The Evolution of Video Game Easter Eggs

Easter seems to have arrived a little bit early this year. And it’s much scarier this time around.


6 months in the making, my new main channel video is here, and a lot of things have changed which has forced me to make this description as nice as possible for the YouTube trending overlords. In this video I talk about Easter eggs in video games, including some creepy Easter eggs in video games and i take some inspiration from the top 10 scariest Easter eggs in video games. This video is very similar to my Evolution of Fourth Wall Breaking Games, in which I talk about several Easter eggs in games that I played when I was younger, and some childhood scary moments while playing video games. As well as documenting the history behind video game Easter eggs, such as the very first Easter egg and how it was made. Adventure in fact. I also talk about Dead Space Easter eggs, Doom Easter eggs, and jumpscare Easter eggs and also dedicate a section of the video into just talking about liminal spaces in Source Engine and how people use the creepy Source engine to make for some scary easter eggs in GMod maps across the Garry’s Mod workshop. I also discuss the ending of NieR Automata and the final Easter Egg that was hidden in the game, as well as some Crash Bandicoot and Spyro Easter eggs! Oh yeah I also made a little bit of an analog horror reference in the video and if you’re reading this after seeing it, you’ll notice the Walten Files and Mandela Catalogue influence on it haha. This video has been in the works for 6 months after my Corpse Party video (obviously not to be confused with Corpse Husband) and I have been so grateful that you guys have been so patient with me and stuck with me as I work on content behind the scenes on all three of my channels. Please watch the video to the end for a massive update about where I’ve been if you’re wondering where I’ve been for the past couple of months. While this isn’t as long as my Corpse Party video, this is definitely the hardest video I’ve ever had to write because there is just so much content to cover with this topic and not enough time! So I decided to condense things a little bit for this video with the intention of maybe making a longer extended cut in the future on my Patreon. Since the last video I crossed the 300,000 subscriber milestone and I am so incredibly grateful that you guys have been so patient and stuck with me on this channel for as long as you have. If you are still reading this description, comment down below the creepiest Easter egg you’ve ever encountered and maybe talk about some ones I’ve missed! Hopefully the algorithm is nice to me on this one. Thanks again, and I’ll hopefully see you in the next one!

Starship 1 Easter Egg from The Easter Egg Hunter

NieR Automata’s Final Secret from Lance McDonald

Gradius gameplay from NESGuide

Dead by Daylight Vtuber gameplay from CeceVR

The VERY FIRST software Easter Egg from Critical Hit

Konami Code in Dead by Daylight from Hank Land

Silent Hill 3 Douglas Easter Egg from AdamSpencer87



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37 Responses

  1. Suhail Salem says:

    Every time I hear 16:14 it brings me joy

  2. Emerson Co says:

    please make more

  3. apple says:

    ok, but like

    o m o r i

  4. Majima Goro says:

    I had just locked the door to my room when I unpaused the video and was greeted with the events of 32:23

    You have terrifyed me.


    that damn gameboy camera easter egg actually scared tf out of me when thaf showed it

  6. Kaumira says:

    Your videos never fail to impress me, theyre so well made, i never lose interests in them, could watch your vids many many times on repeat

  7. Kart says:

    The transition with source and then showing half life was pure genius

  8. Анита Нагар says:


  9. Laura berry says:

    I swear I saw giygus (if thats how you say it) in the background at 36:14 , has he always been there?

  10. P1 Games says:

    I like how he uses GMOD to get his point across.

  11. Jdhdhd Hzhdhd says:


  12. Jacobi Wan Kenobi says:

    There's a COD Ghosts easteregg where K.E.M. striking the stadium map blows a hole through the field and exposes a hotdog cutout standing in a pipe.

    There's only one video on it that I've found.

    Probably 'cause of how hard Ghosts flopped.

  13. Demon God says:

    what was the music he used for the chapter titles. :<

  14. Life jam guy says:

    Gaster the fuck you doin here
    Or in other words
    What the g doin

  15. Jordan Suks says:

    You’re really using any chance you can to get Uboa on the thumbnails, huh. Hahahahahahaha

  16. Zenn22࿖ says:

    30fps in 2021 lol

  17. Biomechanical Cyber-Jesus says:

    I kept this one for the special day…

  18. Sunbracers says:

    Ok also, at 20:34 seeing Professor Layton made me happier than it should have honestly. Such a good puzzle series

  19. iwsifify says:

    we could talk about call of duty and especially black ops zombies series too

  20. EnchantedOrange says:

    he's finally back!!

  21. Gali says:

    the hidden room in gm_construct was my favorite place for when I was hiding from my friends during games

  22. Dimitros959 says:

    Dude i swear every god damn sentence he delivers it sounds like those "African movie quotes", you know what im talking about those ''Ghetto rally…Subaru" or ''who killed captain alex".

  23. LaunchpadKid 09 says:

    I love this dudes energy! I’m subbing!

  24. Abolitionist says:

    Grognak and the ruby ruins is the best game inside a game.

  25. gnocchi says:

    The ADHD community thanks you for your editing style

  26. Smile says:

    Nier Au tomato

  27. the Honorable Shadow says:

    W.D. Gaster?

  28. Forcoy says:


  29. GoldDlocs says:

    Most of this I already knew, I'm just liking every video for putting me on to SCP. I never won't appreciate that homie

  30. Chelsea Adams says:

    "Somebody get this freakin' duck away from me!"-Strong Bad

  31. Milo6001 says:

    You should make a video about Omori

  32. Milo6001 says:

    You should make a video about Omori

  33. Miles of kilometers says:

    Just so nobody has to go through the pain I went through to translate this, the wingdings at 5:29 say "I've been stuck in this dimension for 8 months, please help me"

  34. Sebastian Caro says:


  35. Le Papa Nouwel says:

    The subject is interesting, it's just sad you can't speak slower…

  36. Kentaur Sheppard says:

    i bought your plushie in november like a year or two ago and never got it.

  37. Thafnine says:

    thanks for your continued support and patience! hopefully the wait was worth it 🙂

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