Strategies for Dealing with Credit Card Default Judgments

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Default judgments in the norm in the credit card industry. In this video I discuss strategies on how to deal with them.

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how to dispute a judgment on your credit report

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11 Responses

  1. destaco7 says:

    How do you know what court to find the judgement against you?

  2. Zachary Starks says:

    I have a calvary LLC collection against an $800 citibank credit card,. I recently got a letter from a credit repair company trying to sell me their services letting me know about a judgement,. Yet I never received an actual judgement from calvary LLC,. Is $800 a lot of money for CC companies to try and get,. Im sure they can,. But is it enough for a judgement on,. The letter from the company telling me had complaints on them on the BBB website,. Not sure what I can do

  3. Vivek Kulkarni says:

    What if I leave the country and never come back?

  4. Ruben Montoya says:

    Hello, I came across your video and hope to get a brief answer because I know your time is valuable. I lost my job late 2016 and to date have not found one despite applying to over 3000 positions most in which were out of desperation. I been making money to "try" and pay bills. I couldn't pay my cards and was sued 3 times 2x by midland. One I took in my hand other i never got. The 3rd one was thrown into a tub in front of my wife. So one for sure is not valid. I want my life back. I filed bankruptcy in 2010 because I lost my job and couldn't find one going on 3 years. I had a 790 credit score this last go around even bought a house. A family member came into money and want to by me a truck and supplies to start a trash removal business and I'm scared to death they are going to try and take it. 2 judgements are midland one is attorney from California for target. I dont really want to file bankruptcy out of fear of losing my home and other stuff. What can I do? Do they take personal items? I'm in Arizona by the way. Sorry to be long winded, I have been looking for help for a long time but don't have money to pay for help

  5. Rick Nelson says:

    You did not give any help on a strategy how to negotiate the settlement with debit company.

  6. Sinlessworld247 says:

    I got mine from Leopinhack telegram someone introduce him to me

  7. Deztini Burton says:

    What does setting aside a judgement mean ?

  8. Trumpet Dinopup says:

    How do you file to vacate if it is a default judgement from a court very far away from you? Meaning they served an old mailing address that you didn't live at.

  9. Carly Munoz says:

    If the default judgement certificate of service has no physical delivery, but certified USPS, which is not my signature and it's also filed in the wrong jurisdiction and have absolutely not provided all the assignment contract with the required information is this available to file a motion to set aside default judgement??

  10. Knuckle_Bump says:

    What percentage of the time do debt collection companies file a judgment?

  11. Jo Ireland says:

    Thank you for your videos.

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