There is a big secret about medicaid that nursing homes won’t tell you because it results in less money in their pockets.

It is SO EASY to end up going broke in a nursing home, but there are a lot of different ways to protect your assets and those of your loved ones.

In this video Dana will take you through a common nursing home scenario that comes into our office ALL THE TIME.

Don’t let it happen to you! Come to one of our free workshops to learn more and to get started on getting your ducks in a row!


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28 Responses

  1. Beatrice Nyambare says:

    America is all a big scum.Why do people pay into medicare, ss, medicaid, when the government forces you to pay back for $$$ spend on you in nursing homes? This money you been contributing all along as you work.

  2. Michael Wagner says:

    Garbage to charge you for their knowledge. Looks like your good will just left the building.

  3. William Mckown says:

    Another worthless sales pitch.
    Should be listed as an ad

  4. Gail Wright says:

    Revocable trust or irrevocable

  5. Dorothy Allen says:

    big secret is that this is just an advertisment. thanks.

  6. John Parker says:

    I had a sister who was mentally disabled, in the 50 years she was on social security disability, she incurred $137,000 dollars in benefits she used including medicaid with title-19. When she died recently at the age of 67 years old, immediately they went after her Bank account after she died. My sister had no other assets other then $2,200 dollars in the Bank. The Wisconsin Estate Recovery Program is taking virtually all the money and leaving me with only 2% of her bank account which is $44 dollars after their cut. What bothers me is I'd like to know who the politician was who proposed and passed that law? I would give him an earful for that STUPID LAW he passed. Luckily my sister didn't have no life insurance because the Wisconsin Estate recovery program would have taken that away too! Its a matter of principal, I feel as if they insulted me? They gave me their condolences for me losing my sister then proceed to explain to me they are recovering all their money for the services over the years to her. So the money is recovered and passed onto someone else for their care! What a STUPID CONCEPT! Its like taking money from Peter to pay Paul, then take Paul's money to pay for Mary's care after Paul dies. Remember Medicaid and Medicare is NOT as free as you think!! When you die, your assets pay for someone else's care. The only way you keep your assets is to put it in a trust for 5 years to keep it out of their hands.

  7. Jalahr says:

    Such clickbait. Turns out the nursing homes aren't the only ones that won't tell you the big secret.

  8. Pedro Negro Rackham says:

    Nursing home, we'll steal all your money before you get to the pearyl gate in the name of the great mammon.

  9. Patty Karcher says:

    I think I'm going to take up bridge jumping before I ever go into a nursing home!

  10. Melinda Haralson says:

    The Big Secret is; don’t call the ambulance. Everyone dies at home to save the home.

  11. mobilemowers says:

    Special needs trusts then make yourselfs a special trust inside that trust. When that perspon dies your trusts come out of thier trusts. So your really not on any paper work per say ever. Nursing homes all suck. Parent has been in them for rehab and I did some work in them.
    No person care they just leave you out in front of the nursing stations all day. Always show up whenever you feel like when I loved one is in thier. Suprise the staff with random visits.

  12. Trish Scharnowske says:

    It's not fair

  13. Maxwell Speedwell says:

    I understand the scenario as many people were suckered into cash value insurance,
    but only a fool buys whole life, universal life, deposit term, or any other insurance with
    a "cash Value" savings plan attached.

  14. Mrs North Star says:

    Medicaid is disgusting. What is the point of working your whole life for a house and something to give to you children and then it all being stolen in the end. It's a punishment on people getting old. It forces families to stay at a particular income band because the children don't inherit anything so they start from scratch every time. You need to look at some European countries and get some examples on how they keep taxes fair and still take care of old people. What is the point of getting up at 5am every day if it's all taken away when you get sick? And for those of you who argue " I pay my taxes and why should I have to pay when they get sick"….. YOU pay taxes AND they still take the old sick person's assets … you see the double greed? Do you see the injustice? AND it's coming for you too. You will get old. There is another way to do this that means that people don't lose everything just because they got old. Nasty

  15. Virtual Media says:

    Wanted to like the video but the ending was as deceiving as the nursing home industry.

  16. Lucy Savery says:

    My husband's mother has been placed in a nursing home bc all her children are retired seniors who have health problems due to age and living on social security. The mother has Medicaid and receives some extra assistance. I believe its ssi…Will the state hold the son responsible for costs incurred by the nursing home?

  17. circuscats67 says:

    Thank you!

  18. Arnold Ziffle says:

    The summation: get a home health aid, remove all valuables & keep contact with the situation, avoid placing elderly in “homes”

  19. constance ortiz says:

    Because of the greed this is what causes people to divorce their spouses.

  20. Davison Horst says:

    To solve this problem, in the future, The Department of Health and Human Services should set up an insurance program similar to Medicare and Social Security. Everyone working would automatically pay into a Long Term Care program on a monthly basis their entire working life. If and when they would need long term care it will be there without having to be paid out of pocket and bankrupting them. You would think the politicians would have figured this out by now.

  21. T30 says:

    Simple solution. Get a divorce and split up marital assets well before you need a nursing home.

  22. tcwaterdrill says:

    Just sign up for the rest of the story.

  23. Deborah Jones says:

    Ummm can you say MISLEADING???

  24. Amir Liggons says:

    You didnt mention this would be a spousal case!! Single diffrent

  25. Terry Federico says:

    What a bullshit advertisement.

  26. Amy Phillips says:

    Nursing homes do Medicaid applications and decisions in what states??
    No mention of appealing the Attribution amount to address the shortfall in Wanda's income, i.e. set aside more for Wanda from the beginning, reducing the "spenddown"??

    Awesome commercial though, using free YouTube instead of paying to advertise for scared and elderly clients.

  27. eigo bike says:

    You are the best

  28. Fred Ost says:

    Serious click bait. Thanks for telling what I already knew.

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