The 8 Steps to Build Business Credit with Your EIN not Linked to your Personal Credit

During this webinar, you will discover …


How to finance your business based on its credit history and reputation without touching your personal credit or providing a personal guarantee

The advantages of building business credit, and how it can help protect your consumer credit scores

How to start building business credit by first establishing your company as a legitimate business

Which steps – many of which are FREE – help your company show it is credible

How the IRS can help your business as you get an EIN and select a business entity to best address tax issues and any future liability issues

How to get your free D-U-N-S number from Dun & Bradstreet, and how that matters to D&B s recordkeeping – and the consequences of not having a D-U-N-S number

How to check Equifax and Experian for any records they might have on your business

How to get started with trade credit – and a few examples of highly recommended true starter credit – you can get started quickly and easily and you will not be turned down

How even non-reporting trade accounts can help your business as you enhance your reputation in the business community at the same time that you build business credit

How and why to monitor your business credit – and how to save money doing so!

How to qualify for revolving store credit, and why following our steps virtually assures you ll get revolving store credit easily and quickly

How to move onto and use fleet credit for your company s vehicles

How to move to cash credit and qualify for MasterCards and other widely accepted cards for your business – and based on your EIN and your business credit scores, not your Social Security number and your consumer credit scores

How to build business credit with unsecured business financing – and why UBF should interested you if you have got a startup or your business is in a high-risk industry

How an unsecured business credit program works and why it may be right for you

Just how important responsible credit management really is, and how it can save your company money


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