Tasing an iPhone X With an iPhone 8 Taser Case

What Happens If You Taser an iPhone X With an iPhone? The iPhone Stun Gun Case Returns More Powerful Than Ever! Trippy Results

My Newly Designed Gen-2 Rebel Cases Are Now In Stock!

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12 Mini:

NEW 2021 Extreme 50ft iPhone 12/12 Pro cases drop test vid is up!:

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$20 for Rebel! FLOLAB screen protector included!

USB Killer vs iPhone X:
iPhone X Cases 50ft Drop:


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22 Responses

  1. Josecarlos Rimerparedes says:


  2. OPS Hurst (Owen’s Data Center) says:

    Because Apple let us down, I'd rather have this happen to all of my devices, just saying.

  3. Talha Bin Aadam says:

    Destroying phones is fun now days

  4. Вячеслав Неизвестный says:

    Хаха в iTunes Джиган вылез на iPhone 10. 8,53 минута

  5. Raj Thakur lovely whatsapp status says:

    Please give me your old mobile


    send me an iPhone as a gift
    i would like to use an iPhone in my life It's like my dream

  7. milad ds1992 says:

    NOKIA monster men .

  8. Opagizzlehmar says:

    kha tia ti mai2 lo khan min han pe zawk mai la aw

  9. Kahlon Harman says:

    Please send me iPhone xs

  10. Ibrahim Hero99 says:

    5:11 screen is now error 404

  11. Hmaa Tuallawt says:

    Bro you tase a many fon there,and a can't even buy a new phone for me..that hurt me so much..i need that

  12. pradeep kumar says:

    Hey man…U trigger High voltage in nokia USB port…rest of mobiles u just touch glass (power not pass meterials)… Don't fool us…. We expect re-shoot video again..what u had nokia phone same to others models …

  13. Aser Hossam says:


  14. LION☆GAMER says:


  15. Prakash Love best says:

    Give me 1 iPhone sir my conntact number

  16. Pubg Pubg says:

    Will the iphone get covered under warranty please let me know after tasing

  17. собачка играман says:

    Кто тут Русский?

  18. Abhay kumar pathak says:


  19. Sàďmań māšhfî says:

    Please give me a iPhone 12 pro max

  20. Sàďmań māšhfî says:

    Please give me a iPhone 12 pro max

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