Strange & Scary Mysteries of the Month – OCTOBER 2021

Strange and Scary Mysteries of the Month is a compilation of the weird, disturbing and downright baffling stories currently happening in our world. From UFOs to serial killers, ancient sites, mysterious creatures and even ghosts – these are the strange & Scary Mysteries for OCTOBER 2021

5. Michelle Martinko
For more than four decades, the community of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, had been wondering who actually killed their hometown resident, Michelle Martinko. But new developments in forensic science helped finally put an end to this gruesome mystery.

4. Octogenarian Bank Robber
Studies revealed that ex convicts who have served long prison sentences are more likely to go back behind bars.

3. Vanishing of Britain’s Most Wanted Woman
If you’re in the UK, it’s highly likely that the phone you’re using to watch this video could have come from this woman now included in Britain’s Most Wanted list.

2. Leslie Case
Considering the brutal fate she suffered, the family, friends, and loved ones of Leslie Case would probably remember Christmas in a different light.
It was the Christmas Eve of 1985 when McCray and her boyfriend woke up to a man with a knife at their apartment in St. Johns Ave., Jacksonville, Florida. The suspect then tied her partner with neckties before leaving the building with her.

1. Founder of Hillsong Church
“Perfect Love,” “Sing to the Lord,” “Cornerstone,” and “Oceans,” – these are just but some of the most popular worship songs from the Christian band, Hillsong United. The group is closely tied to its mother church, the Hillsong Church which is located in Sydney, Australia.


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26 Responses

  1. Derek Pimm says:

    Hillsong! Just another sex and money cult

  2. 1o29s23 says:

    I hope they dont find and no one snitches on Britain's most wanted woman, she didnt hurt anyone and is only guilty of not giving the government their cut

  3. SAMAC maca says:

    Here's something people most people outside of Australia wouldn't know? The prime minister of Australia, Scott Morrison is a member of the Hill Song church and is good friends with Mr Brian Houston. Infact there such good friends that Brian asked the prime minister, Scott Morrison to try and get him an invitation to a dinner party at the White House so he could meet with the president. Of course the White House refused as they would, having certainly known about a the investigation into, Mr Houston and his church.
    But for a prime minister to even ask for such a request in the first place just goes to show you what type of person the prime minister is. And an indictment on the Australian people for accepting this person as our prime minister. It's a disgrace!

  4. 539strt says:

    Hillsong, a church? LMAO, more like a gathering of the deceived!

  5. Todd Tourville says:

    The American penal system is so flawed that it's totally broken.

  6. Barbara Garner says:

    This is way you can't believe the church they do everything in the name of god.and how is god supporting the victims

  7. JB Robertson says:

    One of many reasons why I hate religion and anything or anyone who has anything to do with it. Sexual Abuse is rampant and the congregation chooses to do nothing about it and the leaders will move the priest somewhere else without warning to the new congregation. How about all the 1st Nations children who number in the thousands possibly 10s of thousands murdered by the church in Canada. You can take religion and stick it where the sun doesn't shine. Religion should be banned

  8. Shane MacLeod says:

    Why did this dude slow down his commentary to this rate? I listened awhile back and his pacing was much better…this is as brutal as the content! lol

  9. rnewson1 says:

    You haven’t done anything ‘strange’ nor ‘scary,’ or an actual mystery in what seems like years lmao I’m over this series

  10. Grant Sturgeon says:

    I wish I could go up to the Golden state killer and say “what’s this another old lady killer, pathetic “

  11. April Garcia says:

    If Sunday service looks more like a concert setting than a house of GOD- you may want to reconsider where you worship. Church leadership should be focused on protecting the integrity of GODS Word and on keeping eachother accountable for carrying themselves in a way that brings HIM glory

  12. Ash_hole51 says:

    I'm from Iowa I'm so glad they solved Michelle's case and got that guy behind bars

  13. Mercy My Lord says:


  14. Alexandria Ocasio-Smollett says:

    It’s absolutely astounding how bad this channel has become. That first story about the murderer call after 40 years brought absolutely nothing more to the story then a vanilla associated press three paragraph blurb would provide. You couldn’t give enough of a shit to do any research about the possible connection between the two all those years ago?? All you care about is turning out shitty contents as fast as possible so you can profit off of the murders and heartbreak of innocent people. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  15. Jane Doe says:

    Our prisons don't rehabilitate offenders they're human storage facilities that benefit wealthy shareholders

  16. Dillon Caughman says:

    Find it so telling that you can get damn near life for stealing government money but a slap on the wrist basically for pedophilia. That should tell you a lot about our corrupt and sick governments and legal system

  17. lowkey righteous says:

    That stuff about Hillsong is just WOW…. Have a predator in charge of the church

  18. CMD589 says:

    I find it ironic that a majority of people who commit sexual crimes against children are bible-humpers who worship those fictional characters they call "God" and "Jesus."

  19. Phil Collins says:

    Love the work, keep it up!! Just wondering , No Strange & Scary Mysteries of the Month – September 2021?

  20. Anton Romirer says:

    I Love your Videos Jerry Rig!

  21. Fourwing Sweepa says:

    All religous groups are brainwashed and full of kiddy fiddlers

  22. Kevin Smith says:

    Whew I thought you were done doing these and i look forward to them every month

  23. Cheryltwin2012 says:

    I'm happy to see the Martinko case solved. I was also 18 years old in 1979 and this case has haunted me for years. She was such a beautiful girl.

  24. Magnum Repia says:

    So was Red…..

  25. Magnum Repia says:

    Brooks was Here…..

  26. Alan Fletcher says:

    Brittan's most wanted woman is accused of a cell phone scam! Wow, crime of the century.

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