The mother of 15-year-old victim takes the stand | COURT TV

TEEN KILLED MURDER TRIAL: #AndyMcCauley is accused of killing his girlfriend’s 15-year-old daughter.

Yesterday, the mother of the victim took the stand to testify.


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36 Responses


    I think the mother should be charged, too–

  2. Penguin says:

    Has she got a black eye or am l seeing things ❓

  3. Sammi Thornton says:

    This woman is a lier go look at Rileys Facebook and Instagram she is always in jeans and halter tops in fitting clothes like most teenagers

  4. owla omit says:

    yet again another case of a women accepting any kind of man in her life JUST to be in a relationship! WHY??? when will women realise its not worth it. theres too many of these kind of cases and i dont for the life of me understand why women dont investigate a man before getting involved with them…. if he had a drug problem now he had some kind of sign when she met him.

  5. Jeannine Terese says:

    She’s a bad mother, this is her fault. She brought a drug addict into the home. And where’s the emotion? She lost a child ffs!

  6. Elizabeth Grogan says:

    That's every mother's worst nightmare. Poor woman.

  7. Chicagocubbiegirl says:

    So Riley has to ask permission to have her girlfriend come to their house to get ready for a game, but her junkie boyfriend has unsupervised access to her children 24/7.

  8. Jessica Hejackisej Wahl says:

    That poor woman. How you survive the loss of a murdered child is beyond me. Then the worst betrayal imaginable. of your partner on top of that. My relationship trauma is a fart in the wind* in compairision. *(Old Swedish proverb)

  9. Jackie Ellabella says:

    This mom…no emotion no distress no sadness no despair after reliving this? I don’t feel too sorry for her, she brought this creep into her house, Riley seemed more mature than this mother. She doesn’t seem to feel to much guilt for bringing him in her house. Ugh why does this not surprise me

  10. ec3po says:

    This mother failed her child. It’s disappointing and disgusting

  11. AllVaccinesContainAluminumWhichIsNeurotoxic says:

    Why cant you show the whole fricken trial

  12. Melanie Lawrence says:

    "She wasn't really a fighter!"

  13. Melanie Lawrence says:

    This mom is still with the defendant? Please tell me that is not correct!

  14. Melanie Lawrence says:

    Wow, this mother is not very empathetic that her daughter is deceased. I feel so bad for Riley.

  15. softshoes says:

    I"m sorry for her loss but this woman sure looks like a user.

  16. Scenthere says:


  17. Ablyss says:

    She doesn't normally dress like that and no makeup.

  18. kezzy kezzy says:

    Why would the mother report her daughter missing before she had checked the friends list?

  19. Patrisha NotPatricia says:

    He looks guilty as fudge. I don’t even need to hear the evidence

  20. Chrissy Ellem says:

    Vinnie needs to find out the truth of this scumbag mother.

  21. Home Body says:

    She looks like she hasn't slept. God please heal all parents in the world who are forced to bury their children prematurely.


    Hi Vinny….

  23. crystal welty says:

    Where is the whole trial

  24. Michael Griffin says:

    i don't like this guy! he has a untrustworthy face. the Anchor not the defendant.

  25. Christine Peredetto says:

    sorry but they all seem to be very dysfunctional in this family

  26. Cautionkit21 says:

    You can wait to live your damn life when your kids are grown!!!! Plzzzzzz stop bringing other people into the home until the kids are grown!!!

  27. Shanon Miller says:

    Too bad she's still with that bastard that killed her daughter and puts money on his jail books. She's not innocent either

  28. Billy Dempsey says:

    Just watched the interview with the suspect, I saw the policeman’s arm and the ceiling more the the suspect, you’d think in this day and age the police could afford a decent web cam?

  29. rosysky02 Inphoenix says:

    Mom is partly to blame, she knew her boyfriend was on drugs she probably did them too. This poor girl was probably acting out because she was living in an unstable home. This guy might have been either sexually or mentally abusing her. Maybe she was going to tell and he panicked.

  30. Natalie Meenakshi The Great says:

    Yeah this is horrific for any mom poor mom poor beautiful Raleigh man this is horrific death penalty please

  31. hikarulover77 says:

    It's sad that this took place so close to home!

  32. Nancy Gallagher says:

    She could help prevented this if she didn't bring a drug addict into her home and be around a teenage daughter. I am sorry for her loss but more sorry for Riley's death. Rest in peace pretty angel

  33. Rose Selby says:

    The last DAM thing I would of done was take a stupid shower knowing that my daughter was missing…give me a break mom. But then again it doesn't really surprise me since she let her 15 yr old daughter stay on social media for a straight 48 hours with her boyfriend. Now that doesn't sound like a mom who really is that concerned about her daughters actions. And another thing, what mom leaves their 15 yr old daughter alone with a loser of a boyfriend that she knows is on big time drugs. You have to know that this boyfriend could or would or even maybe… make a move on her. She was young and pretty and all alone in the house with him and mom is gone. That was a red flag right there! Sorry but this is the way I see it. I feel more sorry for the 15 yr old than the mom.

  34. Martha Woodworth says:

    I appreciate Vinnie's compassion for this poor mom.

  35. Shelia Gibson says:

    Where can you watch the entire trial

  36. mary shaffer says:

    I hate dope head mothers. They lie like breathing.

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