The New World Review – A Game With Two Faces

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New World (amazons new MMORPG) exploded onto the gaming scene in style… with lengthy queue times, and an absolutely massive population. In the aftermath, as flaws come to light, it is becoming clearer and clearer that this game has an identity crisis.

Is it a PvE title? fun and laid back? or is it a PvP title, with hardcore exploits and an underlying toxic culture. For some people, the game will be worth buying… but for others, its a complete disaster, unworthy of your time.

Here is my official New World Review, the longest video I have ever posted to the channel.



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49 Responses

  1. Carteeeer says:

    It would've been awesome to have a mega server, although it might not be possible with the graphics or engine theyre using

  2. Herioz says:

    From this review it seems like some corporate guys listed what people like about mmo then put it together without actual knowledge why and how.

  3. G W says:

    I'm the target audience. Played WoW religiously for 14 years, as well as GW2, FF, Rift, Wildstar and TESO. I desperately want a new and good Western MMO. This ain't it and I didn't buy it.

  4. Anon Sidious says:

    Thanks for this. The hype train is gonna derail soon. Game looks very basic and very mobile like. The community is definitely hot garbage

  5. FlamingGnats says:

    Yeah, one faction on my server is hard abusing the server issues and taking everything over. =/ Makes me not wanna log in.

  6. Giant Octopus Gaming says:

    This is probably the best and most honest review i have heard with examples to back the good and the bad i really enjoyed this video and the honesty keep it up

  7. General Grudge says:

    I love this game but I am playing it in the most casual fashion that one possible can. Remember it is a 40 dollar game with no monthly subscription.

  8. No Sharkus says:

    They need to do something else with the crafting. I shouldn’t need to have a thousand tier 1 ores to make 1 tier 5 ingot. It’s ridiculous.

  9. life is gr8 says:

    Imagine crying for 45 minutes

  10. DeadNinjutsu says:

    You played New World? Why… did your graphics card do something to anger you?

  11. Schnuck Sergio says:

    on point.

  12. xMovingTarget says:

    nah, this game us such a mediocre game that does not deserve even 5% of the hype it got. It is shallow, boring, extreeeemely repetitive. Combat is boringAF. 3 abilities on cooldowns x2. wohoo. high skill. Spam your way to victory with left click. How anybody thinks this is good goes beyond me. This game has no reason to exist. Does nothing special. Its just another of those fast made copy pasted cash grabs.
    Amazon should be ashamed of themself for releases this. Everyhing this game does, other games do it better.

  13. Doug Hatfield says:

    You didn't mention, but I feel it's important that the elitism is soooo heavily baked into PvP. There is no reason for high level to be so heavily rewarded in PvP. And yes, we lost Everfall to a snowstorm-lock exploit and my tax rate went to 20% So right now I'm busting out some Riftbreaker before going back to my grinding and ignoring PvP.

  14. panamakira says:

    lol getting kicked out from the server for fishing

  15. Sweet Spirit says:

    This sounds kinda like Amazon wanted a MMORPG like EVE online, WoW and guild wars all at once but fails to accomplish any of their charms in any meaningful manner.

  16. VP Perf says:

    Yea… glad I fought for a refund on Steam and got one after 24 hours of playtime…

  17. Stonechewer says:

    I have enjoyed the economy of the game and have not had any issues with azoth due to knowing farm spots. I feel like the lack of knowledge that permeates the game adds to the fun of discovery. Didn't know about the War issues due to our server somehow avoiding the lag shit.

  18. Kav 702 says:


  19. AndohBernard says:

    Play FFXIV

  20. Tyler Durden says:

    The most recent epic abuse is to get players banned by spamming the reporting functions of the game. Kinda hard to defend a realm when the commander is banned by the opposition that has the most people on the server.
    ToXiC? That's the understatement of the century.
    My server of Celadon was absolutely ruined from day one. Why? Because the <Expletive ridden tirade omitted here> that is Shroud brought all his brain-dead rabid wombat moonies to the server. Shroud is a vile human being espousing all the worst traits of nerd fame.

  21. Lia Lia says:

    Will get this when it goes f2p 😀

  22. Tyler Durden says:

    Just because Amazon is bankrolling the MMO doesn't mean it has any better chance of success… It just means that they can bankroll their failure longer than many other companies.

  23. OfficialDaBaws says:

    honestly the game is very good, especially if you enjoy open world pvp but last night it did destroy my 3080 suprim x with no mercy. do with this what you will.

  24. St34mPunkPrivateer says:

    Forgot to mention all the minor UI issues , like linking items in some chats doesn't show stats, There is no way to tell what function/class you have in a war if you do go outside a core group of pvpers. Company Message of the day is bugged, copy paste does not work in the game( this does not stop bots). The politics are as bad as Eve Online in this game as well pvp wise, without any of the cool internet street creds. Running a large company in this game is a nightmare, and requires the use of two god damn google doc spreadsheets lol.

  25. Shade says:

    Funny enough New Worlds launch still sounds better than the cluster fuck failure that was SWTOR. The main thing I remember was for over a month the game was down for maintenance or just randomly broke for longer periods of time than it was actually playable. Oh, it was also a subscription based game and they did not offer compensation like Blizzard use to do back in Classic/BC. Not saying New Worlds launch wasn't a fuck up, but it could have been worse.

  26. KMTulip W says:

    Honestly, farm the dislikes proudly. The whole concept of guild/faction control of zones (while interesting) and the taxes in those zones was always going to end up with abusers. I could see this kind of stuff coming from a mile away and it is in part why i chose not to purchase the game. I have nothing against hardcore pvpers, but there is that specific population of hardcore, societal bottom dwellers who will gladly exploit any power they can manage to control and use it to abuse other players (Example being the maxed out taxes). Why would I play a game where my experience will most likely be constantly hurt because some guy that plays for 12 hours a day decided to act like a raging ahole and take over a region and max out taxes just because he can.

  27. Midnight says:

    Let’s be honest some of it is just people being scumsags and abusing shit

  28. Midnight says:

    I got 158 engineering and holy fuck it took some grinding and I also did it alone and after I joined a company I would give them my crafting items for more materials to make but in reality it didn’t help because I could have sold it for money instead and would have still been able to get more resources but the amount of wood and iron you need at all engineering levels is fucking crazy

  29. Probies says:

    I love this video. I feel it hits everything right on. The only thing you forgot to mention was how broken almost ALL end game stuff is, to include, quest. Spawning 30 mobs for a single quest all at once when its clear its supposed to spawn 1-2. "Ghost in quest Unseen Paths". It being a super toxic game is sad as well. Literally spent the first 2 days playing Diplomat just to get the faction leaders to work together and talk instead of everyone in the faction trashing each other in faction chat. It is sad to see that this game is showing its true face after having 2 open betas and almost all these issues being pointed out WAY ahead of time.

  30. Tyrone De Jager says:

    WOW!, you are having a completely different experience than most of the people playing this game. You are a hardcore min/maxer gamer that reads way too many meta gaming guides before trying to figure it out by yourself. I agree with you that stuff is broken here and there, but wow enjoying the world/graphics/sounds/dungeons and crafting. Sorry that is what I got from your review, but still a good "very hardcore" review, well done!, I think time will make this one great 🙂

  31. Gray. says:

    Tbh I can't think of any multi player game or mmo that doesn't/ didn't have an absolutely toxic community in the last 10 years, that's why I've resigned myself to single player or small co-op games.

  32. Doe says:

    Those "make em lag" clips were hilarious

  33. kagari says:

    Ah yes auction house having over priced stuff………swtor is also egregious with this

  34. Erik Smith says:

    All the scummy pvp stuff talked about is the biggest reason I don't f w/ these types of games nor do I think twice about it

  35. chris rpsen says:

    I cannot believe I even made it to level 26. I just kept getting angrier and angrier and more miserable as I continued to play. I kept asking myself wtf am I doing this to myself….what is the point. Uninstalled and I dont think I am looking back.

  36. Seth Kingery says:

    A lot of people, myself included, haven't even touched PvP and won't until we've reached max lvl and have explored most if not all of the PvE and crafting content.

    I just wonder if/when people like me do finally get to the point where we want to try PvP, if we will somehow help to dilute the concentration of the toxic, sweaty, no-life pvpers that currently dominate the PvP. Maybe the biggest reason PvP is so unbearably toxic right now is because of the type of gamer you would have to be to even have access to content such as wars at this point in the game.

    I'm not saying everyone that is level 50+ is a toxic troll with no life, but rather that most of the toxic trolls with no life are level 50+.

    This is all apart from the bugs of course, those 100% need fixed asap.

  37. Kyle Kerver says:

    I played this game for 2 weeks. Got max lvl. Played in my first War. We won. I logged off. I wasted 2 weeks.

  38. carringbushpet says:

    After watching a lot of reviews and now playing the game to lvl 60 with just under 200hrs with a group of friends. I really enjoy the pve aspects, the quests are severely lacking but there's a certain je ne sais quoi going on with pve that makes it enjoyable past the typical mmo looting grind aspects. The overarching problems that I hear with most NA and EU servers who are now experiencing a more progressed version of the game with all of these systems in place have reared their heads on my server but are nowhere near the severity I was lead to believe from a lot of reviews like this. I do benefit from being on a med pop server in Australia. And although toxicity does exist, the culture developing between the factions at the moment trancendes individual companies…I'm sure as the player base caps out this will change and companies will merge but I have a sliver of hope since people are opting out of wars to say.. let more healers or ranged dps in if there is a severe lack there of. Since there are no asian servers it does seem all of the chinese players invaded ours and now purple has more than half of the population. But I think this faction/territory pvp system needs another month or two for me to really be able to critique it fairly. I was very apprehensive about jumping in to another mmo since I am all too familiar with them after 20 years but my state is still in total lockdown, so I could really just dive head first without too much outside concerns. Already I can see a bit of frustration with newer players feeling level gated out of pvp events that actually affect their playing experience..which, yes..this is broken. One major current bug that doesn't receive enough attention is the world mob respawn totally fucks up solo play on lower pop servers. This blanket timer across all servers and all regions dramatically affects different populations. A lot of times killing a high level named mob or boss only to have it and it's adds respawning again while you are trying to loot the chest or bag they just previously dropped is beyond dumb..severe oversight.

    Also, the bugs seem to get worse every day. Anyone else noticing that?

    Tl;dr: I hit cap with c.200hrs and am enjoying the game on a med pop oCE server. Some of the issues in reviews have started to show but my server community seems decent without too much toxicity. PvP needs some more time in the oven

  39. Benjii_Gaming says:

    Hmmm… New World build future with back stabbing and lying to natives…how historically correct XD

  40. cus says:

    speaking on the point of toxicity, it basically sounds like what albion online devolved into

  41. Danielkaas94 says:

    What a big difference, when you are sponsored by the game itself

  42. JacobinRobspierre says:

    There were two wars with the enclave, the first was a scrim which we held off winning. Nobody had any idea about the lag which actually benefits the defenders a lot more. The Enclave intentionally chose the weakest faction while you chose the strongest and still got rolled. Just take the L and move on.

  43. Sillri Ventures says:

    New World is a prime example of why PVP-centric "Organic" peer-to-peer economy design just DOES NOT WORK. People are dicks and WILL be metagaming. There are always ways to cheese the system which dissolves the entire structure.

    I am gonna wait for Ashes of Creation.

  44. Daxtors Stuff says:

    Haven't even bothered with PvP, mates and I joined a few days after launch, were immediately camped outside the starting area by level 30+'s. Joined Covenant as they were the underdog, applied to join the wars…never get picked. We're still having fun in PvE but we all know the game doesnt have a long life cycle in its current state.
    Not sure about other countries, but im in Australia, and i'd say this game has the least amount of real life racism ive ever seen in an MMORPG – however, the server now refers to syndicate as purple pedos, covenant as piss boys, and marauder as nothing because who cares about green.

  45. Andy Zhu says:

    Eloquently said my friend

  46. nib says:

    Actual well made review, others just glanced at the game and gave a review but you actually went through to end game 🙂

  47. Jhon Doe says:

    You're wrong! there is a floor, its 1 cent xD

  48. Ancient Future says:

    My theory is new world is just a virtual social experiment concocted by bezos to see how America is going to behave in 2024 after society has collapsed.

  49. Upper Echelon Gamers says:

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