Texas Desert Turned Into Serial Killer’s Burial Ground | Mark of a Serial Killer | Oxygen

El Paso investigators race to track down a ruthless serial killer who buries his victims in shallow desert graves, dead or alive. Watch full episodes in the free Oxygen app.

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About Mark of a Serial Killer
Some killers are collectors who obtain perverse gratification by habitually stealing mementos from murder scenes, from jewelry to shoes, keys to even body parts. These clues are left to taunt law enforcement and investigators while simultaneously building up their notoriety. Whether it’s text scrawled onto the victim’s body, a cryptic note or a way of positioning the deceased, what is left behind is a trademark clue that ultimately aids the investigation in stopping these murders and bringing the killer to justice.

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Season 3, Episode 9


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5 Responses

  1. Janine Arvayo Pestlance Rider Death says:

    Thanksgiving Murder s for Navayo checks I don't get any Military checks IAM legally blind in one eye I get no Foodstamp no Whitney Houston or woppi Goldberg Medical or social security money IAM not for Fraud Hollywood free Heath care 9/11/01 Health. Insurance who Caused 9/11/01 no respect to Free money and free health care millions died due to Hollywood whopi Goldberg and Whitney Houston say no to Hollywood traps Anything Free look what they caused

  2. Janine Arvayo Pestlance Rider Death says:

    The Thanksgiving killers with the macosons shoes that's my first thought how There probably getting someone else's Navayo check s IAM not military

  3. Alex Williams says:

    So we're here looking for dead bodies let's get a heat-seeking device maybe some of these dead bodies that are cold might be throwing off some heat

  4. Stacy Jaye says:

    Around 50 serial killers roaming the United States at any given time. Basically anywhere off-the-beaten-path is a burial ground now. I don't hike.

  5. Fete des Neiges says:

    How do people live with themselves when they do something like this?

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