The FLASH Leads TO JUSTICE LEAGUE 2 | Batfleck IS DONE Explained | NIGHTWING In Batgirl Movie?

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Batfleck FINAL Scene In The Flash MOVIE He’s DONE | Flash RESHOOTS | New Justice League Movie
Within This Video We Cover

►The Flash Reshoots
►New Justice League Movie
►Snyderverse Can Still Continue
►New DC Universe Post The Flash Movie
►Henry Cavill Superman Is Done?
►Ben Affleck Superman Is Done?
►New Justice League
►Shazam In The Flash Movie

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40 Responses

  1. Best Lex Luthor says:

    Keep Shazam out of Snyderverse please

  2. Best Lex Luthor says:

    I don’t want Affleck in Batgirl. Don’t want any Batgirl. I don’t even want Ezra in the Flash.

  3. RandomKnowledgePerson says:

    My dream is for snyderverse to wrap itself up with two more JL movies and a batflek series on HBO max and to have another DC universe in theaters

  4. S Mahmudul Hasan says:

    Woa, today a batgirl photo leaked confirming Robin

  5. Dori Walker says:

    Man, I wanna see a live action young justice

  6. Nonnel says:

    Dceu was getting better till now

  7. Dixonhill36 says:

    I didn't see anything that says that Batfleck quit in that interview. On top of that, Mickey Sutton is hearing that Discovery wants him back but that they can't negotiate his return until the merger is complete. He says that Ben is willing to come back but that he wants to do smaller "independent" type movies, and that he's working on getting the financing secured in his new Batman contract. I suspect that there's validity to that in that the old regime will be gone and Ben hasn't specifically said that he's no longer Batman.

  8. Black Batman says:

    Affleck said he was done playing action roles after Daredevil because he thought they were so boring. A decade later, he is Batman. How long will it b until he breaks this promise about being done playing the role? I hope he breaks that promise very soon.

  9. Cuff says:

    Honestly, Zac Effron would be amazing as Nightwing!! Here’s hoping it all breaks down like we’re expecting.

  10. Ghengis The great says:

    I think the rumours are probably true, and the Flash will erase the Snyderverse. But it really doesn't matter, because no one is going to watch The Flash, so we'll never know

  11. Ashish Uikey says:

    Now it's officially WB vs Snyderverse. We all know Zack won't just lead the whole fandom to beleive in him, he's not using the fandom for sympathy. He's definitely gonna make his own Justice league movies but only after the merger.

  12. Ryan McMullen says:

    Its not going to be the same without Ben come on Ben come back really your the best BATMAN besides Christian Bale

  13. Dee Sniper says:

    what's the point of these videos? it's just the same shit said over and over again. Ben Affleck will be done unless the Snyderverse is restored; pretty fucking simple.

    I wouldn't wanna come back either if all their gonna do is change the direction of the entire franchise at the drop of a hat. dc is fucked as long as the retarded executives at wb is in charge. hopefully at&t and discovery will come in and get this shit fixed before they fuck it up for good.

  14. Mo doc says:

    unless they move the flash and aquaman movies the contents of the movies wont matter. right now flash is coming out one week before black panther 2 and aquaman is coming out the same day as avatar 2.

  15. Rylan Adams says:

    Chris O'Donnell is coming back as Nightwing. Just kidding, don't even take it with a grain of salt or a pinch of salt. I'm talking about a block of salt.

  16. Craig Whitley says:

    1st off the way you consistently mangle people's names like David Zaslav cracks me up every video… Beyond that even though we know they can't say anything I'm just curious what do you think Discovery and Zaslavs reaction is behind the scenes because they've got to be monitoring the explosion this has caused on social media and I cant imagine theyd be very happy about it since so many of the responses have been 100% negative? Thanks!

  17. Seamus Kennedy says:

    What if flashpoint causes night wing to survive the events of the DCEU and Batman were to die in his place

  18. Crime master Gogo says:




  19. TTCSniping says:

    grayson is fuckin dead in the dceu. fuck dc

  20. Do_Mood_Dude says:

    I will watch the Flash Movie but what I'm hearing or reading has me thinking this movie has Hamada sh!tting on Synder all over it and trust me thats not cool at all!!

  21. William W. Carter says:


  22. rogerm4a1 says:

    This nigga Warstu flip flops everyday with his no sources a**. He waits until news of something hits mainstream then 1-2 days later comes with the “calm down” and more created bs. Funniest non-informed guy out there.

  23. Giannis MPO says:

    You need to stop lying about Ben Affleck returning IF Zack Snyder returns. He won’t return and there’s nothing backing that claim. They are moving forward not backwards.

  24. Jonny The Berry says:

    I’m begging Dick Grayson is restored and Jimmy Olsen cause LITERALLY ROBIN AND GUARDIAN BRUCE IS GONNA NEED TONS OF ALLIES

  25. Khairul Khai says:

    If we want final crisis we must accept the flashpoint.

  26. Justine Mendoza says:

    Thi is the reason why WARNER BROS sucked… they cant tell a simple concrete story for the dc films… ruining all those potential characters such as Ben and Henry… what a wasted chance…. f.u WB

  27. dave miller says:

    After watching a lot of different videos with different takes on this and looking at all the rumors, I think that they are putting together the directors cut and other cuts for test screenings. I think that the info Grace Tweeted out is an intentional "leak" of information to see how the audiences will react to the erasure of the Snyderverse and to see the level of support for the continuation of the Snyderverse, and things in between. I think people who are taking the Tweet as gospel are fools.
    David Zaslav and John Stankey did press for the merger when it was announced. They had a poster of the various IPs behind them. ZACK SNYDER'S JUSTICE LEAGUE was right there.
    Zaslav has talked about Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman numerous times as being important IP's that will be central in the new company going forward. Superman and Batman are the epitome of superheroes. They will not replace them with Batwoman and Supergirl. Discovery and AT&T are aware of the success of Zack Snyders Justice League. Zaslav is a numbers guy who wants to compete with Disney+ and Netflix. The Snyderverse is the way to do that. Wokeness is not. Why spend 70+ million to release the Snyder cut only to erase it?
    Snyder is again posting cryptic photos and statements JUST LIKE HE DID LEADING UP TO THE SNYDERCUT BEING ANNOUNCED! Remember that mythical unicorn that was never going to happen and people should just accept it and move on? Same thing people are saying now. It's bullshit.
    Affleck is done with his old contract, but a new one can be negotiated. The current management of WB is gone when the merger is finalized, if not before. This current management has produced Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman 1984, and Gunn's The Suicide Squad, all three of which tanked at the box office. Andy Muschietti is a big fan and supporter or the Snyderverse. Dwayne Johnson wants Henry Cavill to fight Black Adam. He's very powerful and influential. Everyone needs to calm down and see what happens in April when the merger is finalized.
    Grace Randolph does not have a good track record as a scooper.
    Among other things, she said that Ryan Reynolds would be Green Lantern in the Snyder cut and that Wonder Woman 1984 would be a Flashpoint film.
    Why is anyone listening to her? Seriously?
    Affleck, Cavill, and the Snyderverse are not going anywhere.

    "Faith Alfred. Faith".

  28. BigDaddyErn66 says:

    Was hoping Affleck would finish out playing Batman. I hate it when someone takes on a role and then quits. Why take on the role? I guess he doesn’t want to be remembered as the Bat.

  29. sol705VS says:

    I’m 100% sure that there will never be a solo Batfleck project, but I am still hoping that he would come back for potentials ZSJL 2 & 3.

  30. FeO2 FeS says:

    “Nightwing in Batgirl” does not make sense and can also be interpreted in different ways…

  31. Paul V says:

    who cares anymore …I give up on DC .. (except for the batman i guess.)

  32. Eric Ramirez says:

    I can’t wait to see Flashpoint!!!

  33. Klaudio Sula says:

    DCEU is being destroyed wat i am hearing i do not like anymore with this step never going to surpas marvel but but even in history it can not pass

  34. Jerrod Stevenson says:

    You keep saying the same things over and over.

  35. Issac Casey says:

    For the villain of the justice league they could possibly do the crime syndicate? Anti monitor? Secret society of supervillains?

  36. Sean Johal says:

    So the 2nd goodbye from Affleck. Never Say Never in this business. Keaton is now or never given his age. Affleck will be back. Just got to live long enough to see it. Keaton back, I waited 20 years

  37. The_OG_Zombie says:

    Ben Affleck is done 100% (until Zack Snyder Returns) for now.

  38. Raven431 says:

    Sorry but I thought you had sources? Now your saying it’s your opinions.

  39. Norfolkpyro says:

    Thought you were saying zacks' justice league is definitely coming? in 2024 etc

  40. Warstu says:

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