The End Of Halloween Kills Explained

“Halloween Kills” is the twelfth installment in the long-running “Halloween” franchise, and the second part of what could be described as the series’ third (at least) total reboot. Despite all that, don’t worry — it’s actually very simple.

Slasher movies don’t get more simple than the core narrative of “Halloween” — a mysterious shape of a man by the name of Michael Myers has broken out of the asylum and is killing everyone he sees.

“Halloween Kills” picks up right where the 2018 “Halloween” movie left off, with Michael rising from the flames to kill (and hopefully die) again. Does anyone make it out of this one alive? This is the ending of “Halloween Kills” explained.

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Catching up | 0:00
Haddonfield strikes back | 1:25
Allyson joins the fight | 2:40
The night he came home | 3:47
The loss of a child | 5:32
The Shape lives | 7:36

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31 Responses

  1. Uriah Pinchot says:

    Bro been giving them the work with nothing but a kitchen knife and a William Shatner mask since 1978

  2. Archetype 1 says:

    Michael did Cameron wrong

  3. Archetype 1 says:

    Coronavirus: pretty much I can kill anyone
    Michael myers: hold my beer

  4. BlackHeart Koda says:

    wtf happened to her son john tate??

  5. Fatoumata Camara says:

    Still traumatized how scary and bloody the movie was especially the ending when he doesn't die and kills everybody

  6. Gareth Rickards says:

    What about Jamie though

  7. YOGI MrEmerald says:

    Great movie. Rooting for mike

  8. Anthony C says:

    “Michael Myers can't die because the Thorn cult has placed a curse on children from Michael's tribe, and that makes him “immortal.” The cult also commands him to murder every member of his family as a sacrifice to sustain the cult members' immortality.”

  9. Sith Hunter says:

    My theory is that the mask gives him his power, which may explain why he is so cautious when it's removed and so eager to get it back. And why he didn't fight containment in prison

  10. Kelsey Clem says:

    cameron made me cry

  11. Christian Galindez says:

    I want to see Micheal vs Jason

  12. Lawrence Ware says:

    he used a whole knife rack

  13. Lord Ravencraft says:

    ALL the H3:Season of the Witch mask easter eggs could be pointing to The Clown Mask young Michael wore being a Silver Shamrock mask that cursed him … to be possesed by literal PURE EVIL,a force of nature… eternal,cold,& unyielding… void of all remorse … inhuman… AND it killed his sister… via his body.

    Or something similar concerning Silver Shamrock.
    As a way to bring H3 into cannon in a legit way.

    I would prefer this over The Curse of Thorn again…

  14. AbstractM0use says:

    Anthony Michael Hall must've been a lovechild of Malcolm McDowell. He looks too much like Alex (from A Clockwork Orange) with that bat. lol

  15. 93hothead says:

    Bruh at this point Michael meyers is not human… why even show him imprisoned like a criminal in halloween but then have him gaining immortality in halloween kills

  16. matrix26uk says:

    Almost as bad as Rob Zombies H2

  17. rk212005 says:

    what about her son from halloween H20? what happened to him????

  18. Malika Ali says:

    He will never die, imagine this in Accrington

  19. Kieran Tucker says:

    So if Lonnie was Tommy's bully how are they friends in it and just one occurrence with micheal Tommy has ptsd?

  20. Joseph Christian Roldan says:

    covid can kill him

  21. Skwisgar Skwigelf says:


    “But evil did not die that night.”

    – Morgan Freeman

  22. Peter Parker says:

    lets bring the mom back with michaels powers and see where this goes 🙂

  23. L Chavez says:

    **Spoilers** 90% of the events that took place in Halloween Kills, never happened! It was Laurie Strode’s medically induced dream/Nightmare that weaved intermittently with reality.

  24. Jonathan Pimentel says:

    Michael always standing 2.01m tall with good posture. Angry mob accuses some slouching stocky mental patient to death.

  25. Stan says:

    "You can't kill damnation mister! It don't die like a man dies."
    Mr. Sayer. Halloween 4.

  26. LetMeSplain says:

    This movie is a huge turd

  27. Jeff Assassin says:

    Nothing can kill Micheal Myers we might as well just summon Pinhead and bring him to hell where he belongs

  28. Sean Taylor says:

    I don't think the question is "Will Allyson become obsessed like Laurie" so much as "Wouldn't Michael have killed her and everyone else on the porch on his way to Karen?"

  29. King Dre says:

    Movie suck stop making shit hawlloen kill

  30. Mike S says:

    Ending “explained”…

  31. Ian Templeton says:

    This movie was so hard to watch. Literally every single person in this movie made a bad decision and therefore got killed. The fact that he ends up killing every single character in the movie only to still not die in the end, this movie added literally nothing. All it did was piss me off at all the dumb ass decisions all the characters made. All around, just a bad movie in general. It’s incredibly obvious that because the 2018 film was so successful they’re going to milk this franchise for everything it’s worth.

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