Thank you! 1200 dollars for TAAG in 6 hours.

Support the stream: 7 days on console xbox and ps4 ! big bases and tutorials!
Episode 1-


Facebook! –

Public 7 Days server:
Visit for current info, use ip and port at top
Supporters use to help support further server development


My build!
Corsair 760t
ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero –
Corsair Dominator Platinum 32 Gb kit – (2x16gb)
I7 Kaby Lake 7700k
ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 AMP! Extreme, 8GB GDDR5X –
AIO Coole

Elgato hd60pro internal card
astro A40 w/deck



A15 playthrough:

True Survival SDX:

Ps4 Playthrough (First season) :

How to mod:


Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:


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8 Responses

  1. Led says:

    You’re a great person to raise this money for a amazing cause!

    Few tips:

    Your pants in long dark are long johns and pants. You can wear two layers of each. Keep repaired with cloth from harvested Clothes or harvest cloth in a house.( sewing kit or a fishing hook and line and some cloth) good source are towels and curtains. If quality drops to zero it’s a loss and can’t be repaired.
    (Wolfs will tear stuff fast)

    Craft rose hips into prepared rose hips in crafting menu, and cook into tea at a fire.
    Pain relief

    Mushrooms are good for tummy aches. Also need to be prepared in crafting menu.

    Moss can be made into antiseptics

    Frozen animals, the meat can be harvested quicker with a ax or saw when frozen. Or you can also start a fire next to it to thaw the meat. then a blade will be faster.

    The hides and guts can be harvested with a knife.
    (So when I see a frozen deer I grab the meat first with a ax) then I harvest the hide and guts with a blade. ( use the right tool for the job)

    Cook meat and store it outside to keep fresh longer. Drop hides indoors to cure (not much crafting in story, check journal to see trust with npcs)

    When starting a fire, check what tender has the higher starting chance. (Sandbox mode you gain skill each fire and eventually have a high chance and no longer need tender)
    Skill books in sandbox also help with this.

    There is no loot respawn. Wolfs hate fire, flares.
    Every bullet is gold, the bow is the only long term way to survive. Not telling you where to find the two forges. Finding it in sandbox is pretty amazing. (Arrow heads and make shift tools are made there)

    The world is not random generated and is actually pretty big. Think 11 sq. miles. (30sq km) You could walk across the map in two or three in game days, but will most likely take a week or more due to the need to survive and sleep in a warm bed or snow shelter.

    Night is 10 hours long.

    Store extra water and unused items in a safe house as your temporary base. Probably one with a fireplace or stove would be smart.

    Look under and around everything for food and items. The developers hid stuff well.

    Use the coldest part of the day between sun rise and about 4 hours after sun rises to repair anything that’s damaged. And prepare your day.
    3 bandaids, bottle of pain killers, and some form of antiseptics. Are good to always have on you.

    Large limbs like cedar and fur are great for long fires.

    After blizzards more limbs will fall. So there’s always wood for your nuts.

    Safes are ment to be cracked, left right, left. If you go past the number you need to go full circle. You will hear a click and the first lock will open on right.

    Check status screen if it says take painkillers or drink rose hips tea to cure sprains you only need to choose one. Then need sleep to recover.

    Don’t eat low quality food. Food poisoning is almost a death sentence in sandbox if left untreated for long.

    Check the temperature status screen, and temp bonus on clothes tab. Higher quality will make this rise.

    This game requires some reading and menu management. Death is definitely a learning experience.

    There’s honestly so much more. I’ll leave you to it. Hope this helps.
    Sorry about taking wills pants. He didn’t need em.

    I’m on day 50 in my sandbox, I have a deer skin boots, pants, rabbit mittens and a heavy coat. In -9 temperatures outside my survivor stays above freezing and is never cold. Unless it’s a blizzard and clothes are wet and or frozen. I don’t need to worry about much besides wolfs, bears, thin ice , and the big spoiler that happens. But if you’re playing story I’m not going to tell you at all.

    There’s many secrets and many places to loot, random loot spawns, random chances of a building to spawn destroyed. Random starting gear.

    I pretty much live off the land in my survival game. Knowing that if I die the game deletes the save.
    Every choice is minor in itself, but going to loot that body could be the reason I die from a pack of wolfs. Something so minor could be the end of my sandbox. That’s what makes the long dark amazing.

  2. Schwettster 1 says:

    Skippy0330, do you happen to play Star Trek bridge crew? Also, if you ever need a good base plan, I've got a great one for ya that I haven't been able to implement yet, but I'm sure would work great. If you ever get an itch to make a new friend outside of the channel for fun play and not work, hit me up!

  3. Frankie Bruan says:

    Fantastic work, I'm fairly new to this channel and I really do see the support and love from the community. Have a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday everyone.

  4. Senshiro says:

    1200 dollars donation for saving animals awesome great job Skippy

  5. Quarantined-Evil says:

    Do u want to play w me in 7 days to die PS4 today

  6. Songnever ends says:

    Sorry I missed the stream. I work in Retail Hell. Love the content. Thank You. Have a Merry Christmas.

  7. Buck Dog says:

    Can I play 7 days to died on PS4 with you

  8. Crystal says:

    TaB: I've found getting the wood workshop and researching the stone workshop is good to do as soon as possible. The stone workshop will allow you to research the shock towers, which are bad ass, and the stone walls and towers. The shock towers take a lot of energy though. They are great for your small choke holds. The Great Ballista, aka turrets, is a good one to invest in as well in the wood workshop. The market (wood workshop) and bank (stone workshop) are great, too. The market lowers the food need of all the houses around it. And the bank makes each house produce more gold. You can also set your Ballistas to target the strongest enemies first (harper, heartbeat, and the fat guys. Not trying to be a smart ass, just sharing some tips 🙂 But, I'm still on easy. Haha. Idk how long it takes to get those on the "challenging" settings. But, just in case you didn't know 🙂

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