The Best Way To Buy A House – Dave Ramsey Rant

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20 Responses

  1. Divyang Vaidya says:

    So approximately 15-20% down payment is ideal? 15 year fixed mortgage? What about taking into account property taxes?

  2. Kathryn Tubridy Pakenham says:

    How come you advise people to save up as much of a down payment as possible but you have an issue with people living at home for a few extra years to pay off debt?

  3. Rick Roman says:

    In Miami w 20% down, a 15 yr mortgage = $3k payment which means $144k Take home pay! And there is no marble anywhere in this house!

  4. Mayte Mondragon says:

    what does he mean by “a fourth of your take home money”

  5. Eric Harrison says:

    What advice to you have for a debt free (except MTG) with 60k equity and an emergency fund when the house repairs keep eating the emergency fund? I don’t want to spend 30 years spending and replenishing the emergency fund.

  6. Keep The Change says:

    I LOVE YOU DAVE RAMSEY! Listen to him people. Get a head and stay ahead. Never try to keep up with the JONESES!

  7. Brendan Fitness and Money says:

    Honestly it was painful to only buy a house with a payment less than 25% of our take home pay. We are the strange people who bought a cheaper house than our friends. But we have so much flexibility in the budget and such low stress, it’s amazing.

  8. Samuel Savard says:

    Love how this guy just casually blames the 2009 financial crisis on poor people….

  9. Naturally Dynamic Lady says:

    Great content and a wealth of information!!

  10. Rap Fan Businessman says:

    I'm still waiting for the "mass exodus " to lower real estate prices.

  11. NZNSI Inc says:

    "That was a 2008 joke" that's funny Dave. People literally killed themselves.

  12. Jay Smith says:

    So basically… Dave has a distorted idea of what caused the 2008 crash

  13. Whitney Adrien says:

    This is almost impossible for people who live in places like Boston, California and New York

  14. Mar says:

    Millennials and Gen. Z can't affordable houses.

  15. Aniruddha Neogi says:

    I live in Silicon Valley. If i follow all this advice, its pretty much impossible to get anything decent in this area.

  16. Tim Brink says:

    Yes, in 2008 when Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter passed the "fair housing act" forcing banks to give mortgages to people who weren't planning to make the first payment.. Because after all, it's only "fair everyone has a mortgage". LOL
    That's when I paid cash for a 'short sale' I now rent out.

  17. Jey9A4G says:

    I got approved for 300k loan for a house; the house is worth 250k where do the REMAINS go?

  18. aribbonatatime says:

    Translation, don't buy a house unless you're wealthy. If you're never wealthy then tough luck. You never get a house.

  19. peyton demers says:

    Anybody can make money or be rich every millionaire is different find which way works for you

  20. Craig Brammer says:

    $48 per month PMI for $227K borrowed, in our case.

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