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Student Loan Info:
Identity Theft (only for loans that ARE NOT YOURS):


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how to dispute missed payments on credit report

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10 Responses

  1. Tyrell Mills says:

    I got a question. If I pay it off. Will the late payments go away?

  2. Bo Blackmon says:

    What if the loans were forgiven or discharged due to total/permanent disability? Whats the process to have the status reflect that and late payment entry removed?

  3. Cheryl D cofer says:

    How do I get the credit bureau to remove an old bill i told Experian and Equifaxcredit these bill are old but collections agency re needed the state to later date can they legally change dates of the debt

  4. Ms. Lady O says:

    Awesome video. Thank you so much!
    Question what if you are in default and the credit reporting system is reflecting an incorrect dollar amount on your report.

  5. Erica XO says:

    Thank you girl ! Love your videos !!

  6. Chloé says:

    Starting this journey has been so debilitating for me and has exasperated my PTSD. I get so confused with where to start at times and it’s causing my anxiety to go through the roof!!

  7. adiadenay says:

    So if the loans are “closed “in a “derogatory”status, does that mean I should do the rehabilitation thing you were talking about?

  8. Phantom Bosslady says:

    What about late payments reported during rehab?

  9. adiadenay says:

    I’m screaming! You don’t know how on time this video is ! Thank you!

  10. Patricia A says:

    Great video

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