The Boss System (Leveraging Business Credit)

Webinar discussing business credit and it’s benefits to an entrepreneur. to learn more.


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9 Responses

  1. lavonn simmonz says:

    @ round 2-3:00. He says, that the reason they ask for your social is because yu havn't established business credit or a score, but while that may be true in some cases.. It's not the whole truth.. Some apps in person or online will not let you go further unless the social is provided..

  2. ELAINA A DORE says:

    Can I have the names of the leaders emails if I have any questions thanks I'm going to be signing up this coming week thanks

  3. ELAINA A DORE says:

    Do you know when you're going to have a special off $147 again? Thanks

  4. Max Julien says:

    So I've heard him say Incorporate and Corporation…which one?

  5. Brandon Harris says:

    Is this system still available?


    This is very informative thank you

  7. Novel Optic Media says:

    Great content…

  8. Julius Jones says:

    The iPhone 8 is much better

  9. Ronnie Jones Sr. says:

    Wow I Learned So Much About Business Credit..Thanks

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