Terri's Tips! How to Get a 800 Credit Score‼️ Raise Your Score‼️ Credit Tips‼️ Get BUSINESS Credit‼️

Terri’s Tips! How to Get a 800 Credit Score‼️ Raise Your Score‼️ Credit Tips‼️ Get BUSINESS Credit‼️
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4 Responses

  1. Tommy Phillips says:

    Credit bureaus are trying hard not to remove inaccurate items and delete them as requested. I filed CFPB complaints and the bureaus keep saying they're investigating. I'm thinking of filing small claims against them when I get more information

  2. K. Ballard says:

    Awesome video. I am taking notes to increase my credit score in order to refinance my FHA loan into a Conventional loan. Timeline: 24 months because of bankruptcy. I’m excited to follow your lead. It worked on my first property in 2021. #househacking

  3. Helsea Jefferson says:

    Do you suggest to negotiate a pay for deletion with your consumer attorney if the account is in litigation with Portfolio Recovery?

  4. 33naughty says:

    Thank you

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