The Myth Surrounding Nursing Homes

The Myth Surrounding Nursing Homes

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47 Responses

  1. Ithaca Comments says:

    I am a older adult woman age 71.
    I am having trouble enjoying the healthy years of my life because of the horrors and abuse that my 91 year mother endures in a nursing home. There are no good nursing homes in our area.
    One fall and there I am.
    Mother is on so many pain meds that she can not be managed at home anymore.
    I try to give mother's care over to the Lord.
    I try to embrace….OK, this is mother's life …that doesn't mean it will be my life.
    God help the older adult.

  2. Ink by the barrel And paper by the pound says:

    As former funeral director I'll never put anyone in a nursing home.

  3. Amanda says:

    Never in a billion years would I trust nurses.

  4. Regina Fisher says:

    My mom and dad has put everything in a trust for us kids they didn't work their whole life to leave us with nothing if they go to a nursing home they will legally be able to get Medicaid and Medicare and when they die their children will legally still have their inheritance I think that's the smart way to go and thank God my parents are smart.

  5. Eaten Vegan says:

    I would never dream of sending my parents to a nursing home. Financially it is not the best option. But my main concern is quality of care. I would even been worried about an inhome care provider being attentive enough. Your parents care for you when you're most vulnerable, it is your responsibility to care for them when they need you.

  6. D. T Barnes says:

    The nursing home system is very broken

  7. cynthia Hicks says:

    That is what I'm going through right now- and my mother is really not someone I want to deal with- I could just cut off my head.

  8. Beauteous Sounds says:

    In my area, good memory/dementia care is $8K-$9K per month, while 24/7 in-home care runs $11K-$12K per month. Pops died at home at 91 of heart failure, then Mom got dementia at 89. She’s now getting excellent care in a memory care unit.

    Folks should get their financial life in order NOW while they’re still working because, chances are, we’re all gonna need some sort of life assistance someday. My folks didn’t earn big wages but they were smart with their money and their plan is paying off in a big way. The operative word here is “plan.”

  9. Janene love Love says:

    Come on 60 years old,
    People are STILL young, looking fall of life

  10. Janene love Love says:

    Dude you sound like robert scrivano…

  11. Karen Hardie says:

    Easy for Dave to talk like that when he is a multimillionaire. Nursing homes are awful. I wouldn't put my dog in one.

  12. Jenny Lee says:

    My grandmother was in a nursing home for 10 years. They just keep feeding them medicines and they live longer and longer. Be careful before signing your life away to a nursing home

  13. Shirl Austin says:

    You have no idea what your talking about. Hope you never end up one.

  14. kuna coins says:


  15. peanut12345 says:

    Ramsey does not say it is a racket, it is. They get money for the hospital racket, after the doctors have stole his money or the govt medicare.

  16. Og maco Sheesh says:

    My step grandma has dementia and my grandpa said it would cost his life savings to put her in a nursing home.

  17. Daril Caldwell says:

    Don't listen to this bozo

  18. Sam Petrie says:

    I don’t always agree with DR, but I do about the morality of hiding assets to scam Medicare. But most of these posts seem less concerned with the well-being of the elderly and more concerned with maximizing inheritances. Shameful.

  19. dlastmohican71 says:

    Chances of you being able to purchase long term care ins at 60 or older is rare, add in the chances of you getting to 60 without some health issue that will disqualify you from getting ins are slimmer. Usually the level of care you get on a medicare/medicaid hallway is higher due to government regulations, a private pay or private ins hallway is not beholden to those same regulations and generally delivers a much lower quality of care.

  20. Elizabeth Baird says:

    Oh great… so either grandma needs to be on the clock because the insurance is about to run out, or else she burns through her cash and ends up a pawn for corporate welfare, all that for questionable and clearly overpriced service. But we should be ok with it because all of us have physical strength, professional knowledge, and enough time and money to take on the task of care ourselves if we don’t like the product. Am I getting this right?

  21. Shirley Heinbockel says:

    Dave Ramsey you can say that you make millions off all your self help books. My dad never bought any long term care for my mother now she sold her home to pay for assisted living for her Alzheimer’s. Her money is 1/3 gone. She has money in investments. Yes we put it in the 5 year look back in me and my brothers name. We haven’t had to use it yet. We will if we have to.

  22. Deborah Wright says:

    Nursing home care is very expensive . But the home has to pay professional staff provide 24 hr care and have insurance in case of lawsuits by residents families or staff. The money they receive is not all profit.

  23. Sean Cohen says:

    Brother, how do you address a loved one you is psychosocial who can't speak for themselves while living in a nursing home during Covid? Shouldn't a member of the family be able to visit once a day?

  24. EatMeatandLiftWeights says:

    Nursing home owners are criminals, they take all the person's money, pension, house – charge exorbitant prices, do not have enough staff to take proper care of the inmates and their staff are paid the lowest wages. I would rather die now than end up in one!

  25. CheapoBunny says:

    I spent two weeks in a NH after breaking both ankles and was unable to go home. I am 56. It was supposedly one of the best in my area. One nurse on the wing per shift, and two cnas. The nurses spent the majority of their time dispensing drugs and charting that. The cnas did everything else. I was "scheduled" two showers a week, although I got about 3 because I threw a fit about every 3 days because I really could not go any longer. The food was awful, the beds very uncomfortable. I refused all the drugs except pain meds, because I didn't want to be a zombie like most of the inmates. I am vegan, and let me tell you, If you are on a special diet, or just want nutritious food, you better be prepared to buy it!!! I could go on and on. If you have loved ones in a nursing home, make sure you go every single day and monitor what's going on! Having a physical injury, and NO diminished mental capacity, I was able to advocate for myself, I frequently told them my legs were broken, but my brain was fine!

  26. Live Laugh Lesbian says:

    I work in a nursing home and i have quite a few residents that have been there for longer than 4 or 5 years. I have people that have been at our nursing home for 10 and 15 years! Don't just assume 5 years. Dementia can hit and be a very long process.

  27. blastman8888 says:

    Dave you have no idea what a "Medicaid Nursing home" is like they are horrible places you never want to end up. The most common problem is people left to sit in their own waste for hours because they just don't come when you push the nurse call button. The money all goes to profits people that work there are paid minimum.

  28. Julie Martin says:

    Dave you are the most arrogant human being I think I’ve ever seen. You are completely uneducated concerning nursing homes. You have turned me OFF, period!

  29. ineedhoez says:

    It is called socialism for the rich. As soon as folks get money, they get real comfortable with taking advantage of gov programs so they can keep it. Everyone else just has to pull themselves up by the bootstraps.

  30. L G says:

    Dave must own some stock in nursing homes.

  31. L G says:

    I signed up for nursing home insurance at work when I was in my 40's. I get it dirt cheap because I signed up so early.

  32. Kelly Weston says:

    I have almost 30 years working in nursing homes. Thank you for this honest advice. The government would have more money to take care of people of people did not scam the system. Nursing homes have also become a place for people that could be on their own but don’t feel like taking care of themselves financially. Lazy. Thanks Dave!

  33. Jake says:

    "Papa goes in to nursing home after saving $300K…..dies….leaves momma with nothing"

    Ahhhhh, you know why the men that worked in the coal mines, oil rigs, roofing, construction, welding, and other risky jobs die before the female? Because the female stayed at home raising the kids, in an air conditioned house, and was not exposed to all the negative aspects of doing hard work. He earned the $300K….then he should get the care he needs.

  34. jhankri says:

    Some people think you have to sign over all your financial assets to gain a spot in a nursing home. So if mom or dad dies in the second month after say 12,000.00 worth of services, the nursing home can take the balance of their money which has been signed over beyond actual services provided. Where does this thought process come from. I worked in a nursing home office and the clients or guardians were billed monthly. But I hear people often say they need power of attorney or everything signed over so nursing home can't take everything.

  35. Tracy Albino-Daggett says:

    The nursing homes in my area cost $8000 to $12000 month

  36. Sabrina Y says:

    I work at a facility that is considered top notch in an expensive part of town. I still will never put my mother there. The people that run the place treat the residents like they should thank their lucky stars to stay there or they can leave. Plus 90% of the staff are foreigners who barely speak English and don't really care about the residents. Its so sad

  37. Charles Foltz says:

    Most people who need "Nursing" home care need 24/7, so that can't be provided at home. Unfortunately the system is set up that it's so expensive you can't cash flow it. Of course it's mostly medicaid subsidized. Medicaid nursing homes are poorly staff with high turnover and all they want is MONEY. Yes, they provide a service but it's basic as required by state and feds. Don't confuse nursing homes with Assisted Living.

    You are allowed to spend money on prepaid funeral services (they'll allow you that) and medicaid won't bother with that. I agree that medicaid will look back at recent financial transactions, but people get lawyers to take care of those issues.

    So, the quality care you get is mostly dependent on how much money you have. If they can't stay at home, be present at the facilty as much as you can. Hire a sitter if you have to. Nursing homes are owned by investment groups. They want returns.

  38. Kim Haigy says:

    I think there are a lot of misconceptions about payment to nursing homes, medicaid, insurances, etc. A lot of comments show that many people don't know what they are talking about. As in any business, you have good and bad employees, but when a facility becomes aware of negligence or abuse, they are mandated by their states Dept of Health to report this–or they could be fined. Anyone found guilty of abuse will be reported and their certification or license will be revoked (and fired). Many of you folks object to the facility using assets to cover cost, this is why the elderly scripted and saved their money–to take care of them in old age…sorry that there may not be anything left for an inheritance.

  39. rural juror says:

    I had lovely experiences with both my parents in nursing homes, Alzheimer's and Parkinsons. We did lose the family farm in the deal, but…oh yeah, we are in fly over country where people love one one another. Christendom's holdout.

  40. Steve says:

    Nursing homes are one of the biggest scams in modern life.

  41. Lane Hennefer says:

    I work as a cna in a nursing home and this industry is a mess. They are dumping grounds for societys most vulnerable. I'm a libertarian but this sector of healthcare needs to be nationalized and non profit.

  42. June Seventh says:

    A major $$$ issue… 90% of people in nursing homes will tell you they are ready to die and “why won’t god just take me”. And their family will pursue aggressive treatment measures. Let them die peacefully without intervention. The quality of life is NOT there when they can’t walk or feed themselves and they need to get their pants changed every few hours

  43. Poor Redneck World says:

    I'm sorry but you can't transfer your home into the name of family members before you have to leave and go into a nursing home?? That's how it least two people I know got their home and it's the only way they ever would have owned a home is it always given to them by family who was no longer going to be capable of staying in their own home

  44. yesenia rebollar says:

    Avoid nursing homes at all cost!

  45. Aldene Fredenburg says:

    When we had to put my mother into an assisted living program, the home tried to take all of my mother's money up front. My sister said no, and paid the bill every month.

  46. Steve P says:

    My mom must have had a great nursing home insurance. We broke even but at least it was a great place and very expensive. My mom would have blown the money anyway.

  47. Shelly D says:

    The nursing homes that I know of, make the person sign over ALL their money and assets and start taking their social security payments. Then they provide 24hr care. And they all smell like Vietnamese food.

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