Terri's Tips! How to DELETE Negative Accounts From Your Credit Report! Deletions! Credit Tips!

Terri’s Tips! How to DELETE Negative Accounts From Your Credit Report! Deletions! Credit Tips!

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13 Responses

  1. Alicia Watts says:

    Love the information! Super helpful!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Ken Carter says:

    That was game thx

  3. Myles says:


  4. Bobby Streater III says:

    Thank you for keeping it real! Great job! What if it was charge off?

  5. Dee Pick says:

    Thank you good nuggets

  6. RealPower100 says:

    Watched this particular video at least 5 times so I could get all the nuggets dropped in it. Completed all the steps, got my annul credit reports, froze all the credit furnishers, and just finished all he hand written dispute letters and included 2 utility bills with them all and wrote all the info that needs to be removed in a detailed list. Thanks for caring enough to share info to help us get on the right path

  7. shawn sullivan says:

    What if current address has all negative info? Been at same place 10+ years.

  8. Latebloomer39 says:

    Credit Leverage Lifestyle!!! Thank you❤(Dianna Adams)

  9. Stephanie Ballenger says:

    Hi Terri, i love your videos! I have a question. What about using a 609 template to request the dispute?
    Thank you

  10. thomas carter says:

    Terry are you taking new clients on for credit repair I just don't have the time

  11. K love says:

    Thanks Terri! I grabbed my notebook and pen with the quickness

  12. Jimmy Wadsworth says:

    Or new coast direct

  13. Jimmy Wadsworth says:

    Hey Ms Terry love all your videos hey what's your opinion on like a my Jeweler's account

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