The 1 Reason Your CREDIT SCORE is under 781 😳

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In this video Mike goes off on the system and you believing that you are just “OK” What’s three colors to say the word “CRAZY” We’re going to get a crazy deal so they can change their life right now. Wait to see what Mike is doing 904-420-7772

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dispute something on your credit report

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11 Responses

  1. Richard Estep says:

    Hey Mike just joined the master mind 2.0. I’ll be on your 6pm call Friday wonder if I can get access to your Navy Fed? I see you do them randomly but I didn’t want to wait for a pop up video. Thanks

  2. Laurie Anderson says:

    Thank you for this video. I am going to call you today. I need help with my credit

  3. John and Gina says:

    I would give you a grand to get my 6 year old chapter 7 removed FICO is now 748 really wanting that 780.
    No late pays or collections 3 inquiries.
    Bought a 67k Silverado last week 4% interest and not a penny out of my pocket not even gtax and license.
    Looking at investment properties now.

  4. Randy Rios says:

    Thanks Uncle Mike!!!

  5. Lanie Dav says:

    Really good message. I’m not good by your standards ( close though).

  6. Abel Mendez says:

    Give a shout out to you mike i ben watching your videos everyday im doing good im at 778 im not scared im doing good mike

  7. John Parrish says:

    The fact is he's right, this stuff should be taught in schools everywhere and it's not.

  8. Devin Dickerson says:


  9. Rhonda Carter says:

    Hey it said you can’t be reached from my calling area

  10. Jonathan Factor says:

    You are so right

  11. Cameron Fawaz says:

    Phone number didn’t work

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