Stories that are Actually TRUE part 2

Solved Disappearances With Unexpected Twists: Missing People Who Were FOUND | Missing Persons Cases
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  1. Respectful communication with anyone today is very difficult! People do not listen or hear what is being said because they are so angry!!

  2. It was the husband or the mgr Bc of an affair.

  3. John Tiseo says:

    The db copper line had me laughing out loud.

  4. This is a strange and crazy world, We all come from the same God. He wants us to love one another kill, harm or hate each other. Please God let there be peace in this beautiful world that we live in!

  5. Rayjaybud says:

    Stop sugar coating these stories, Brenda was a drug addiction and like an addiction she abandoned her children and chased the drug. Whyte women stories are always cleaned up.

  6. James Smith says:

    All that violence is what the far left Democrats wanted that's what they've been trying to do and that's what all the things they have put in the motion have been doing causing our store shelves of the empty hyperinflation they're trying to bring our country to a third world status but it isn't going to work the people are fighting back I think there's going to be some real change here soon get ready for work because the deep state will fight till the last breath

  7. What about the other girl from the first one

  8. London Sage says:

    She actually had a car accident and went off the road her boss tried to accuse her husband doing something to her when it was purely an accident that’s all it was she simply just went off the road

  9. Ik exactly how she feels

  10. Kellye Carr says:

    I saw these stories on unsolved mysteries they were really good.

  11. It's crazy this day and age is so technology based, everyone has a phone or tablet or whatever and yet there is less communication between people. Over abundant amount of ways to talk to someone and everybody is too busy

  12. BabyYoda says:

    The husband in the last story was completely innocent, her car went off the road because it was very dark & there was a heavy rainstorm at the time. She actually wrote a book about it.

  13. Dang.. the Dana Satterfield murder happened like 3 miles from my home. I know some of her family

  14. like the first story i'm in the same situation i'm doing what i did in the past but on my arms i'm covering everything up my brother doesn't suspect a thing because i don't want him to worry because in my household its becoming stressful my mom is in the hospital and i'm scared for her they just put her back to sleep to rest, if something goes wrong i don't know what i'd do, my bipolar and depression is making it very hard for me to be happy at the moment i'm not very good with my own emotions i try to hide them and like that lady i feel like i wanna run away because i don't think they'll care even though i'm 25 and i'll feel like i'm a coward for running away from my problems

  15. I understand what you mean regarding the news. I no longer watch the news for that purpose. I have the "AP" news app and get highlights on fb but that's it. My town is not very big and drug use is growing. The opiate epidemic is definitely running rampant with growing violence and crime. Not too long ago there was a story that police were called to a stabbing, which involved 3 kids, outside the local Dairy Queen. Kids. Not even teens. Kids left unsupervised allowed to run rampant.

  16. How do u trust them ? No, trust God & u…………..period

  17. Alex is a runner! Face that stiuff boi

  18. He does not pay that back! Pain & suffering.
    The police or investigators, just. Wasnt in to nothing but. Title mmmm
    Smfh dectitives

  19. John Patton says:

    since you brought up the shootout at the wing place, itd be cool to see you do a reaction to the motorcycle club shootout at a wing place in waco, texas. 9 people were killed and 20 injured. That stuff was wild. Not sure if there is a good video about it though

  20. Donna Bost says:

    Tough Love is our middle name!! You know what we are all respectful, and i passed it on to my kids…..

  21. Neala Davies says:

    He will have to pay that $$$ back!!

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