The Next Great Windows 10 Push – Weekly News Roundup

Tonight we will have a look at the next great Windows 10 push as Redstone 4 is on the verge of release. What does this mean for those on Windows 10 and those buying a new computer.

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12 Responses

  1. WarH says:

    I am a gamer and even I switched to Linux.

  2. ImpermanentHuman says:

    For someone to spend a large amount of time completely eliminating windows from their lives due to privacy concerns, they would need to prove the people who wrote the links in this web page wrong…for someone new to computers in general like me, the people who wrote the articles linked on this page seem quite credible when they say the privacy issues of windows 10 are blown out of proportion? Windows is still clearly a malware magnet, but a heavy amount of security hardening can mitigate that via bios, settings and added AV software (norton AV plus Malwarebytes), vpn etc

  3. Booming says:

    Ok, when this happens I am gonna delete windows. Until now I have been dualbooting for overwatch.

  4. Johan B. says:

    Couldn't care less, because I said farewell to Windows.

  5. pianokeyjoe says:

    I thought Windows 10 S is S for subscription mode? Eitherway, I am still using Windows XP pro and Windows 7 on machines that I cant use Linux on.

  6. Slightly Evil aka Patrick says:

    My goal is to switch to linux full time this year my only hold out is is how linux locks audio devices to one peice of software i need to use multiple things at once with my mics and monitors

  7. Another World is Possible says:

    I don't think anyone really realizes what data their devices are generating. For example, I have put together some atmega328's and some esp32's with temperature sensors as well as an ultrasonic sensor that keeps track of the water level in the tank which all of that data is logged to a file. I also have a traccar server that gets updates from the mobile and what I have found with just a few things collecting a small sample of data is that I can seen when a door or window in the house has been opened or closed, I can see when the washing was done, when someone had a shower and for how long, with the traccar server I can tell whether I was walking, cycling or driving and for how long and what route, etc. Just from this small collection I'm now glad that this is staying in my own systems and not being collected by some untrustworthy third party.

  8. raydeen2k says:

    Windows 10 'S' Mode. Three guesses what 'S' stands for and the first two don't count.

  9. The Townsend Family says:

    My friend switching my laptop that has window on it as I updated it and it mess my whole laptop up so didn’t want windows back and now I seen this no way. So by end of week I hope be Linux user. I even may get desk top we have put away as it was slow so switching that too. Good video

  10. Rob Smart says:

    Tom, wanted to know your preferred partitioning scheme for Linux?

  11. Expi Feliton says:

    Looks like I'm going to be deleting my Windows 10 partition and permanently switching to Linux Mint sometime soon.

  12. Shaun Patrick O'Jameson says:

    The new Windows: pay $49 if you want to install Chrome!

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