to prove it. PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT PRIVACY GUARD SHOWS YOU ON THEIR WEBSITE UNTIL YOU VERIFY WITH TRANSUNION, EQUIFAX AND EXPERIAN. I asked CHELSEA many times how long it will take to remove negative items and inquiries from my credit report. She always said “we will continue to dispute until those credit companies”. She never gave a deadline when she will stop disputing knowing that she and her company will not able remove negative items and inquiries from my credit report.
    Its mean one thing “if I don’t cancel this program they will continually take money from me and customer like you.” They don’t have any form of regrets to stealing money from me and customer like you who works hard to make their living.
    IF YOU READ THIS THEN ASKS YOURSELF “Do you want to be victim like me by Buildworth Strategies & Justo Villalobos?”

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