The Credit Bureau’s make us follow the rules.. why shouldn’t we make them? Make sure you are HANDWRITING those 609 letters to get your credit in order. I want you to WIN at life. LET’S GET IT!



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30 Responses

  1. ForDaWin says:

    So wait handwriting my letter is that big of a deal

  2. Amber says:

    How do you certify letters?

  3. Kendrick Freeman says:

    Thanks blessed ya Queen!!

  4. Eric Medlen says:

    Dam you are beautiful

  5. Anteup D says:

    LOVE how your spreading this info are you on instagram?

  6. Raymond Columbus says:

    I wise u was in Orlando

  7. PictureGuy99 says:

    You have some good points, but many people today are having MAJOR ISSUES because of the COVID-19. They had good credit but now it's crap. I learned about Credit Repairs & FIGHTING BACK to get results after a massive heart attack. The LAD (widow-maker) Artery was 100% blocked & killed the bottom 25% of the heart. NOW, after 4 heart attacks with 4 stents, and now about 30% dead, I can relate with people today because I already went through it many years ago! I went from 6-figures income to $0. Had 17 credit cards with a credit limit of $125,000 combined! You only need 1 to 3 cards, no more! Because if you get more — YOU SPEND MORE WITH $ YOU DON'T HAVE! My credit went to crap. Bill collectors calling, threatening & even went to court against a few & WON! It is not easy! But it can be done! So, do this:
    1) Type out a letter — not handwritten because most people can't read scribbled writing. If it's typed up–ANYONE CAN READ IT.
    2) In the letter — Be straight forward, honest, and to the point–BUT BE NICE & PROFESSIONAL. Most letters take only 1-2 page(s) & print out 2 copies. One copy will be addressed to the creditor, the 2nd copy is for you to keep & save on file.
    3) Take both letters with you to your local post office. Give them 1 of the 2 letters. Tell the postal clerk you want this letter sent CERTIFIED MAIL! (This way you have proof they got it). Once that is done you pay for the postage & sending Certified Mail, pay it, then they print you out a receipt. While still there at the window, ask the postal clerk if they have a stapler (they will). STAPLE THE RECEIPT TO THAT SECOND LETTER (THIS IS YOUR COPY TO KEEP)! NOW, if they say they never got any letter from you—you have proof they are lying! In court, I had a lawyer say they got no letters, ever! I called him a liar in front of the judge & showed the judge 3 letters I sent CERTIFIED MAIL, WITH THE RECEIPT STAPLED TO THE LETTER. PLUS, I also printed out the USPS Report showing how it was delivered & when! The lawyer had nothing to say, and I won! (This may seem stupid now, but it does work)
    4) Wait for their reply.

    Good Luck

  8. Synapse2k says:

    The only thing that works is disputing inaccurate information. Hand writing or typing makes no difference. All that matters is that you have something on them. You need to know the laws and be able to dispute on the basis of inaccurate information.

  9. Tiffany Kraft says:

    I know I'm late to this video. I had good credit until the last 6m when life turned upside down for me. Anyway, I've spent too meant sleepless nights watching video after video into the 50 range and yours is the FIRST that gave actual tips on the process. Thank you for not giving the standard be careful of credit utilization yadda yadda. You gave actual helpful info. I am a new subbie and heading over to the fb group. Again, THANK YOU THANK YOU. You gave me hope and I appreciate it.

  10. Zion Ato says:

    You are so beautiful….you are almost prettier than me mom

  11. Be Woke Jeanty says:

    Hand writing is bad

  12. Be Woke Jeanty says:

    She is correct I type my dispute letter and called the credit bureau agent and them my Statement on havin a fraudulent collection which it wasn’t me

  13. Stacy Cunningham says:

    Where can I get the letters?

  14. Jessica Adger says:

    The 5 to 15 letters; is that per credit bureau?

  15. Serving The Streetz says:

    Thanks great information

  16. Fashion Robinson says:

    What is certified mail ? Lol

  17. Nathan Evans says:

    Hand written Dispute Letters and factual base disputes are the real way you get those negative accounts off your credit report

  18. Anntoinette Boyd says:

    I know that you're talking important stuff but just had to say that you look so pretty, I love the hair.

  19. SMART MONEY says:

    Only thing wrong with sending only a few disputes, it also it shows that you are trying to see if they will take something off….

    The reason you dispute everything on your report at one time is, if they are legitimately inaccurate you dispute all of them,

    Its like if someone used your credit card made a bunch of charges, 100 charges do u call the bank and say hey I would like to dispute these 3 charges, no you will tell that bank I want all 100 transactions disputed,

    I’m a living testimony that you can get 15 acts removed at one time…. I’ve done this many times it does not make A difference if you dispute all or some, u shld dispute all

  20. DisKo 6000 says:

    Thank you for the insight it was very informative.

  21. Q.P. OFFICIAL says:

    I have a question ! If something says it’s paid off how do I get it off my credit report

  22. Paula Campbell says:

    Thank you for the information. What should the dispute letter say'

  23. T K says:

    Is there any way possible you can show an example of a dispute letter with at least 3 or more accounts. So before i send the letter out i can make sure it's written correctly.

  24. Christina Porter says:

    I have a question when disputing do you have to send a dispute to each credit bureau ?

  25. James Ebert says:

    Thank you

  26. Trainer pool says:

    Hand write the full letter or just hand write the Creditor information in the boxes

  27. Brian Hurling says:

    I just had my credit card deleted. Do I have to continue sending them payments it’s no longer on my credit?

  28. Charlotte Freismuth says:

    Great information.

  29. Raymond Siu says:

    question for you. If I have a 609 template can i use MS word to change all of the letters to a cursive font that way avoiding to write the entire letter by hand?

  30. ThriftingThickChick says:


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