The Heart-Wrenching Death Of Colin Powell

Watch the video to learn about the heart-wrenching death of Colin Powell.

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  1. Andrew Bond says:

    So sorry for your loss this man was a real good guy he was a credit to the USA the world will miss him thank you for your service Sir.and for the person that has spoken ill of him did your mother never teach you not to speak ill of the dead show some manners and respect


    Not heart wrenching. He was as fake as they come.

  3. Michael Seymour says:

    war criminal

  4. Sean Boundy says:

    I'm a supporter of Trump, but there is much I admire Colin Powell for. He did have his flaws like everyone does, but he did accomplish a great many things we all can appreciate him for.

  5. Mary Wray says:

    He was not that great and over the years he seems to have gone for the white man look, he used to be much darker when he came on the scene, how can you feel anything but disgust for a man who couldn't even come to terms with his own color

  6. olikat8 says:

    I like how it was stated "Died of Covid complications"
    If cancer is a complication…

  7. trayNTP says:

    War criminal. How many people died because he lied this country into war? Way more than would’ve been saved if he hadn’t.

  8. Julie Boyette says:

    My prayers go out to the Powell family.Mr Powell Isa great person. He will be missed.

  9. Antonios Panayiotou says:

    A demon murderer gone back to Hell!!

  10. عبدالله العنزي says:

    May the Iraqi people that were murdered due to this man’s lies rest in peace

  11. DrRocketman 779 says:

    Taps plays o7

  12. D. Jon Cox says:

    For those of you who don't understand being a soldier, in the end he was an excellent soldier. He strongly opposed going into Iraq, the second time. In the end he did what he was ordered to do because he was a good soldier.

  13. From The Bead Maker's Perspective says:

    Oh please, the man was a lying sack of shit.

  14. Fred Krueger says:

    The guy was a war criminal who lied the US into a war with Iraq which killed millions!!! You act like he's a hero?

  15. Dean Delaney says:

    He now is sure who God almighty is Jesus Christ is his name I don't think he believes in Jesus O well to late

  16. Roselyn Campisi says:

    RIP. A good person

  17. 420SmokeJumpers says:


  18. fevkaladeninfevki says:

    He is a war criminal. And this is his life and not his death.

  19. Bruce Wayne says:


  20. Fucking President says:

    He was a liar and a war criminal. I still remember watching tv back then and he was trying to connect Iraq to the 9/11 attack and failed badly.

  21. Rayyan N says:


  22. Tennesee Lee says:

    Another dead globalist…no tears here.

  23. You've been informed says:

    He had cancer. Cancer killed him.

  24. Paul Leavell says:


  25. PlagueInjected says:


  26. shake master says:

    these sheep may never learn of this piece of trash. the blood of those lost their lives thanks to this man. will be on his head on his judgement day. good riddance.

  27. Dublin_Barman says:

    Rest In Peace General Powell, in his Army Days in Germany, he met Elvis Germany several times

  28. A.j Colomo says:

    A true patriot , An American ,awesome , man ,Father . , su ch a kind strong humble man , he made all the right decisions , his repercussions will slam the walls of Democracy .

  29. marby602 says:

    "There are WMDs in Iraq. If I'm lying, may I be stricken with ass cancer !"

    — Colin Powell

  30. ronnie parker says:

    So he Died of myeloma early -stage Parkinson's and old age

  31. marby602 says:

    "Young Persons Mentor"??…… yeah right….. he can "mentor" them in how to LIE to the world about fictitious WMDs, and mis-use the trust people had in him to perpetrate a war-crime that causes over a million deaths !!
    Good riddance jerk !

  32. Teresa Merimee Stack says:


  33. stephen roth says:

    War criminal

  34. Sonia Vasquez says:

    Que descance en paz.

  35. Norris Ford says:

    Guy was Bush's pawn and brought us into a horrible war knowing he was doing wrong. Stop making him look like anything but a war monger asshole

  36. Thomas O'loughlin says:

    Another war criminal along with bush blair Obama crooked Hillary and dopey joe should have been sent to the Hague years ago protected by the West

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