The Autonomous Nervous System Freed of its Meat Suit Explored | SCP 1027 Biology Explained

What makes you, you? Your body? Your strength? Your agility? Really, what makes you the person you are, is the massive nerve cluster located in your head, and what amounts to electrified spaghetti running through your body. SCP 1027 is a creature that has completely freed itself of the the human body but had several adaptations to do so. In todays episode we will talk about what they are, and how SCP 1027 converts other nervous systems as well!

Thank you for watching Roanoke Gaming and I hope you enjoy The Autonomous Nervous System Freed of its Meat Suit Explored | SCP 1027 Biology Explained

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30 Responses

  1. Jツ says:

    I just imagine this thing swimming around the ocean only to be vicously torn apart and eaten by a shark or quickly succumbing to fungal or bacterial infections.

  2. Balls Tickler says:

    yo you should take a look at the zombies from the Korean show Kingdom, they've got an interesting take on em

  3. Cosmic says:

    Great asmr put me to sleep in 7 minutes

  4. Link Holder says:


  5. Rayangelo Marcus says:

    Reminds me of The Volgun’s videos

  6. Rayangelo Marcus says:

    Let’s goo! Love SCP Wednesdays

  7. Joe Jackson says:

    UFO's what you talkin about?

  8. Dallas Monte says:

    Why does this remind me of the movie the kid was watching on The Iron Giant with the Brain monster attacking people.

  9. Gadget says:

    so … it's a 'no-body'?

  10. Darius Rosu says:

    I hope one day you will make a video about the technocyte virus from warframe or wau from soma

  11. martinpat94 says:

    These are good videos foe the spooky month

  12. TD puuhailee says:

    Brain spaghetti

  13. Say 10 says:

    3:00 “The Alien who chose a wrong time to invade Earth, waiting in his room for Lockdown to end” – Abraham Lincoln

  14. Doomed Flowers says:

    Oh my god, the government acknowledges they couldn't identify a flying object(s)! "mUsT bE aLiEnS". Y'all need less confirmation bias and more rational and logical thought tools.

  15. UristMcFarmer says:

    Okay…about the UFOs. Here's the thing I don't get. People will admit the crafts exist. That the crafts move in a way that defies the physics associated with all known forms of propulsion. That it must be some sort of drive that bends/warps space/gravity in order to keep the pilot from being turned into a fine paste from the maneuvering. But…BUT…we couldn't do it with our own brains…aliens had to do it! Why not humans? Miguel Alcubierre published how to do a warp drive in 1994. Do you think all those not-see scientists we got after WW2 just sat around playing canasta? They could have easily come up with something not dissimilar to the Alcubierre drive back in the 40s. The only thing that stands between us and a warp drive is finding the exotic materials that will cause the bendy affects we need at an energy cost we can afford.

  16. UristMcFarmer says:

    Awww man…a rolling ball of spaghetti? Dude, I'm never going to be able to eat spaghetti without thinking I'm eating SCP 1027 now…and I just made a big pot.

  17. en Cross says:

    "we're the most intelligent creatures on this planet right now" -humans

  18. Ayinz says:

    What is the intro song? I gotta… get the sample reeeealll bad

  19. Josh Stark says:

    Having lived with RA my whole life I can vouched for the whole "stuck in the meat suit while your immune system attacks it and tells you you're in pain" part lol

  20. Nathan F says:

    He’s finally doing SCP videos. This is gonna be fun.

  21. Ratikus says:

    While as far as I’m concerned Roanoke hasn’t covered many SCPs, I absolutely love that he is covering biological SCPs. Keep it up mate.

  22. John Delgado says:


  23. GrizzlyRage08 says:

    Usually watch the exploring series and volgan for SCP vids. I know have a third place to watch them

  24. Weegeefan9001 says:

    These videos get fascinating. Learning about fantasy stuff with real life knowledge.
    Is there anything that can be said about scp-066?

  25. VeronicasTouch says:

    This nervous system is naked!!

  26. Bigpandazomg says:

    My dude, my guy, yooou should absolutely do a little thing on the UFO stuff.

  27. SkullFireAce says:

    like the fact that we have seen aliens is crazy the fact that they havent landed and talked to us well makes me think maby humanity isnt worth it

  28. ninjabo 01 says:

    You forgot to talk about how victims who are affected before completely changing
    Within the state where human body has not been decayed,the comprehension and intellect of the victim sky rockets

  29. Moose Itself says:

    "All those UFO's" Doesn't mean anything yo. All those UFO's are just that. UFO's. Not a single one looks, seems, or otherwise suggests extraterrestrials.

  30. Vulcan27AGB says:

    Have you done the Hooligan virus? Chases humans to turn into Freakers. From Days Gone ps4

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