The Hidden Consumer Reporting Agencies [A Must For Credit Repair 2021]

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Did you know that there are over a dozen consumer reporting agencies?

Most only know of the 3 major bureaus which are:
1. Experian
2. Equifax
3. TransUnion

However, there are a dozen others that you need to be aware. They affect your everyday consumer purchasing and borrowing decisions. Whether you’re looking to rent a property or even considering on opening a bank account, these tertiary reporting agencies report a variety of information.

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23 Responses

  1. Yolanda O’Neill says:

    Great information!

  2. casey sharp says:

    I have tried getting a credit card and every time I get the same response it doesn't make sense they say the consumer reporting agency has limited credit reports on you, I haven't had credit or a job Ive been on disability, I don't know what's going on though I have money and I keep getting that there's limited reports on me it doesn't seem fair. I actually want to know because sometimes agencies make mistakes, I was once declared dead by the social security office so I know.

  3. Melissa Wilson Realtor says:

    Thank you for this information it will help me and my clients.

  4. Corey Forshey says:

    You didn’t mention Pacer

  5. Sharon Hunter says:

    I appreciate this information.

  6. Sherae Harris says:

    What happens if you send dispute letters to the major credit bureaus without freezing your profiles with the smaller bureaus? Can you send it again after freezing? How often can you dispute?

  7. Noobian Bruh says:

    I contacted Accurate Background, Inc. and was told that I cannot obtain a free copy of a background check report for myself. You'd have to be a part of their network or something and have to have either a "search" or "reference ID" to obtain it.

  8. PHess Williams says:

    Which 1 of these agencies report child support?

  9. MrAmenta2 says:

    Great video, I found a few more 2nd data furnishing companies, they are Acxiom, A.R.S., Innovis, as well as Lexus Nexus, Core Logics and Sage Stream. I contacted these 6 companies and permanently Opted Out to suppress info on me to anyone else.

  10. SpoilThe PrincessDOTCOM says: – This is similar to CHEXsystems – they do bank accounts , bill payment accounts and merchant accounts

  11. Bad Company says:

    EXCELLENT…thank you

  12. m davis says:

    Go to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The website lists many of these third party companies.

  13. LFleure Allick says:

    Ali, How are you? Thank you always for great content, always enjoy your videos, am glad that I found you.

  14. Juuko goggans says:

    What forms are being used by the consumer to report a The DEBTOR to all 3 credit beaurea? Do they file using a UCC-1 form?

  15. Al Supak says:

    Cheat Sheet

    • Nationwide credit reporters
    ○ Equifax
    ○ Trans Union
    ○ Experian
    • Employment Screening
    • Tenant Screening
    • Check and Bank Screening
    • Personal Property Insurance
    • Medical
    • Low-income and Subprime
    • Legal and Data Aggregate
    • Utilities
    • Retail
    • Gaming-casino’s

    Accurate Background checks 800-216-8024. Free report.

    First Advantage Corporation – 800-845-6004 free report

    Contemporary Information Corp.- 800-288-4757 option 5 free report

    CoreLogic Rental Property Solutions – 888-333-2413 (option 1)

    Certegy Check Svs 800-237-3826

    ChexSystems 800-428-9623

    A-Plus Properties 800-627-3487 (option 2)

    C.l.u.e. Inc consumer center 866-312-8076

    MIB inc 866-692-6901

    Clarity Services 866-390-3118 (1 for security freeze, 4 for free report)

    Core Logic Teletrack 877-309-5226

    LexisNexis Risk Solutions 866-897-8126

    Sagestream 888-395-0277 (option 1 free report)

    NCTUE 866-349-5185 (option 1)

  16. AJRICH YUNG says:

    Can you freeze all of them? Thanks

  17. Anthony Miller says:

    +Ali Tarafdar – Thanks for the information, Bro.

  18. Harvey Wilson says:

    Do you know what 3rd party equifax uses to verify accounts

  19. Shaquandra Johnson says:


  20. Kendy Fermin says:

    Are there even more, wonder if they have one for driving record besides DMV.

  21. Laquasha Harris says:

    It’s crazy because I’ve been doing severe research and came across this info yesterday I’ve completed a credit binder included all of these reporting agencies telephone numbers address and I’m current getting a free copy of all of my reports freezing them and then continuing my process of disputes . Curiosity always leads you to more valuable information these agencies are the reasons for the delays with my dispute process ughhh people don’t even understand this is very important when fixing your credit

  22. HI Ho Silver says:

    Thank you sir for taking the time to put this together and bring it to us. And…you have a good speaking voice.

  23. VeganMicroFarm says:

    Thanks for posting the name and address of these companies, some of them I was unaware, and its a real challenge with any CRA to identify who verified any item.

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