TGIF–Friendsgiving pajama party

Our bigget panel yet, and we hope that our friends gather with us. We will stay up-to-date with the many things that happened this week involving the Daybell case while enjoying a panel of knowledgeable women, including Tricia from WebSleuths! Wear your pajamas and bring your recipes. The loinfire cocktail may make an appearance. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE and to learn more about us:

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24 Responses

  1. Blaze Fairchild says:

    I think Chad turned on Julie , because she was charismatic & he was not and he had thought he could do as she did & have a following beside her. When he made the move on her during an energy session she turned
    him down. This forced him to spread crazy rumors about her mental health issues. This is a pattern that abusers use ,they put women down, so when they bring up an abuse ,they are not listened to but just called nuts.
    I would love to know who the owners the food prep kits , of the very expensive tents sales or tent manufacturing as these tents were required at some point to be in the group. The land thing, I was wondering if it was someone who owns these worthless pieces of land, were groups who are making a way for the land to be sold to these preppers. It’s one greedy entity feeding off another ponzy scheme. Just some ideas & questions knocking around in my head.

  2. S Beal says:

    Maybe it's just my ears, but at 11:52 of the secretly recorded Melanie Gibb call, Chad's talking about his sister-in-law, and the transcripts read, "…hope you're not influenced by that dark game" but I think I hear "…hope you're not influenced by that dark Cain" which would make sense and be quite damning. Just curious if anyone else caught that.

  3. Megs Mann says:

    Who is Natalie

  4. Janet Pirate says:

    I love ladies, I loved watching you and Mindy on Mormon Stories.

  5. Crystal Dawn says:

    Oh my gosh it would be so cool if you made the water tumblers, like the water cups with a straw the tall ones. Also, are you asking members//listeners to send in recipes for this cookbook and are you going to be selling it? That'll be awesome

  6. Texicana Kirk says:

    Hubby and I enjoyed the pj party with this wonderful group of women.
    Of note: please give Dr. John lessons on speaking. Hubby and I have trouble listening to him inasmuch as he says “um” so often that my husband counted eight “ums” in about 15 seconds. He has great insights and we REALLY want to be able to listen to him.
    Thanks. Keep up the good work.

  7. Carolyn A. says:

    I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that Brandon got millions for the defamation by Melani's arrogant lawyers.

  8. Sweet Pea says:

    Not sure if anyone recalls, but the evidence also shows that Melani Pawalski suspended her divorce 2 days before the attempted murder.

  9. Karla Childers says:


  10. Sherril Cole says:

    "I light up the room" Hoodies!

  11. Tea Lemon says:

    Hey I just read that in Chinese medicine their name for shingles is, "Loin-Loin Fire Dragon". I feel like having shingles would definitely be a better choice than doing whatever with Chad.

  12. Caldonia says:

    Flaming Zombies! Great presentation!

  13. Caldonia says:

    I agree with Trish. It's a no-brainer that Chad was complicit. Anyone thinking he was used is either in denial or delusional.

  14. Caldonia says:

    True Crime Cookbook, great idea so long as recipes don't include Monkshood, Belladonna, Oleander….

  15. 222radar says:

    @2:00:00 — if it was Tylee's car, it could have just been her teenage female friends..?

  16. Nancy Browning says:

    does anyone think zulema may have killed alex? When she tells her story about the tarp on the bed (like alex was going to kill her) maybe she thought she better kill him 1st.

  17. Slhale says:

    Loin fire cocktail. Busted out loud!!!!

  18. Old Grizz says:

    Those who wanted to be like Julie Rowe, it was not just about the money. Many of these people are aware they are quite average. They are so hungry to be something. Especially something special to/for God! What could be less ordinary and mundane than being a specially called and anointed servant of God….with special visions, and assignments. Money does follow and is seen as the affirmation of the genuine nature of the special calling.

  19. Meadowcrone says:

    This was really fun:)

  20. 3Dbabe says:

    Question: regarding the panel, the only LDS member is Lauren ?

  21. Emmylou says:

    Wonder how he got Tammy to agree to up her life insurance? Was that after her attempted shooting? Seems awwwwkward.

  22. Erika Spence says:

    It’s called coping. We are trying to cope. That’s why we still laugh and celebrate friendships.

  23. Sensible Crime says:

    Thanks for a great channel and great live. Lori and Alex got their hooks into Melani P when she was a vulnerable teenager with a dead mother. They manipulated her. I hope she has realized what her "family" has done to her and is cooperating with the police.

  24. Hidden True Crime says:

    The loinfire merch

    Our moderators tonight:

    To follow Websleuths on YouTube click here:

    Lori Hellis has a newsletter you can sign up for found at

    Colette Cox is administrator of the fb page here:

    To listen to Mindy cohost on Mormon Stories, click here:

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