The 700 Club – February 11, 2020

Today on the 700 Club, turn your trials into triumphs! Pastor Jentezen Franklin joins us live to discuss your life as a diamond in the rough. Plus, in the fight against America’s number one killer, find out what should you eat and avoid in the battle against heart disease.


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6 Responses


    Great Choice excepting Christ and serving him,.But be careful about Jentzen F.and the 700 club apostasy! You can find out info here on you tube and instead you can find out the TRUTH about rightly dividing the Word God 1 Timothy 2;15 and the Gospel of Grace! Pastor John Verstegen and Richard Jordan from San Juan Capistrano,Ca Berean Bible Ministries! God Bless You guys!

  2. William Durham says:

    Get an audio Bible and play it instead of radio or TV. No heresy. It's easily the smartest thing I've ever done.

  3. j train says:

    i love you pat Roberson

  4. Scott Franson says:

    New Jersey,What are You up to,waiting for Money. For Uncle Sam . What is this costing You 1st Responders IT MUST BE A MESS.

  5. St Pierre for Jesus the Savior says:

    We need a Conservative Republican Congress, Senate and House, before necessary immigration laws will be enacted!

  6. St Pierre for Jesus the Savior says:

    "X22Report"- part a -YT Channel daily report will lend perspective. The economic segment on here is alarmist. The President is more than working on it.

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