The 2021 Census and Ecofed

Join us live as Dr Nii takes us through his thoughts on the 2021 Census and Ecofed. Don’t forget to use the chat function during the conversation to send your questions to Dr Nii and have them answered in real time.

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7 Responses

  1. Ebenezer first-quao says:

    This move would have been much easier had we allowed the National House of Chiefs to become the Upper House of Parliament with a mandate to monitor and evaluate the development of all stool and skin lands in the country!

  2. Ebenezer first-quao says:

    In other words, how will ARM motivate the chiefs and people at the grassroots to rally around this paradigm shift like they did around the quest for Ghana’s independence?

  3. Ebenezer first-quao says:

    What will be the incentives for relocation?

  4. Ebenezer first-quao says:

    Thank you Uche!

  5. Ebenezer first-quao says:

    Thank you Uche! Osheoooh!

  6. sophia ashong says:

    Thanks Uchi. God bless

  7. sophia ashong says:

    Nii boni ayekoo

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