The #1 Thing You Need to Eliminate a Default Judgment

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Over 90% of debt collection lawsuits end in a default judgment.
Rarely does a day go by in my law practice where I don’t meet with someone getting their wages garnished on a lawsuit they were never notified of.

In this Episode of the Consumer Warrior Podcast (video) I share the #1 thing you need to do to eliminate a default judgment.

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disputing judgements on credit report

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33 Responses

  1. Karen Kramer says:

    Very easily understood. Great job

  2. Tracy Robledo Escobedo says:

    What about Child Support arrears? I'm not trying to get out of arrears, I just need to be given the opportunity to defend myself. I'm a victim of sewer service, I believe my case was doomed the moment I had a FTA, none of my pleas were probed into, everything I produced was disregarded. My husband was deceitful every time he abused the court process with his frivolous Motions
    But the fact still remains this case was tainted from the gate when I was fraudulently served. I'm in CA, it's been 15 years since I received the judgment, I just recently discovered that I was sewer ditched and I believe I have a substantial amount of evidence to prove it.

  3. Freedom O' Forest says:

    Asking for a friend. What if the papers were served properly? I'm working with a debt settlement company that said they would "take care of all the legal stuff" if a lawsuit ever happened. I got served papers from American Express (BASTARDS) over a year ago and my settlement company assigned me a lawyer last week. They failed to notify me that I need to file an answer to the court within 20 days or whatever. I just received a notice of default judgment in the mail (California) . Can I still fight the default judgement even if they did properly serve the papers?

  4. Jess Cast says:

    Hey John, I went to website and it's NOT active. available for sale by the ISP.
    is the address correct, or you stopped using it???
    BTW I subscribed!!! Thanks.

  5. Jess Cast says:

    Hey John Thanks for the Info. Yes, They got me once on this kind of trick.
    dealing w Real Estate on a disputed home my Ex wife and I, owned.
    The Process server filed a "due diligence" form Saying he tried to serve me.
    But the guy simply Searched for my Last name. He then went to the first address that matched my last name, even though it was a different First name. Additionally, the house was VACANT. according to him, that was "Due diligence"
    The Judge, did not want to consider this situation and allowed the Judgement to Stand.
    Where I freaking LOST OUT. But I didn't know that a "motion to vacate default judgement" existed……….

  6. King Katura says:

    So you delete any questions in the comments? thats pretty fked bud.

  7. MacDonald Donovan Edwards says:

    Max Edwards all the way from Cape Town, South Africa…
    I find your videos extremely use full.

  8. Juan Fernandez says:

    I need help my wages are being garnish my name is Juan…can you email me email is thanks

  9. Deb Rowley says:

    Hey John, what if service was done on someone who is mentally handicapped and didn't know what to do?

  10. BluTwob says:

    Your website was working Friday (5/7/21), not today, Sunday (5/9/21)… (?)

  11. Ash M says:

    Just to confirm before I purchase, I had a default judgment for credit card debit from over 7 yrs ago. It’s no longer on my credit but my mother says I received mail from a lawyer representing the debt collector to garnish my pay at a job I’m no longer at. There is a certificate of service but just stating that they sent it in the mail. The thing is I haven’t lived there in over 3 years. Also the address where I had the original debt, I haven’t lived there in over 7 yrs if they’ve been sending stuff there. I’ve never been served with this. Your method would be good for my situation?

  12. Tom Au says:

    Re: "teenagers." I believe that they have to be something like 14 years old for proper service, maybe the age varies by state. Certainly 18 works, and probably some younger ages.

  13. Mr. Billions says:

    Thank you

  14. Ruggid Radio says:

    Hey Mr. Skebo you’re the man but I got a question should I file a motion to vacate at the same time as obtaining my copy of the service certificate?

  15. Dave Forgot says:

    Great great video and service. My proof of service is a little bit different I believe. I believe I'm being sued for usury and acting as an unlicensed contractor. To make a long story short I have moved a year before service was attempted. The plaintiff had my phone number and my e-mail address and no effort was made to contact me. Their best friend had my phone number. There's a default judgement against me. I'm assuming maybe they did it by publication? I have to go to court and get the details but in general is this the kind of thing you seen some clients vacate.
    I realize you can't provide legal advice this is just a general question for my entertainment

  16. Scarlet Martin says:

    The rat landlord lied and said he served it to my husband who was sick with COVID! He gave no notice and locked us out a month ago. The rent was paid before he got it!! This is abuse!!!

  17. Jim Cole says:

    just pay the debt.

  18. vahid tayyari says:

    John thanks for the great information. How long default judgment stay in a credit report?Thanks

  19. Joeyjo Harris says:

    Can you do anything if your name is incorrect on the default of entry?

  20. Dave Frazier says:

    When I had court the process server stated they served me personally. They put a generic description that doesn't remotely describe anyone in the house. The thing is this person left the papers in a ziplok bag hung on the door AT MY SISTERS HOUSE!

  21. Jules P says:

    Would your course "How to Vacate a Judgement" work for business?

  22. Wilbert Mesa says:

    do you have any referrals to attorneys in miami, florida…

  23. Reading IsFundamental says:

    I was served an expired summons during the Covid19 lock down in June. The courts are still closed to the public. And I can't get a call back.

  24. Hilma Abrew says:

    I received a not certified letter inside my mailbox and I was wondering if this is really appropriate practice???

  25. NaturalNewbe says:

    Well Ohio allows them to do it regular mail and give default judgment

  26. jaye see says:

    You're a mess.

  27. maddproff says:

    Can I find such a lawyer in texas..friendly guy

  28. Richard says:

    OK so I have a question what if you have a judgment on someone and
    It’s been an ongoing litigation. at first she avoided the process server making us lose two trips to the court. We had to hire a private processor afterwards she stated she was on vacation and the judge sent us to a mediation. No resolution was reach and so they set a court date but Due to health conditions my mother asked for A continuation and it was granted. We went again to the court and this time the defendant did not showed up and the judge issued a final judgment in our favor. Now the defendant is requesting a hearing despite claiming she had an emergency our neighbors seen her all day at the house never once came out during that. Now we have proof on surveillance cameras showing what we said is true hence why we got the judgment. How could I defend the judgment so that the defendant is still liable to pay for the damages her son cost us when he damage her cars.

  29. BlondzRule All says:

    I went to website and you have to buy the info, and since my bank account was frozen I have no money to do that.

  30. Michelle Greenlee says:

    I need some help to fill out a form for a motion to open a default judgment in Philadelphia PA. An affidavit was signed stating I was served with papers, no one served me. I only received a copy of the complaint from some lawyer, I never got anything official from the court. This is for an ejectment case against us, landlord doesn't have a rental license and filed for ejectment stating we are squatters, we have a lease. I have the paperwork but don't know how to fill it out.


    What if they sent it in the mail to an address of a family member where you use to live in a state I no longer live?

  32. Mark Luckey says:

    I just went to my motion for summary judgment. This was in circuit Court in Florida. Plaintiff claims I owe 50k for damages in a accident back in 2016 . This is a debt buying attorney. There summary was just an estimate. Nowhere was a bill of sale. Also they didn't include a interest rate. They included an affidavit by a claims rep stating the amount I owed was personally true. This claims rep did not swear under oath. Also the claims rep made the affidavit up 2 years after the incident at issue. That goes against federal law. Rule 901 a and b. There was no witness statement. I bought Mr Skibas course and all the holes that typically debt junk buying attorneys leave wide open. I think I knew the law better than the attorney. How am I supposed to come to an accurate sum owed off of just an estimate? Mr Skiba would be impressed with my response to the motion for summary judgment.

  33. Armandine Jacotin says:

    Yes indeed. You are very helpful.

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