The American Nightmare: 10 Years After the Financial Crisis | Full Documentary

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Ten years after the housing crisis, many people were forced to change their plans for their financial futures — and redefine their ideas of the American dream. Find out what they learned and how experts say you can prepare if another crisis unfolds in this two-part documentary.

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47 Responses

  1. . . . 1or2there . . . says:

    Sour land of povrty of thee i moan . . .

  2. Sarah Pem says:

    It’s baaaa-aaaack.

  3. Cisco2021 says:

    @18:29 Boy it's 3 years later and he was right on the money about this…

  4. LatoyaFromHarlem says:

    I don't get why the mortgage companies didn't turn these cases into rent to own. They are criminals 43, and 44 admin along with congress signed off on this crime.

  5. LatoyaFromHarlem says:

    None of these bankers went to prison.

  6. Lambert Lorette says:

    thanks for the reality check – worship God, don't take life too seriously, do the best you can, and know that God will take care of you if you submit, and follow his guidance 🙂

  7. blyt50 says:

    I remember in 2006 through eight being hounded by real estate agents telling me that our loans were preapproved and all the stuff they were totally hounding us so I went in to see what they were offering Isee they have all these nice houses on an adjustable loan, I said I want a fixed loan they said I didn't qualify for a fixed loan not for the houses I was looking at so I walked out. I'm sitting here imagining if I had actually went for it I would have been homeless back then. as our mortgage would have gone up to $3000 a month I knew it was a scam it was just too easy and I walked out and I think God today that I did.

  8. Greg Simspon says:

    Wow my friend's invested and married prior to pandemic. It is like they had heads up on what was going to happen we were promised it would just go away.. it's like deju and now people in other counties are running to America for the dream in Texas makes no sense but veteran's profit they get 0% and can marry one of those illegal alien's get someone in servitude for a green card not to be confused with a college debt free card..

  9. titanium1228 says:

    Lol. Thats nothing i lost 2 house a 5 storey building. I went true shit you cant believe. First was i lost my business due to rebels invasion. Economy was shit after the siege. Pick up what i left both a smaĺl house. Then open a small ktv bar a year later opened a catrring services. Just last year i got hit hard by the pandemic. The shit i went tru was just surreal. Pick up the pieces again. Now i feel so blessed i have a grocery store a bodega an extra house which i let it rent. Im 40 got 7kids. And bank has given a huge credit line which i still havent touch. And feel so blessed and humbled. And learn to appreciete what i have more.

  10. Ed Sailor says:

    frugality and living below your means is the best way to live your life… when I shop for food or clothing, i never buy unless they are on sale….

  11. nskala says:

    Home of the brave land of the free

  12. Abdullah Essa says:

    This is why mortgages are not allowed in Islam

  13. Abdullah Essa says:

    Why don't the bank when they confiscated the homes give previous mortgage payments back…usury is of devilishly acts

  14. David W.C. Cajato says:

    Instead of crying Join local anti corrupt communist government.Presidents of corrupt countries like USA and most european countries are somebody patsies,they do nothing,they have no internal power.
    Breed less.
    Dont sale your life to religion…you will starve you you do so.
    Crisis are made by the banks,you take mortgage on it for life,they let you pay the rent for 10-15 yrs or so then take your home.Its a billionaire business for them.

  15. Last Call 170 says:

    Come here illegally and biden will pay you 450k dollars. Sweet deal.

  16. Meadowlark music says:

    It really sickens me that the disparity between the top 1% and these dear people is so huge. I wonder if any of these people have health insurance. It's a rich man's world and becoming more so every day. Things need to change!

  17. Rasheedah King says:

    I couldn't forget the recession if I tried

  18. vedran ohm says:

    8 kids? And you know full well that you can't support them. Well done, and guess what…condoms are cheaper. What a complete idiot, he knows he is waaaaaay bellow poverty level and he sill keeps making kids he knows for a fact he can't support.

  19. ML6103 says:

    It's remarkable that the prevailing American mentality seems to be, watch things like this and somehow rail against democratic socialism.

  20. BlackAfrica says:

    Long term mortgage is a trap

  21. ThunderAppeal says:

    The race hustling is strong in this one.

    How many 'white' people suffered just as equally if not worse as 'minority' groups?

    The financial collapse effected *everyone*, everyone who was not careful with their money that is.
    Anyone who just wanted a home without thinking about the consequences of the loan was took, and clearly there were far more people who didnt care and took the loan than anyone imagined.

    But it wasnt the home loans that were the problem, this is an absolute false narrative.
    The movie 'The Big Short' goes through painstaking detail explaining what really happened.
    The CDO's were leveraged and leveraged and leveraged some more, while at the same time bonds which the CDO's backed were getting AAA ratings by the ratings firms.

    Between the greedy investment firms and the government that repealed the Glass Stegal act under Klinton its almost a miracle that it only took 7 years for the financial system to finally reverberate the effect of unchecked capitalism.

    Its disgusting seeing the race card being used here when it effected all groups of people.

  22. Ian Daniels says:

    So much suffering and all I want to do is help and fix everything

  23. Chelsey Weaver says:

    The “do I have to get a doctorate to afford to live here” comment killed me, because same. Seriously, same.

  24. John Metzger says:

    Banks, Government, and Judicial system have no problem destroying families but are nothing without us.

  25. Claire Hamer says:

    I grew up in the UK and our parents taught us to be happy with what you have.
    We had second hand toys and clothes growing up.
    I'm in my fifties and paid off my mortgage 7 years ago and no debts and now retired.
    People who live in the " blue zones" always seem to say they are happy with what they have.
    They eat simple healthy food, exercise daily- this could be walking.
    They live amongst their families and seem happy and content.
    They do not chase the money and have simple lives with little stress.
    Capitalism has not poisoned their lives and they are living the " old way" like people in their area used to.

  26. Fort Halderman says:

    Thank God I live in Canada. Keep feeding the banks and shareholders America.

  27. D Nutz says:

    The crisis under OBAMA is going to be nothing compared to BIDEN. I sure wish we were still oil independent like we were 9 months ago….

  28. Michelle Innes says:

    Just like the broke Bitcoin people

  29. Darlene Lawson says:

    In Germany people rarely use credit and they rent mostly. So don't suffer from credit overload

  30. Darlene Lawson says:

    Living on credit makes people think they have more Money and misuse it…

  31. Alex Gunawan says:

    "Nobody think and feel what is like to be other guys." ~ Joker

  32. Diane Taylor says:

    No, you don’t have to take your family and kids to court. Yes, it’s sad, and not right. But that lady is not telling the whole truth. People take their family and kids to court to attempt to influence the court in their own favor. Edit: Is the minister making money from his music ministry or is he making a living telling his sad story and letting everyone know how many kids he has? And a credit rating below 400 means you don’t pay your bills!

  33. Fulgrim, The Phoenician says:

    Never ever get a creditcard and if you must for some reason, keep it somewhere locked and hard to get. A buddy of mine got a creditcard last year and keeps it in his wallet…already 1200$ in debt.

  34. Lucio Aguilar says:

    27:53 wow nice pc of art. You should have to upload your art in aidicraft and sell it!

  35. john white says:

    and then 2020 happened. and then the world prison pandemic started.

  36. littlelogcabins says:

    It was a horrible time. Thankfully I was young enough to not have anything to loose yet, but old enough to learn from it. I've built my life small, and began becoming self sufficient. Now I'm 38 and if I lost my job I would be fine for a good while. Not because I have a lot of Money, but because I stayed out of debt.

  37. L Crain says:

    we need to teach economics in grade school, civic, and critical thinking- oh wait, that would lower the debt slave population, and maybe population in general, dissipating consumer addicts

  38. Cynthia Adams says:

    I going to buy a RV and live out of it from state to state no taxes only insurance and gas!

  39. Jason White says:

    Don't buy shit you can't afford problem solved

  40. A Ddas says:

    The types of toxic mortgage products that were available in the US were nuts…no way that would fly here in Canada.

  41. Herman Rogers says:

    They got scammed 400 hundred thousand dollars for a house that was worth 140 thousands dollars

  42. Sandmann7633 Sanford says:

    I definitely had to learn the hard way unfortunately. I’ve been basically homeless a couple times. Ups and downs in my career field but finally I can say I’ve figured it out.

  43. Mo on the Go says:

    Wow what a excellent documentary seriously renting is underrated. Thanks for this wonderful story I've learned so much.

  44. Monk Amani says:

    "Never give up what you want most for what you want today" Neal A Maxwell
    Patiently prepare.

  45. Julie Rehoric says:

    Oh save it please people. She does not make enough money and probably has a bad credit score but you guys have to make it about race automatically. I got a damn predatory loan for my car because my situation changed. So save your race card for another rainy day

  46. The Life of Jenelle says:

    I had to save myself and start my own business. I am currently renting tables, chairs, tents, linen, props, setting up dessert tables for all occasions, and more to afford a venue next year. I have been documenting it on my YouTube channel. It's hard work, but I know it will pay off in the end.

  47. M says:

    The family in the camper for real needs to stop breeding like rabbits. Think of the quality of life you're giving your children already here. Those kids have no privacy, no way to form real friendships with all the traveling, and it makes me wonder how they paid for all those kids during lockdown. Just because you can reproduce like rabbits, doesn't mean you should.

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