The Biggest Mistake on Credit Karma

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Checking your credit is essential to making sure your finances are healthy, but some people make a huge mistake when they go on sites like Credit Karma.

Most of these free sites use the VantageScore 3.0 scoring model which often gives inflated scores that do not always accurately reflect the creditworthiness of their users. The scores given by Credit Karma and the VantageScore 3.0 scoring model are real credit scores, but they are not the most accurate scores.

In my opinion, I think sites like Credit Karma use the VantageScore 3.0 model because people are more likely to use and recommend Credit Karma if they feel good about their score. This is not always good for consumers because it can lead to overconfident applications for loans, credit cards, and more.

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how do i dispute something on credit karma

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36 Responses

  1. michael john says:

    Credit karma said i was approved for a $5300 loan n wanted to know if i wanted to except it, i didnt do it
    If i would of excepted it how do they send you the money? Do they put it in my bank account, do they send it to me in the mail?

  2. michael john says:

    It seems to me that it is different with people, whether it goes by the official rules or not, some may be lower n some higher on the different companies, for what ever reasons?

    In the world of evil it is like this sometimes how different things effect people, sometimes it makes sense n sometimes it dont, also spirits with supernatural spiritual power do things to things at times which will effect the outcome whether it is by the official rules or not, also Jesus might intervene

    Whoever the ruling spirits are in charge of the credit scores also will effect it n break the official rules sometimes

    Also I heard some human beings who work at the different credit companies can change yours n make it higher so you can buy what you or their group outside the credit companies want you to buy

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  4. ilatfen787 says:

    Why is my vantage score from credit karma is 588 and on my score from my credit cards is in the high 600

  5. Kevin Regis says:

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  6. Kari Blaskey says:

    In my experience Karma is lower than my Experian credit score

  7. Mr. Lorand says:

    So which is the best way to check your credit score ?

  8. E Dennis says:

    Inflated? My FICO score is 80 points higher than Credit Karma!

  9. Jose Martinez says:

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  11. One Love says:

    It's crazy that if I use 1000 on my credit card with above limit of 5000 . It affects my credit score by saying I use 50% that almost half. What's the point of having credit cards

  12. Michael Trowbridge says:

    Credit KARMA is about 60 points below

  13. Louis Smith says:

    Reach out to Peter Atkinson at +19124342225 to delete collections and rapidly increase your scores on FICO and Credit Karma.

  14. Nathaniel Walters says:

    Is all 3 credit scores from accurate?

  15. David Wade says:

    Credit Karma is just reporting bad information for me. They say Wells Fargo reported a late payment. I called Wells Fargo and they say they did not report the late payment. Nobody else is reporting it either. Nothing from Credit Sesame, Experian, MyFico, or any of my credit card scores.

  16. jay rider says:

    Credit karma is a collection agency

  17. George Norman says:

    Dont make mistakes, fix your credit score real fast by realspothacks. Com

  18. Chloe Jones says:

    And so I got my score tremendously increased in no time thanks to Hackaz101@gmailcom

  19. Tee Tee says:

    No wonder why I never get approved for any loans or credit cards CK offers it's a damn set up.

  20. Charlie Banks says:

    CK should be used to check for accuracy in accounts, wether it be credit cards, auton, loans, collections, it should NOT be used to measure accuracy of credit score, its meant to give you a ball park. My credit score has aways been in over 5 yrs of having Ck lower than my true score.

  21. Mark Ungar says:

    You are confusing the word “wary” with the word “weary”. Be wary of the difference. Also, the pronunciation.

  22. Jose Barragan says:

    my fico scores come back higher than my credit karma scores!

  23. Ty Al says:

    whats a fico whats trans union whats equifax CK and mogo?

  24. Catchy Username says:

    I think the differences are more drastic the worse your credit is. If you have very good to excellent credit the scores will be very close across the board because the same criteria is being used and if its all positive, it's unlikely you would regularly find 50-100 point differences between scoring models.

  25. Jose Reyes says:

    Credit karma gets your hopes up for nothing smh fucking waist of time made me think my credit score was going up when my fico credit score was going down

  26. Genci Tela says:

    Are u high? Like damn u talk so slow maybe drunk??

  27. Sandra Hernandez says:

    Credit Karma is not in business to give you a free credit score they are in business to get you to apply for their credit cards and other products. They are an affiliate marketing business.

  28. teambeaterz says:

    my Fico scores are 50 pts higher than my CK

  29. Darkcovepodcast says:

    Sorry Brandon….But, Credit Karma and Credit Sesame are wrong as hell. The score are about 40-60 points difference. My Credit score was 663 on Credit Karma and 611 for a real program….Those to are very deceptive…But, great break down

  30. Natalie Gavin says:

    So true. My fico score was about 48 points lower than my credit karma score.

  31. Cain says:

    My FICO score is a 100pt lower than my CK score. Had to find out the hard way 🙁

  32. Pab Maldonado says:

    My advice to you is to make videos based on stuff you know not on things you think you know. Happy New Year!

  33. Pab Maldonado says:

    Monthly scores are for you to track but a banker never makes a decision based only in that. They also review your history, your credit use percentage, your debt to income ratio even your total balance owed. PLEASE!

  34. Pab Maldonado says:

    My CK shows TU and Equifax. Compared with my Fico Equifax is identical and TU is higher by 6 points only, for me is hard to believe yours is over 100 points difference. And besides that to apply for a AE platinum CC your 750 score is kind of weak if your score history is unstable.

  35. Lashawnda Thomas says:

    When I used close and FICO score is 20 point difference

  36. Wayne Mckeehan says:

    Then why is my CK Score and TU score almost identical. Your information is incorrect. If anything, your CK Score is lower then your actual FICO.

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