Strategies For Removing Bankruptcies

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can you dispute bankruptcy on credit report

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4 Responses

  1. 86Draia says:

    Hello! I have done EVERYTHING you have mentioned in this video, however LexisNexis never responded after I sent them the dispute letter along with the courthouse letter debunking how the verified the alleged bankruptcy…so I called and was told that the STILL verified it through U.S. BANKRUPTCY COURT. I disputed online the 6th of this month, just to get some sort of paper trail saying they verified it through the court so I could have something to upload on the CFPB website.

    Do you suggest that I send them a failure to respond letter and enclose my previous letter? OR Just file a complaint with the CFPB? I have been going through this with them since April of this year and they keep verifying it. The last letter was sent the 17th of last month.

    ANY advice would help…puhleez!

  2. Aesthetic Cases says:

    Thank you for making such helpful content.

  3. Melanin Queens Cosmetics says:

    Thank you so much for telling us this very helpful information!

  4. Tiffani Foster says:

    Experian is giving me hell about updating my name (it was diff name when I filed the ruptcy)…how do I get them to update it?

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