The DUNGEON Path for New Players! Albion Online Mobile Beginners Guide 2021

This is a 2021 guide for Albion Online Mobile that will help new players get started doing dungeons to make tons of silver and combat fame. This beginners guide is great to show to your friends or anyone curious about trying the game out in 2021. If you’re a newbie who wants a clear cut path to doing dungeons and wants a solid foundation that will rocket you ahead of most players, then you’re at the right place.

I see many new players who are just stuck in the blue zones making very little progress while making no silver. With this guide you will be able to solo t5 yellow dungeons, be well equipped to complete daily quests, and earn your first premium within 12 hours of play time. All with zero risk. Too many other guides out there have new players risking their gear in the dangerous red and black zones, or doing risky auction house flips, crafts, or other financially shaky things. This guide has NONE OF THAT STUFF and has a 100% success rate of getting you premium within 24 hours of play time and is updated for the 2021 release of Albion Online Mobile.

If you want to give this game a try, here’s the link:

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Title: The DUNGEON Path for New Players! Albion Online Mobile Beginners Guide 2021

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45 Responses

  1. justin liebelt says:


  2. Undertacos says:

    26:46 in spanish chat you can insult everyone and the people dont even care lol

  3. LuXus Dreyar says:

    Awesome Video , i really enjoy with every Second
    good job .

  4. Last17 says:

    Someone just gave me a silver bohemouth and it's only my 3rd day playing

  5. William Jones says:

    I thought ur guide can make me good as a new player but no I can't defeat the heretic boss in the dungeon why

  6. William Jones says:

    Why I can't defeat the heretic boss In dungeon with spear why

  7. Thomas Nance says:

    That button is called tilde

  8. Jonathan Aguilar says:

    What do I do when someone kills me in dungeon and just stays there to kill me again?

  9. Adriel Rugay says:

    Broooooo. I feel like I made a mistake following this youtuber named kaidgames2. I learned much more from watching your 2 hour video than watching multiple of his 15 minute videos.

  10. Kavi Maran says:

    Hi there Your guide is excellent keep up the good work..have a wonderful day

  11. Britt Nichols says:

    Very informative video! I haven't played in a few years and was wondering what direction I should go. Thanks!

  12. slifethepanda says:

    you have do so i anderstand more about the game thanks bro 🙂

  13. Bobbe Blazed says:

    Thank you for warning bout the egg shell Gms

  14. Matthew Fell says:

    Great content man… just started playing for the first time and I followed this to the end. Idk what to do next but I can now dominate lvl 5 dungeons I hope that’s good. Took me 5 hours from never playing to this tell me what to do now lol! Also the way you say alright makes me feel like I don’t have a choice for things to be alright. It’s just going to be alright…

  15. Yoane Yatalathov says:

    Awesome bro

  16. Hello There says:

    The video was great and helpful but @SwoleBenji please make a more in-depth guide to the t3 dungeon. I had a lot of trouble on the boss.

  17. DÈRØTH says:

    58:10 dude have a f*ing Beatle as a mount

  18. Marko says:

    Hey. Very nice and helpful video for new players like myself.
    I followed this guide fully, for 3 days all premium (not play time) I was able to get around 4.5 mil silver which is not bad for new player.
    I didn't go fast, 10-15 minutes per dung run, collecting every silver that drops.
    I got my reaver 52% to elder and still much less silver, not sure if this was bad luck or what. The biggest jackpot I had was item worth 260kk.

  19. Karch Yambao says:

    I have a question. When you got your tier 6 weapon armor and headgear. Were you just doing tier 5 solo dungeons on yellow map?

  20. Pkasso89 says:


  21. James Sanalila says:

    what do i do with tome of insights sell or use?

  22. Giovanni Eric Lacondazo says:

    How about daggers, can I use them to clear dungeons?

  23. Natasha Diaz says:

    Love the video I am going to try this out soon.

  24. Juiceman 2456 says:

    Do I have to do the tutorial quest because I keep getting stuck at the dungeon part

  25. Ferdinand Joel Bucago says:

    Nice guide and it helps me a lot..

  26. 水冰淼 says:

    Yeh, I use the method and sold 400 stones and gained more than 12000 silver coins.

  27. Yordan Iliev says:

    Nice vid

  28. Biscuit Oliva says:

    How do you even get Master reaver in 3 hours or less? It took me 4 hours to hit master reaver. Also, I earned around 1-2 million sillver in 8 hours. Did you run corrupted dungeons? Because the amount of money you earned is significantly greater than what a beginner would earn in solo green dungeons.

  29. Lalard Mallen says:

    My biggest question is what if you die will you lose everything???…
    Just curious!!!!!

  30. Lavelle Jackson says:

    AWESOME vid. subscribed you are a joy to listen to very similar to Jack Frost Miner (minecraft)

  31. Barry Mate says:

    @SwoleBenji what is the most unbiased red pilled opinion of the game you can give?

  32. Jon "Intergender world champion" Jones says:

    How did you jump from 400k to 9m tho?

  33. ASURA says:

    Yuh the muel selling thingi ,it says that the dura is 95percent of each muel I buy from tutorial so it can't be sold

  34. Aatrox Akali says:

    Best guide by far with almost complete details of the game. I decided to go for bloodletter build path because I like to play a lot of dashes

  35. Optixz says:


  36. RebelSun14 says:

    That character name is so based.

  37. Daniel Doherty-Jones says:

    +1 algorithm multiplyer

  38. god says:

    Thank so much for this guide it helps me alot but the game has alot of bugs coz i keep disconnecting lol

  39. Cpt Sweatpants says:

    Youtube double whammy

  40. Charlie Gzz says:

    The video was awesome, and totally loved the feedback of the build at the end. Great content.

  41. Moon Lit says:

    This is so helpful! Thank you so much

  42. Gabriel Alejandre says:

    I loved this video; it really helps new people like myself to understand the game, keep up the good work.

  43. Maarten Bos says:

    I have the feeling it's nerfed now isn't it? Because I cannot get this huge amount of damage for some reason

  44. MTF ALPHA-1 "Red Right Hand" Commander says:

    While I was playing this I saw someone in English chat who said "c*m" and the others followed so I said "c*m in the chat pog" it was uncensored and I'm surprised that nothing happened

  45. SwoleBenji says:

    If you want to give this game a try, here's the link:
    The Discord IS BACK with a NEW owner:
    Use THIS BUILD instead of Spirit Hunter:

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