The honor of fixing a deceased player’s paintball gun

If you ever saw my NPPL Chicago video, with the USF paintball team, the teammate I accidentally shot in the back in the snake was my good friend and teammate Luke Venable.

Luke was killed in a car accident a couple years ago. I was handed his project autococker that literally never worked.

HPR blew that shot 500psi into the LPR, LPR blew sending 500psi into the ram and 3 way, breaking the ram off at the block.

Rebuilt the entire gun, replaced the ram, polished the valve stem, polished the lug, polished the ram, replaced all the orings, set the LPR properly.

Gun is shooting perfect now. I miss ya Luke ❤️


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32 Responses

  1. Mister Venable says:

    It was pretty ridiculous how all my brothers friends decided to just keep his stuff when he died. Oh well, hopefully it's being put to good use.

  2. Cal Bertram says:


  3. Archie P says:

    Aside from all the controversies, I miss your content, man. You were one of the few that got me into pb. thanks

  4. Vanquish Media says:

    Thank you for all you have done for the sport, your contributions to paintball have impacted people not only in North America but the entire globe.

    Greetings from Polska.

  5. Parker Jeans says:

    This sport hasnt been the same without you and your videos. After you stopped releasing videos you can literally see the dip in the market

  6. YouAlreadyNoah says:

    Come back Mike

  7. Parker Jeans says:

    I miss marker bids. Won a few good things on there.

  8. Cory Thomas says:

    I know Luke would be happy his project didn't go to waste

  9. Riley Norrell says:

    holy shit man, glad i found your channel again! I used to watch your live show when I was a teen. You always had the sickest markers and glad that has yet to change!! Any upcoming events on your list?

  10. Freemans Aquatics says:

    Mike can you please do some videos on the 05 06 07 egos i know they are not your favorite but its what im rocking along with a infamous timmy sorry to ask i trust your word/opinion. I havent played since 2007 and i always wanted these guns so they were the first i bought 😉 finnaly i have my Excaliburs 😉 much respect good Sir ive been enjoying your videos CHEERS 🙂

  11. Aeroworks540 says:

    Hey I'm getting back in the sport for D-day I am super happy you are still making videos but it looks like it has been a bit. I hope all is well, this was one of my favorite channels a couple years back.

  12. heyhaveagoodday says:

    i also want to say thank you for really introducing me to paintball. thank you

  13. heyhaveagoodday says:

    would you ever bring back? i was a bit younger but i remember it:( the sport just doesn’t feel the same anymore

  14. David Figueroa says:

    Please come back you inspired me when I was younger please make more videos!!

  15. Fabian Perez says:

    yo come back to paintball, when i started getting interested again after stopping for a couple of years of fucking off it made me sad to find out @Mike Phillips was mia. I legit have been watching since og days, bro i bought a torque loader cause of you thats OG lol.

  16. Nexusly says:

    Merry Christmas Mike!
    Longtime viewer I was your first channel comment back when YouTube had that feature my old account voudim.

  17. WhoIsSea says:

    Can we please get TechPB back? I'm nostalgic for TechPB Radio. Those were the days. People calling in with questions and just talking paintball. Used to be something I looked forward to.

  18. o_rango Aka HoneyKix says:

    post more vids! i always like hearing you talk about paintball:(

  19. samton roach says:

    Any updates on the girls playing or not?

  20. Jay says:

    Did your buddy ever eat the mayo sandwich??

  21. Filip Pona says:

    Hey Mike!!!! Could you do a video on what you think about this new league that is coming out? it would be interesting to hear your point of view!

  22. Phillip Burrell says:

    Do u still go to orbital I know what happened with the copyright shit but I go almost every week and have never seen you

  23. ian Thompson says:

    Mike do you think you will ever open up the comment section on your older videos?

  24. IntoTheFray says:

    Mikey we miss ya bud

  25. zenopb says:

    I was a subscriber since the how to wash your Paintball gear. God that's been like 11 years. Glad you're good and sorry for your loss. I'm sure your friend approved if the fix 🙂

  26. DommiePastrami says:

    Hope all is well Mike! Get your ass back on youtube give the people what they want!

  27. Dylan Blazvick says:

    Good to see you back !!!!

  28. Andrew Severaid says:

    About time to get back to youtube my friend!

  29. rjonzen34 says:

    Rotor 4 Life

  30. Henry J PB says:

    Glad you're back with paintball videos!

  31. Hp 355 says:

    Love my cocker haven’t played paintball in years but i still my automag and cocker to best guns back in the day!!!

  32. Urethra Inflammation says:

    Rip. Solid shooter

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