The 700 Club – October 4, 2017

A war hero returns home a very different man. See what saved his marriage. Plus, the incredible story of the slum kid who struck it rich and then went right back to the streets.


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8 Responses

  1. Richie Mohabir says:

    Good story from rags to riches to give to the poor.

  2. Richie Mohabir says:

    We need Americans born and raised here to run these systems anti hacking systems. Stop giving me here jobs that will learn to attack us with our own systems.

  3. Richie Mohabir says:

    It's not a burden it's a responsibility Puerto Rico is America. What's happening is the devils is loose. I wish it wasn't so. Prayers so he can heal our land.

  4. Richie Mohabir says:

    Many of These people are taking alcohol and

  5. Richie Mohabir says:

    I want to know why no one has said anything about Windows flying out window????

  6. Ralph Filigenzi says:

    I agree about the drugs Pat is talking about but their are many anti anxiety/ depression drugs that do help people if used properly.

  7. Deanna Mcmillan says:

    Amen Pat. Way to go! 🙂 prayer is what we need. I am a prayer warrior and praying.

  8. The 700 Club says:

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