The Most Blood Chilling 911 Calls | People Stories #817

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19 Responses

  1. Royale Queen Videos says:

    I think the worst are where they die ON the phone, especially that little boy. You would know you couldn't help them.

  2. Lee Eunra says:

    Suicidal cases are more common than i thought……….

  3. Nevada says:

    I have nothing but respect for emergency dispatchers. I was just a couple days away from testing to become a dispatcher myself when I watched a young man on a motorcycle be taken out by a truck. I called 911 and watched as others tried to get him breathing again. The dispatcher was an angel. She stayed calm and tried to keep me calm while I watched this man die. It still hurts like hell. I cancelled my test after realizing I could never be that brave. God bless all of you.

  4. Maxwell Vrooman says:

    I am the designated plug puller if anyone goes brain dead in the family I will not hesitate because I refuse to watch my family suffer am I heartless a little bit my soul is probably both been through hell on this planet and the fact that I’m not on America’s most wanted list amazing cause any other man would’ve gone completely insane through all that I’ve gone through

  5. Maxwell Vrooman says:

    I see in my world thing like the story of no oh everything‘s fine in a cry for help in the background that wouldn’t happen you will need to have two hours to go through channels you get everything you need immediately anywhere that phone was yours will be tracked down immediately brownies and immunities will be dispatched anyone who can better sense of the word betrays their associates gets total immunity from the crime your name will never be mentioned it will never go on the record because people are greedy and a lot of people will see A free get out of jail free card

  6. Maxwell Vrooman says:

    So one time my friend got into a car wreck she was fine and everyone was OK she was just a bit shook and up and I got to thinking and I’m a big guy in the Multiverse theory I think there are infinite realities where she did not make it has infinite rallies where I was in the car with her and I didn’t make it where I held her in my arms and infinite realities I told her everything‘s gonna be OK and again infinite both ways was lying and was just trying to be supportive because I really had no clue if you would be OK and same thing for me she would tell me it’s gonna be OK and in reality I wouldn’t be I would be in the realities were we both know we’re lying but we pretend like we believe one another set a deer hunting every day I think that she could’ve been dead and one universe over maybe she was everyone yours over she was paralyzedWhen universe over I was in a car accident with her where I was the only survivor or I was the only casualty do you wanna talk about the world being unpredictable try the multi-verse for you never know what’s gonna happen you could be the universe where this horrible thing happens or this amazing thing happened and you’ll never fucking know until it’s too late

  7. mammag says:

    Stop playing with guns.

  8. Krys Mojorising says:

    Keep your children informed, close! I have to!!! If anything harmed my children in malice,…. I would end their experience in life and make sure that thread of hate is deleted by Love!

  9. Fell_ says:

    The suicide stories get to me. I haven't lost anyone to suicide, but I sometimes think about doing it. I don't want to put my family through that.

  10. The Reject505 says:

    Glad im not the only one whose swallowed a coin before

  11. Aaron Lassen says:

    Vids like this with the music they have is just disturbing AF

  12. Exoboa says:

    Not me but my uncle: he was a dispatcher for San Antonio Tx. Got a call coming from within the Alamo. Said all he heard was static

  13. Amelia Bee says:

    11:30 This was me….only my mom made me be the one to break into her bedroom. I was 12. She survived, but to this day I still can't handle the sight of so much blood. I can't be around broken glass or sharp cutting things, either. Thanks, mom.

  14. Not Today FBI man says:

    "As she found the body" joyous music "if you enjoyed the video-"

  15. ItzA_WildGamer says:

    911 and 999 operators do so so much and take on so much it’s such an honourable job and I have so much respect for them

  16. Raimon Rossitto says:

    no one:

    updoot studios: plays happy music after a serious stories vid

  17. Joe Hooker says:

    Man this shit always makes me cry since I'm a dad obviously then ones involving kids but damn

  18. Sam Worlds says:

    The comment on the first one about the coin.. Exact same thing happened to me. My dad held me upside down by the ankle and hit my back until it came out… Why is this the norm?… I mean.. It works I guess

  19. Christine Ash says:

    My dad died because he gave up drinking cold turkey :'( x

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