Summer Wells parents full interview: Candus Bly recounts events before daughter’s disappearance

Summer Wells’ mother and father recount events leading up to their daughter’s disappearance in an interview with WJHL.


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33 Responses

  1. marita dean says:

    No tears no emotion no pain none

  2. Rachael Gurule says:

    It seems these people have a hard time communicating what they actually want to say. I don't know the whole story yet but I will say the mother seems like she's on drugs.

  3. Honey Badger says:

    Don has a criminal record a mile long "we try to be around good people" okay pal

  4. Honey Badger says:

    They killed their daughter, I'm convinced

  5. Honey Badger says:

    "I don't go on walks or runs" yeah no kidding

  6. Simply Helen says:

    Locked in a dungeon?

  7. Angels world says:

    They have lack of emotions which means they are either involved OR did something to her themselves……
    They have two different stories, why aren't they being taken in for questioning!!????

  8. Lori Morales says:

    She is so stoned…..

  9. Pretty Good Lookin says:

    " She loved to dance " past tense 6:08

  10. Gretchen Reilly says:

    Erm. Why are they solely talking about summer in the past sense. Thats not a good sign. Wtf. This case

  11. Scott francis says:

    Shes out her banger I don't believe a word

  12. Elle uk says:

    Christ you wouldn't be able to form a sentence let alone sit there chatting as if your just a local talking about a random child. They are talking about her in the past tense.

  13. Angel Shining DJL says:


  14. Dylan Sovine says:

    Nobody abduces one child, ruthlessly stupid

  15. Lisa ❤️ says:

    First of all this woman is messed up on something I mean he’ll look at her… and her shirt is inside out for Christ sakes!
    And they speak of the little girl in past tense?? Yeah they both are guilty of something.

  16. Linda Williams says:

    The dad just said one word in the past tense then corrected himself.Their talking in such a monotone voice.

  17. Linda Williams says:

    Try to remember everyone reacts differently to stress and anxiety, but they are talking in the past tense. That is what worries me. I pray she is ok but I don’t feel she is alive.

  18. Handcuffs & Justice says:

    Don told candus to do what your momma taught you they watching

  19. Inda Boyd says:

    I wish she would be found alive and well. We can still hope that everything will be okay and she will be found safe

  20. Beth Garland says:

    peayers for summer to be returned saftly in jesus name may God do justice to who ever did this to summer

  21. Alison says:

    What the mum on? Never seen anyone talk like this about their missing child is she stoned??

  22. Celeste Malec says:

    What has her haircut to do with being missing? This is not a normal reaction to your child disappearing.

  23. alicia lugo says:

    These people are totally guilty I feel like the mom is on opiates they can't even talk without hesitating they are so calm if my five-year-old daughter was missing I would be bursting in tears and super emotional this is f*** man

  24. Rebecca N says:

    God bless this family. I hope and pray she is found safe and sound.

  25. Hayden S says:

    “Loved” church. They know they did it. When is America gonna catch on that just because people have kids doesn’t make them good parents. Thank god the rest of the children were taken away.

  26. Billy Richardson says:

    As a parent of two children, I would not sleep until she was found. I'd politely tell the news crew, I dont have time for an interview, because I'd be out searching, night, an day.

  27. allaboutcombat says:

    Maybe they are just so high and stupid they don't have feelings. I didn't see any. Im sure the opiates and the benzos numb emotions…just sayin

  28. Kelsy Nickell says:

    Everything they say is past tense.

  29. Melissa Jarnigan says:

    I have a strong feeling they’re about to get a lot of heat. Nobody should feel “sorry” for a search party. I can understand southern hospitality and just being such a nice person and hating to see people suffer, but the way they answered some of these questions does raise a lot of eyebrows. I have more questions then answers and I’m going off my first instinct with this one. I won’t say exactly what I think, but I just know these parents are showing absolutely no remorse and they’re not pleading like innocent parents do. Idc how “different” people are, even it comes to grief. NOT one parent that cares and loves their child dearly, just gives up like this and says, “oh, she was probably took, please go to FBI and just clear it up!” Nope. Not buying it.

  30. MYSTERIO says:

    These parents should get hold of YouTuber Focus sessions Lynn. I'm a subscriber to her channel. She's a Psychic and according to her psychic ability there's a Bigfoot paranormal phenomenon that's been happening tricking little kids into the woods and taking them into the 4D dimension. According to psychic Lynn that's what happen to Summer Wells and also to a little boys case long time ago. In my opinion the FBI and the government knows about this Bigfoot paranormal but they will never tell us about truth to the human population. My prayers goes to the parents and there daughter Summer Wells. Peace and Amen.

  31. ShakeyMakeup says:

    how could summer have went upstairs left the house and be abducted within 2 minutes. with her high ass. irresponsible

  32. Michelle Dawson says:

    Is this some kind of damn joke ? I just watched this interview because I'm good at watching people and judging my thoughts maybe I'm wrong u know I'm not a professional but come on damn people I be on the ground screaming my ass off , throwing shit everywhere ! Going ballistic this interview is a joke ! This can't be real ?! How the hell do you act this calm ! Come on ! Why are so many kids going missing and these parents all get away with it ?

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