Sued by a debt collector — answers to over 150 questions about being sued in Alabama

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This video is designed to be used in one of two ways:

1. Either watch the whole video — it is over 2 hours long. 🙂


2. Jump to the part that is most appropriate for your situation. Think of this as a tool box — you do not have to use everything but we wanted to give you lots of tools (answers to questions) so you could find everything in one place.

We will list out the questions in this description along with a time stamp but rather than keep the video from you while we do that, we decided to put it online now.

Hope this helps and let us know what questions we missed so we can update this a bit later.



PS — if you want to start reading the transcript go to

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31 Responses

  1. Vapourbile says:

    This is a priceless video! Watched it a bunch of times. Some of the best on youtube!

  2. Robert Fuentes says:

    Thx John I can finally see my dream to run a business come true again appreciate the knowledge

  3. Latachia _2 says:

    If I was working & Covid 19 came along & job ended, & the judgement was on the paycheck from the job, can they go after my bank account ?The only money in the account now is from Social Security. I'm not going back to work. I'm 70 years old.

  4. Sage Burner says:

    Thank you.

  5. moviesandmore says:

    Great advise!

  6. Carlos Z says:

    Great video, very well explained, I have watched multiple times definitely I would get an attorney

  7. LOV says:


  8. MsPeacefulmind1 says:

    Can the things that you mentioned in this video be used if you're being sued by a utility company…?

  9. Desminique Rowell says:

    What if I start making payments with Portfolio Recovery then start to ask them to send me proof that this debt belongs to me. They sent me a statement. Not a contract with my signature on it saying this belongs to me. Should I ask them to prove they own the debt also? what could happen to me if I stop paying them all together? Also, what would be your best advice for me to do. The balance is $470.

  10. Desminique Rowell says:

    A God sent video!!! I’m right here in Alabama.

  11. tjray 623 says:

    Your misleading people bankruptcy is the best thing if they are over 10,000 in debt or don't own a house thats the best way or if they do have a house the Equity has to be kind of low talk to a bankruptcy attorney on that one you will see , and with bankruptcy within 4 years you be able to buy a house if you build it back up proper without messing it up again and if you don't file your credit is going to be messed up even longer . I did a 7 best thing i did . I bought a car with in 2 years and a house with in 4 with a 3.6 rate on the house fixed . the car was a little hight at 8 for a year refinance it at I believe 4 .7 and that is a fact I did it . And as far as hiring a lawyer for credit card debt in not sure how thats going to help anyone just saying ? Because 99.8 % no matter what you are going to pay some money back how much not sure but probably what purchases you made hopefully not interest?? And you will have to pay he's lawyer fees if you hire one . But look at bankruptcy if you qualify you won't be sorry your only in court for about 3mins they ask you basically to state your name address .

  12. PaChukoNight says:

    I got sued for $5000 for a credit card and I make 750 on payment then I call them and told them I want to settle and I’ll pay them 3500 so we can close . But they added another 2000 dollars on top for court crap and they want more money . They don’t want less then 5000 even tho I already give them 750 . They not helping to settle much .

  13. nowbacktoourshow says:

    What if I’ve paid the debt in full including legal fees after being served the summons?

    Now what do I put on the answer form? Will I still have to go to trial?

  14. Marlon Brown says:

    If I have a credit card account in collections from a debt buyer, can I ask for arbitration according to the original credit card account arbitration agreement? What if the debt buyer doesn't answer the arbitration request? Does the collection process stop, and am I free from the collection process for that account? Lastly, do I have the right to request the removal of the negative account from the credit bureaus?

  15. L&D 210 says:

    Can they garnish child support direct deposited into a bank account

  16. OxThaRhino says:

    you should have time-stamped the video man. this is good information but folks have no way of jumping to what applies to them because theres no timestamp

  17. Latachia _2 says:

    Long video, but worth watching!

  18. SeAnne Woods says:

    Awesome information. Thank you. I do however need to know if after filing a response objecting to a summary judgement, can LVNV sue for slander if I show that they have been sued for unfair collection practices in the state of New York? I fought Midland Funding and the case was dismissed, but now am helping my friend who is ill. LVNV is puting her through the ringer! I am hoping the response to a summary judgement requeat is in the correct format. I'm a little nervous that I may brought some information in that hurts the case for her. LVNV was an Hour late to the PTH. They requested discovery interrrogatories before the PTH and I went ahead and answered them objecting to most of the questions because they were too vague, then requested they produce documents showing that she had a signed contract with LVNV. They were 27 day late in answering the request and the judge ordered them to comply after allowing them to continue with the PTH over the phone. They filed copies of the statements which I objected to since they were the originals from JCP, and the affidavits of the chain of ownership which were dated differently than what representatives stated from JCP, Sherman, and Resurgent, stated upon calling them. The last four digits of the account doesn't match what is on the card, and LVNV out an unknown aka on the case, which I I would just hate for her to be sued for slander after all of this.

  19. ramon Caballero says:

    Ghost is a very old debt they are not on my credit report
    But they are suing me any way
    What should I do?

  20. ramon Caballero says:

    Can you represent in San Diego California?

  21. aleks penn says:

    Hi! I’ve learned a lot from watching your videos. I am being sued by a collection agency and is about to file my answer. I did a little digging on their claim from the and found out that they don’t have the correct date my account was made and they don’t have my account number but the credit card number. Can i use those as proof i don’t owe them anything? I hope you’ll answer my question and thank you very much.

  22. Mike W says:

    On the day of my trial in Justice Court, if I talk to the PRA lawyer in the hallway before trial begins, can I ask that he show me the documents he plans to present as evidence before offering a settlement value? Also, if we proceed to trial in front of the judge, and the attorney starts presenting the evidence, can I ask for a moment to look over the documents? Can I even ask the judge for a continuance so I can have time to examine the evidence that was presented?

  23. Marilyn says:

    Great Don’t you want to visit CO.

  24. D. JOY says:

    I really learned a lot from all your videos. Could you please recommend or refer an attorney in South Florida more specific in Palm Beach County?

  25. taekwondogrrl says:

    Thank you for
    This information in times of hardship.on the credit report will there be a date next to the debt collector when it was time stamped.

  26. Mr. clean One says:

    Their suing me for 1g . Imagine how many people don’t show up. I’m fighting this. Just to see what the process is like. I’m on ssdi so I will learn from this. I’ve taken out 2500 dollars loan from those high interest rate companies. Had a bully collector come to my my house. Wrote a letter it’s a signature loan . Do not contact me unless your going to sue me. And do not call my employer. Case closed . I’m looking forward to the court date .

  27. cool kids says:

    Gm do you have any sample/ templates for motion to dismiss.

  28. Moses John says:

    What would happen if the plaintiff doesn't have any contact or agreement with my signature from the original owner of the debt?

  29. Destruction Channel says:

    watching this one for the 3rd time! Great info and im not even in Alabama!!

  30. Wayne Rhoton says:

    excellent info, in Texas small claims rule 500.4(c) says you can ne helped by an individual not being compensated

  31. Victor Gonzalez says:

    Ever thought of doing a Pod Cast ? You should do a Podcast , It will be very beneficial for all

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