Talk to the Entities Halloween Special with Facilitators 2021

Don’t be scared, be prepared! Be prepared to work with all sorts of spirit interactions, situations and phenomenon.

Here at Talk to the Entities headquarters, we know that something else is possible. We know that life includes awareness and includes spirits in all shapes, forms and sizes.

We usually throw a huge TTTE Halloween shindig but this year we are recycling the gems from previous Halloween Specials.

Tuck in, get some candy or your favorite Halloween treat and get ready for a turbo boost of empowerment, information and education from the amazing Talk to the Entities facilitators.

You’ll be surprised by what you know that you didn’t know that you know.


00:00:00 Shannon O’Hara ”Hello from the TTTE Headquarters” | ENGLISH
00:01:12 Shannon O’Hara ”Halloween Clearing of Ancestors and Entities with Shannon” | ENGLISH

00:22:05 Kalpana Raghuraman & dr Anthony Mattis ”How to Deal with Entities the Easy Way?” | ENGLISH
00:49:41 Alison Cox & Amy Shine ”Having Fun Playing with Ghosts” | ENGLISH
01:13:00 Pam Grace & Sarah Andros ”Can Death and Entities Be a Different Possibility? ” | ENGLISH
01:34:37 Tanja Barth & Nicole Hurter ‘‘Halloween mit Tanja und Nicole – TTTE CFs’’ | DEUTSCH
01:55:09 Marie-Sandrine, Yasodhara & Jeannick ”Les entités sont toujours avec vous” | “Enities are always there with you” | FRANÇAIS
02:27:54 Jeannick Cirbeau ”Entretien avec un Fantôme” | “Interview with a Ghost” | FRANÇAIS
02:53:45 Angelique Bernard & Stephanie Meyer ”Communiquer avec les Entités, un Jeux d’Enfants” | ”To communicate with Entities , Child’s play”‘ | FRANÇAIS
03:20:05 Yasodhara Romeo Fernandes ”Trusting Your Own Awareness With Entities” | ENGLISH
03:50:31 Dmitriy Kalinkin & Katerina Golosova ”Могут ли сущности быть нашими друзьями” | ”Can Entities Be Our Friends” | Pусский
04:18:10 Goga Pecnik & Ana Omanovič ”Čiščenje Entitet Za Noč Čarovnic” | “‘Halloween Entities Clearing” | Slovenščina
04:47:27 Ryan Tee 祖先对你的生活有什么贡献? ”What contribution can Ancestors be to Your Life?” | 中文 Chinese

05:15:03 Shannon O’Hara ”Awareness and Entities” | ENGLISH

06:06:25 Cynthia, Andria & Fabio ”Especial de Halloween e Entidades” | PORTUGUÊS
06:27:26 Cynthia Rondelli ”Escolha diferente com Entidades” | ”Creating Different Choice with Entities” | PORTUGUÊS
06:53:57 Andria Souza ”Bruxa maravilhosa de Halloween conta uma história” | ”Wonderful Halloween witch tells a story” | PORTUGUÊS
07:22:17 Elena, Alba & Manfred ”Especial de Halloween y Entidades” | ESPAÑOL
07:44:19 Elma Aurora Galvan ”Despertando de las capacidades de Hablar con las entidades” | “‘Awakening of the Abilities to Talk to the Entities | ESPAÑOL
08:13:45 Yuryra Guzman ”Abriéndose a las nuevas posibilidades con Hablando con las Entidades” | ”Opening up to new possibilities with Talk to the Entities” | ESPAÑOL
08:37:21 Crystel Crawford ”Being Present with Entities” | ENGLISH
08:56:43 dr Khushboo Shah ”What if talking to ghosts is easier that you think?” | ENGLISH
09:25:06 Kalpana Raghuraman ”’Can You Talk to the Entities apart from Halloween?” | ENGLISH

09:52:45 Shannon O’Hara ”Halloween special with Shannon O’Hara” | ENGLISH


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8 Responses

  1. Ok says:

    Same Day Indra Gandhi flew to Jupiter.

  2. Aurora Walks Gently says:

    So grateful! will recordings be available for a while?

  3. sandra galvan says:


  4. Lori Zigler says:

    so 5 of my new kittens died in the same week called faded kitty syndrome! And the whole time they were here I felt the spirits of the past cats in my life and they wanted to hug and communicate with me and my other cats! what do you feel?

  5. Lori Zigler says:


  6. Jana Vale says:

    Não tem em português?

  7. Alchemy Vibes says:

    Ive got a diagnosis of Bipolar and on so much anti psychotic medication. Now I have these tools I want to try and reduce and come off the meds without ending up back in a psych ward. I really want to change this

  8. Anne Florence Vanden Perre CF says:

    I'm facilitating my first class TTTE just this we. What a gift to be et receive from spirits! What a space available with them. So grateful Shannon

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