Terri's Tips! Get a $50,000 BUSINESS CREDIT CARD with NO HARD INQUIRY! Capital on Tap BUSINESS Card!

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Terri’s Tips! Get a $50,000 BUSINESS CREDIT CARD with NO HARD INQUIRY! Capital on Tap BUSINESS Card!

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how to dispute a hard inquiry on credit

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20 Responses

  1. Sequoya Porter says:

    I love you!

  2. McLaurin says:

    Hey Terri ! Just want you to know I was approved for 15k! My card should be here in 7 days. Thank you for the tips I always look forward to your videos! #Makerealestatereal!

  3. Javid Smith says:

    My business got 15k immediately and just an heads up they waived my annual fee for life. Thank you, your work is amazing.

  4. Celebr8_TWC says:

    Thx Terri! I recd my notification this morn…$12,500!

  5. Qudrat Yetunde says:

    I’m always learning about new financing options from you Terri. I hope I can win a strategy session with you!

  6. gerald stroter says:

    Great content…..especially the End Nugget! That’s the truth!!

  7. Jaman Lock says:

    Thanx for sharing Terri! I jus got approved for $6,000. Blessings & Favor unto U & Ur Family.

  8. King_Cardo says:

    What’s your thoughts about usbank credit card?

  9. Lisa Douglass-Doe says:

    Great video! I got this one. You are awesome!!

  10. Andrew A says:

    Great video
    it’s a soft inquiry and make sure you have all your business information the same everywhere

  11. Karen Paris says:

    Hi Terri! I was approved for $20,000 and received my card last week and upgraded to the Founders Reward. The bright yellow card truly stands out. Thank you!

  12. Monica says:

    Terri, you are amazing! I was approved for $17,500, and I was also approved for the Citizen's business credit card ($8500) that you mentioned in another video! I started my business Oct 2020. Thank you so much for the golden nuggets. God Bless!

  13. 33naughty says:

    Great video as always. I need your help. I got decent credit in the low 700's. I am getting ready to retire out of the Army after 21 years of active duty service. I need to build both personal and business credit and would like to have about $200k in personal credit card. Would you be willing to take a look at my credit reports for me and give me your honest opinions and what I need to do to get credit? I am willing to pay for your services.

  14. Gregory Jacob says:

    Great information thank you for posting!

  15. Charles Coen says:

    I can pay the balance monthly or 10% of the loan

  16. George Frost says:

    Great info!

  17. Xtreme says:

    You rock Terri

  18. Xtreme says:

    I got $10,000 with COT. No hard inquiry. Thank you

  19. Ken Thomas says:

    Great Content Terr!

  20. Keith Johnson says:

    Great Video

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