🤗 The Main (2) Reason You Have Bad Or Trouble Credit & How To Fix It!

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how to dispute things off my credit

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21 Responses

  1. Rhonda Roberts says:

    Great information as always!

  2. Jamie John says:

    I just love your channel. I can't wait for your other videos.

  3. Big Lem says:

    Needed this!! Appreciate U!!

  4. ozenlene perry says:

    Yes… Great.

  5. David Hare says:

    Great video Sherry! Keep them coming

  6. Slick Rick says:

    What up pretty lady i will be getting in touch with you and about 5 or 6 month i have some one for you to meet please take care yourself I'm working on it now love always family ✌️

  7. marilyn Jackson says:

    How can you teach me how to start my YouTube channel and Facebook and Instagram… You are definitely helping me with credit..

  8. marilyn Jackson says:


  9. DjKB says:

    Just starting my credit journey not able to get a unsecured credit card what do I do???Tia

  10. Stanley Tate says:

    As of 1/24/22 I had a 674 on Equifax. My statement dates are the 8th. each month. I lost 34 points on 1/25 because the credit card reported again this month the usage from December plus my current balance. The due date is the 5th of each month. How can they report twice in a month and what is my course of action if they don't correct this issue? Also if/when they correct it will I get the 34 points back?

  11. Jonica Clarady says:


  12. Coco Puffs says:

    Congrats on the new Baby Hun. Thanks for the wealth of information you always bring us.

  13. Ed Ramon says:

    Hey so I sent a letter disputing old addresses except current however I forgot about one address that I’m connected to through a credit card my mom added me a a authorized user ! How will this effect me? Or is there a chance they won’t even remove my request???

  14. H.R Collins says:

    I’m blessed to have found your channel. You’re absolutely right about the income being a factor. About 5 years ago I used my credit cards to pay my rent after losing my job and it was doomed from there. Charging things you can’t pay for is a set up for failure. I’m in beast mode now though with a great job while fixing my credit. Up 40 points in less than 3 months. Utilization is important and I learned that from you as well. Also getting unsecured trade lines is key, so I got a few retail store cards that would report that I knew I would barely use.

  15. selina pena says:


  16. ItzKenDra says:


  17. God Agario Gaming says:

    You are the best ! God is blessing you for a reason

  18. Muriel Williams says:

    Do you have a iPhone

  19. Mucho Uno says:

    I read it I’m still lost

  20. Tiffany Warren says:

    i clicked on this

  21. bringing sexy back says:

    I really need your help

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